Laura Casey


United Kingdom



I have been running my blog and website,, since December 2014. The idea sprang from my love of sewing, fabrics and clothes! All those rolls of paper with experimental patterns were taking over my house, so, I thought I'd share them! What I have always wanted is to recreate the clothes I buy from my favourite shops. And you will see on my blog that my patterns are inspired by things I have bought on the high street or just gazed longingly at in Vogue. My patterns are designed to be EASY and most techniques and stitches I mention are pretty simple. Many of my patterns avoid tricky fastenings - they are just throw on over the head and away! My background is originally in Fine Art and I went on to work in the textiles industry as an exhibition and graphic designer. I also work in schools as an Artist-in-Residence sometimes. I still paint from time to time, and have done several large scale wall murals over the last few years. Sewing is my main love now and I encourage anyone to have a go. Don't be too cautious. Don't use expensive fabric on your first attempt. Good luck and happy sewing!

I was 17 when I got my first sewing machine. I went on to study Fine Art at university where I would run up wonky, experimental skirts and embellish my paintings with bits of machine embroidery. It was not until I had children that I started to sew clothes more seriously. I started with summer dresses for my daughters - they are so easy and, let's face it, your kids look lovely in anything (to you at least). I then moved on to clothes for myself. I am no expert seamstress (completely self taught actually), but I have got better over the years. Fewer garments end up in the bin now, and some have even ended up being favourite items in my wardrobe. From here, I started to draft my own dress patterns and I have never looked back.