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Free Mother’s Day Embroidery Design. Get creative with Bernina Embroidery Software Designer Plus V8


Mother’s Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world but here in Australia we celebrate it on the second Sunday in May.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the lovely mummies in the world, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

13084173_556484641197242_1252118957_n 13128862_556485017863871_1369072674_o

Below is a Mother’s Day Design broken up as an example to help you understand how easy it is to create a design like this yourself.

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

Insert artwork

BERNINA Embroidery Software

Digitize using block and create a turning angle over the top of your stems on the artwork.

Fill used: Satin

BERNINA Embroidery Software

After you have done one side copy and paste then right click and mirror your design.

Use the arrows on your keypad to keep the alignment rather than moving with the mouse curser.

BERNINA Embroidery Software

Digitize using block again and create a turning angle over the top of your Roses on the artwork.

Fill used: Satin

BERNINA Embroidery Software

Be creative and use different colours to separate each of the objects to add different tones to your design.

Colour: Green 72 on leaves

Colour: Green 29 on Stem

Colour: Red 28

BERNINA Embroidery Software

Add lettering to your design, here I found a hollow true type font.

Font used: Hollow Block

BERNINA Embroidery Software

Digitize a closed object in the shape of your letter ensuring you follow the center line of the outline stitch.

Select and right click to object properties and select your fill type.

Fill type used: Pattern Fill Motif4

BERNINA Embroidery Software

Don’t forget to reorder the lettering in the colour film so the motif4 patter fill is before the lettering, as shown in the image above.

Facebook Sew-along and Support Group

Over the past few weeks I have been sending out the above Mothers Day Design through a Facebook group for members to enjoy as a mother’s day Sew along. I have been so blessed to receive such beautiful creations in my inbox and was highly impressed with the creativeness of some of the members.

Everyone in the sew along is at different levels of learning embroidery or digitizing. It’s been great to help people experiencing problems with their machines while stitching out the design and I’m thankful to my hubby who is a Bernina accredited technician for being so helpful with advice and knowledge to keep them all sewing.

Here are some of the finished projects from the Mothers Day sew-along.

18360389_1565160213496957_1273423098_n     18301218_1497384680334994_7019022305085912450_n               18451815_1919733798301318_89264684_o 18402923_1273792186003287_3668006419172020595_n   18379597_10156177026522796_1229649537_o  18221881_1853971534864183_4968792450520294022_n 18156934_1759963220914907_4734244557520172769_n     18342249_10156200257854517_4195147202949015025_n

Others have been downloading the free trial for the V8 and having a go themselves.

18268097_1548280865204413_2230588745100604085_n     18275269_1548280871871079_5118680852617051403_n 18425601_1664330076927689_859695777_n


In different parts of the world we refer to our mum’s with different names, Some say mom, mum, mummy, mam, mammy, mother, motha, mommy, momma, ma, madre, mama, and even maw. Here is a sneak peak at the second design for the mothers day sew-along in MUM and MOM.

  18301513_1541833339160523_2467273594684969329_n 18222174_10209304071695348_6503943544336234364_n 18402711_1515123125227816_5413530614623744644_n 18209207_1761656520745577_5126962042260607972_o 18426000_1855874558007214_591155768_n

18406341_644359319092162_1620163185_o 18301922_644368595757901_7903498214391879496_n 18451948_644765422384885_588849362_o 18425869_644765705718190_567104705_n

Get creative with Bernina’s Designer Plus V8 embroidery software and create custom Mother’s Day designs of your very own.

If you would like the free Mothers Day designs please click here, join the group and comment on the Mother’s Day post.

Please leave your comments below and Follow me on Facebook & Instagram

Thanks for reading. Lou Robertson 🙂



Free embroidery pattern: MUM - Mother‘s Day

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