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Multiple Spool Holder on my BERNINA 770QE

A big wish, the Multiple spool holder from BERNINA. A great way to store more threads on spool pins than the one that’s already on your machine.  On the BERNINA website, the multiple spool holder is presented as follows:

‘The Multiple spool holder can be mounted almost effortlessly on a wide range of sewing machines, and can also be switched between two machines with the greatest of ease. The holder has room for up to 15 spools, enabling quick access to threads of different colors. If need be, removing individual spool pins from the multiple spool holder creates room for larger spools as well as thread cones, enabling you to execute your sewing, embroidery and quilting projects more efficiently.

Quick access to a wide range of spools of different colors is a real time saver when working on multicolored embroidery designs.

Also, the multiple spool holder’s telescopic thread guide can be adjusted upwards: the thread has a longer path to the needle, allowing difficult threads like metallics to untangle and flow freely before they reach the start of the sewing process.’

The guide that comes with the spool holder doesn’t mention the B770QE, but I know that I can use the spool holder for my machine too. If you doubt to use it for your type of machine, ask your local BERNINA dealer.

The box had an interesting content: well packaged as always. Guide/booklet opening, there are pictures and directions to mount the spool holder.

I have taken everything out of the box,

also what was in the grip bag. I don’t have to use everything, because certain parts are for mounting the spool holder on other types of BERNINA machines.

The guide shows pictures on page 4 and 5, and the directions in English on page 5. First place the foam pads in position (picture 1).

Then insert the telescope and fix in position by tightening the screw from below (use a special screwdriver!).

Attach the thread guide to the top of the telescope (arrow should point towards the machine (picture 3).

Extend the telescope to its full height (picture 4). You can extend it in two stages,

where a catch falls into an opening (arrow), to fix the position of the telescope.

Attach the extensions. I have placed them to the sides of the middle part, but you can also place them to the back, picture 5. Did you know that you can purchase additional extensions? If you want to use more spools, (there is place for two more), you can order the extension via your BERNINA dealer, and check it via this link on the BERNINA website.

Picture 6 shows you how to insert the spool pins from below, in the positions of your choice. Press them upwards until they click into place.

I have inserted them all, because I want to place as much spools as possible. I am always working with a lot of different threads.

When using cross-wound spools, press out the perforations in the foam pads. The cones sink into the pads which prevents the threads from slipping under the cones. And if you want to use regular spools after that, just replace these foam pads. Really, everything has been thought of!

You can placec normal household cones with the winder edge at the bottom on the spool pin (picture 8 on page 4). The underside/innerside of small cones can an make them wobbling, if you place them on a regular spool pin.

For much larger, industrial cones, you can place them upside down on the spool pin (picture 9). I

When threads are not in use, tie the ends loosely round the spool pin (picture 10): you can push them into the groove, ready for use.

For placing the Multiple Spool Holder onto my B770QE, I have found information on page 27: there the BERNINA 780/750QE and 710 are mentioned, so I suppose it’s good for the 770QE too. The left picture in the guide shows the adapter on the side where the spool holder is placed,

and the right picture shows the back of the adapter, where it touches the machine. The two screws that you can see on the picture above are the ones you need. The rest of the screws, and other items can be placed back in the box: they are for other type of BERNINA machines.

Screw the two screws into the prodived holes on the rear of the sewing machine (picture on, page 28). Make sure the srews are tight.

If you have done it right, you can only see the plastic/white part on top of the screw.

Slide the Multiple Spool Holder adapter over the screws (picture 2 of the guide), until you hear a click.

Facing from the side: you can see the adapter touches the rear of the machine. It should be solid, not moving anymore.

Now the Multiple Spool Holder can be slided over the adapter, pushing it downward as far as stop (picture 3).

You can see from underneath, that the groove of the spool holder slides into the opening of the adapter.

Again from the side: everything is tight, but not too tight: the spool holder can easily be removed if needed.

If a thread will be used, bring it up and over a metallic loop of the thread guide,

and through the metallic loop at the front of the Multiple Spool Holder. Next directly through the regular tension disks of your machine and in the eye of the needle.

Would you like to use multiple threads at the same time? Working with twin needles or making a special effect by using two threads in the eye of the needle: place the spools on the opposite sides of the Spool Holder, to prevent the threads from intersecting. Make sure that a thread doesn’t get cought anywhere while sewing or embroidering (picture 5).

As you can see, my Multiple Spool Holder is already full with wonderful threads. Also metallic threads, which will be used much better, because of the increased distance from spool to the first tension disk. Lesser tension means lesser breakage of the metallic threads.

Now it’s having fun!


Sylvia Kaptein
Sylvia’s Art Quilts Studio


TIP: If you own multiple types of BERNINA machines, different series than the 7 serie, for instance the aurora 4 serie, 6 serie, the Bernina 5 serie or 8 serie, or the Bernette 330 or 340 Deco? You can use the other/remaining adapter(s), so you can interchange the Multiple Spool Holder, from one machine to the other. Directions for the type of machines are in the guide

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  • Sue Rapp

    How can I purchase the adapter bracket and 2 screws for mounting on a B765? I bought this used from another person who used it on her 830 and she no longer has any other parts.

    • Sylvia Kaptein

      Ask your local BERNINA dealer, Sue, that’s the best way to find out


  • Sylvia Kaptein

    Hi Crystal and Tom,


    Best is to inform at your local BERNINA Dealer: they can help you with this question. Please let me know if it works.

  • Crystal Hoving

    I have an older thread holder so it doesn’t fit my 770 Bernina    Can i just buy an adapter ?

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