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Supersoft Slippers – FREE sewing pattern and tutorial


Hello seamtresses! I know that Spring is not usually the season to associate with slippers but we have turned our central heating off I and I just needed some warmth underfoot. So, I have drafted this simple pattern for slippers to share with you. I thought I could use up some leftovers of really soft faux shearling I had in my scraps box. They are designed for a size 39, but to be honest, it wouldn’t be difficult to increase or decrease the size a little.

The pattern has a 1cm seam allowance and is made to accommodate quite chunky fabric. You’ll see that there is quite a difference between the interior and the exterior of the slipper to allow for the fabric thickness.

The coral polka dot outer fabric is actually a remnant of furnishing fabric which is great because it is substantial and hardwearing.

Although it’s pretty obvious how these shapes fit together, I have put together a tutorial here to show you the sewing order.



• With right sides together pin your TOP INNER and TOP OUTER together so that they align around the inner curve. The TOP INNER should be a little shorter than the OUTER.

• Starting 1cm in from the end, sew around the inner curve using a small stitch.


• Clip notches all the way round the inner curve seam allowance (so that the fabric will lie flat when you turn it inside out.) Turn it so that the wrong sides are together and press.

• Then pin and stitch the ends of the INNER TOP and OUTER TOP across the heel seams to create this. (Joining all the blue dots). Press this seam.


• With right sides together pin and then sew your SOLE OUTER to the OUTER TOP. The pink dots will help you to get the heel seam central.

• With right sides together sew your TOP INNNER to your SOLE INNER leaving a large gap of about 10cm open across the toe. This allows you to then turn the slipper inside out and manipulate it in to place.


• You can then hand stitch the gap on the inside of the toe. FINISHED!!


Free sewing pattern and instructions soft slippers

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  • Susan Abrahams

    I would like to print the instructions as I want to take them to a craft class but don’t seem to be able to. Could you help me with this please

    • ramonawirth

      Dear Susan,
      Your browser has a print option. Depending on your browser, you have to open a menu (probably on the top right) with either … or 3 lines. Then you can click on “Print” and the printwindow will open where you can see a preview and choose your printing settings. If you cant find the menu, just press the keys “CRTL+P” on your keyboard and the printing window should open. Hope this helps!

      Kind regards, Ramona from BERNINA International

  • DeAnn West

    What was used for the sole of the slippers and where can you get them in nz

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