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New BERNINA quilting adventures

Hi everyone!

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing many (quilt) projects here on the BERNINA blog. During the first Sugaridoo BERNINA QAL and the One Two Tree QAL, we worked together with quilters from all over the world on a quilt. What a joy it was each time! It’s been wonderful to see so many of you enthusiastically participating.

Exciting new projects and quilt adventures are on the horizon for the upcoming time. So, let me give you a brief (re)introduction.

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Irene. I live with my husband, two little kids, and two big cats in Lemmer. That’s where I design quilt patterns and fabrics from my home studio. I particularly enjoy working with vibrant colors. Working with beautiful fabrics allows me to enjoy every step of the quilting process, from selecting (and petting) the fabrics to sewing on the quilt binding. Designing and planning a project, along with piecing the quilt top, are my favorite parts of making a quilt.

Expanding the Family

I piece my quilts together on the BERNINA 770 QE and quilt them using the BERNINA Q16. Last year, I started doing more clothing sewing and have been using the L460 overlocker with great pleasure. It’s a whole BERNINA family together.

This year, I welcomed a new addition to the studio. Fortunately, we had built the studio large enough. The Q16 is getting a big brother, the BERNINA Q 24 long arm on a frame. The ‘big Q,’ as I started to call him, will help me quilt large quilts. You can really quilt huge quilts on such a frame.

Image of BERNINA Q 24.


Look forward to great quilting results with the BERNINA Q 24 longarm quilting machine. Enjoy big quilting art work in different frame sizes.

Learn more

I’ve been practicing a lot already because getting to know a machine and working well with it takes time.

Fortunately, the Q24 works just like the Q16 in terms of operation. However, quilting with the Q24 is very different. With a sit-down machine like the Q16 or Q20, you move the quilt under the machine. With a longarm machine like the Q24 on a frame, you move the machine over the quilt.

Additionally, your posture behind the machine is different. With the Q16, you sit behind the machine, just like with a regular sewing machine. So, standing and moving the Q24 felt quite different. I was curious about how this would affect the precision of quilting and holding a quilt ruler with one hand. But you quickly got used to it.

It’s incredibly fun to play with rulers and free-motion quilting. I’m sure many beautiful quilts will be made with this machine!

New Adventures

As I mentioned above, there are many new quilt adventures coming up this year. A very exciting new QAL will be announced here on the BERNINA blog next Tuesday. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So, be sure to keep an eye on the blog next week.

I will also be making a few smaller projects with the QAL patterns, which are perfect for practicing quilting on your sewing machine or a sit-down quilting machine. Quilting a smaller project, such as a cushion, table runner, or mini quilt, can help you become more familiar with your machine. It also provides an opportunity to practice with rulers or a free-motion design in a low-pressure environment. Quilting a large quilt can feel daunting if you haven’t done it often.

There are also a few fun projects planned for the overlocker. I’ll be working with the blind hem foot and I want to design a sweater for myself. Exciting new things that I will report on here on the BERNINA blog.

See you soon!

I’m really looking forward to writing about all the projects being made in the Sugaridoo Studio in the coming time.

Best regards, Irene

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    I cannot wait to sew along with you!!  I love your Robo Boogie fabrics and all the super cute “rob buddies”  quilts !!

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