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Short Summer Pyjamas – FREE sewing pattern (kids and adults)

This pattern was drafted on the day before we left for holiday when I realised that we were heading for 36 degrees and all we had were thick fluffy English-style pyjamas. You can find a pattern here for an approximate childs age 9, an age 12 (adult SMALL) and an adult MEDIUM. Any sizes in between can be easily guessed at.

You need is around a metre of fabric for the shorts. Both of mine shown here were both made from the remnant box. And of course you will need enough elastic to go comfortably round the waist. You can download the pattern HERE.

You cut 2 of each pattern piece and, marked on the pattern, is the fold at the top to insert the elastic.

The pyjamas for my younger daughter are made from a lovely Liberty cotton / viscose and are really soft to wear. I was scraping the fabric barrel a bit more for my other daughter.  I love this Day of the Dead pattern cotton but I didn’t have quite enough, hence the co-ordinating purple strip down the side to add a bit of width.

 Cotton is great for hot weather as it is breathable and washes beautifully, but it isn’t quite as soft to wear as the viscose.

I didn’t have a chance to buy any supplies for making these PJs, hence the green crushed velvet ribbon on the Liberty fabric might not quite be weather-appropriate.  The purple embroidered braid adds a funky touch to the skulls.

The matching tops are easy enough to make as well. I haven’t included a pattern for these as they are such a straightforward shape. You need to cut a rectangle of fabric. WIDTH – take a chest measurement and add about 5cm extra for a comfortable fit. LENGTH from where you’d like the neckline, down to the hip. Don’t forget to add a little extra for seam allowance. Cut a slight scoop under each arm as shown here in the diagram.

To make the shorts:

• Sew the 2 fronts together along the curved edge

• Sew the 2 back together along the curved edge.

• Sew the front to the backs along the straight edge.

• Hem the bottoms.

• Fold over the top on the marked fold line to make a waistband and sew it in place leaving a 1 inch open gap.

• Thread your elastic through the open gap in the waistband and knot the elastic to fit.

To make the top:

• Cut a front and back as shown – they are both the same shape for this loose fitting cami top

• Sew up the sides of the top.

• Then hem them all the way around the top with a little roll hem.

• Then stitch on the ribbon or braid across the top front, leaving enough excess to go over the shoulders to form straps.

• Attach the straps the the back of the top.

• Hem the bottom.


Free sewing pattern & instructions: Summer pyjamas for girls

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