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The Joker Waistcoat by Ken Smith

It began with a request….
Many creative hours later….
A truly magnificient one-off textile art piece.
Bernina Australia’s Managing Director, Greg Alexander, was after a ‘Joker’ inspired waistcoat for this year’s Gala Dinner at AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) which Bernina Australia sponsored. He always knew who he wanted to do the work. The call went out and was accepted by Ken. To say Greg was overwhelmed by Ken Smith’s masterpiece is an understatement.

Now you can see why!

Joker Waistcoat Back

Joker Waistcoat Back

Joker Waistcoat by Ken Smith

Joker Waistcoat front

Some close-up detail

Closeup-1 Closeup-2 Closeup-4 Closeup-5


Ken Smith-web

About Ken Smith – Australia Textile Artist

Visit Ken’s website to find out about his textile art work.

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  • Virginia Koster

    I have had the good fortune to know Ken and his work for 15 years, this latest masterpiece is breathtaking.

  • awejr

    I have had the great privilege of viewing Ken’s work first hand. His painstaking attention to detail and workmanship is incredible. Elizabeth Roberts

  • Jutta Hellbach

    Oh wowowowow!! This is gorgeous and well deserved as a masterpiece. Ken gets my utmost respect!
    Thanks for presenting this wonderful pieces of needle art!

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