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Make an Easy Peasy Poncho. No pattern required.

Easy Peasy Poncho_4

Back of Easy Peasy PonchoYou know those hooded towels that kids wear after swimming, at the beach or the splash park, the ones that you just chuck over their heads and and then give them a big cuddle to keep them warm. Well, that was my inspiration for the hooded poncho that I made for my daughter.

Stripe romperI needed something warm for her to wear with her stripy romper, you just can’t trust the British weather, it’s suppose to be summer right now, but you never know if you’re going to have a hot day, a cold day, a wet day or all three mixed into one day.

I was originally going to make her a cardigan to wear with her romper but isn’t it annoying when your short sleeves get bunched up inside your long sleeves and you have to poke your arm right up inside your long sleeve from the bottom and rummage around to find your bunched up short sleeve to rearrange it. We’ve all been there.

Poncho_5The poncho was super easy to make and it didn’t take long. I didn’t even need a pattern. You can find my free tutorial over on my blog if you would like to make one to. It should fit ages 3 – 5, (my daughter is nearly 4 and there’s plenty of growing room) but please measure your child and make any necessary adjustments if the sizes I give don’t fit your child.

Easy Peasy Poncho_5I didn’t bother hemming the edges of mine, the fabric I used doesn’t fray, it curls at the ends and I really like that look.

Easy Peasy Poncho_1

My daughter was really pleased with her poncho, but she likes to call it a cape. To be honest I don’t actually know the difference between a poncho and a cape anyway. Do you?

Easy Peasy Poncho_3

Free sewing instructions: Easy Poncho #sewing #sewingprojects #poncho #sewingforchildren #sewingforwomen #bernina

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