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Month 11: Block 11 of the Crazy Crystals Mystery Project 2018

It’s almost the last block of the Crazy Crystals project: this time you can use every remnant of fabric you have from your stash of fabrics for this project. Some will be small, but sewing them together before covering a section is a good option: let’s do it!  

For the 11 Block, you can download three pages again:
Block 11 – left part
Block 11– right part
Block 11 – Crystal

Print the paper patterns, block no. 11 consists of two pages again, just like the previous blocks – a left and right part.

Make one large block, by taping them together (use the dotted line)

Use Vlieseline L11 – 32x45cm – place this on top of the paper pattern. Just draw all lines of the Crazy Patchwork (the rectangle is for reference only), all to the edges. Make a sandwich from off-white fabric, 100% bamboo batting and the Vlieseline L11 with the patchwork pattern. Pin them in place.

Tape the pattern of the Crystal for Block 11 to a window, or a light box, tape the black batik quilt fabric (20 x 30 cm) on top of that. Make sure there is enough fabric around the shape of the Crystal to have a seam allowance of at least 1 cm in all directions (that is why I have tilted my black fabric). Draw all lines with white watersoluble pen (or blue if you use a lighter color of solid fabric for the center). BE SURE to draw thin lines: they have to be removed with water afterwards.

Cut the paper pattern with the Crystal to make a template, be sure to leave a 1 cm seam allowance outside the solid lines. Place the pattern on top of the black batik with the crystal drawn, and cut the black fabric the same size as the paper template. Place the black batik with the Crystal on the right spot, on the ‘center’ of your sandwich, pin in place with Flower Pins. Be sure to draw the solid lines with water soluble pen, to indicate the actual size of the section, inside the seam allowances.

A couple of different decorative stitches are covering my Crystal: as if I am working with ‘remnants’ of stiches too, to make the centre of this block more interesting. I will add Hotfix Stones later. It doesn’n matter how you cover the drawn lines of the Crystal, just add stiches, as many as you like.

And after this, you can add fabrics to all sections. Check what smaller and larger remnants you have after making so many blocks: repeat some techniques, or use pieces of fabric in a different way. 

I have a lot of small and larger pieces: some made via previous techniques. The large pieces can be used as one piece, the smaller ones will be sewn together. 

But first sections 1 to 4 will be sewn on, and decorated with stitches. 

To be sure the piece of remnants – sewn together – is large enough to cover section 5, I have cut out a paper template with extra seam allowance. 

I have gathered pieces of fabric of the same hue (dark blue and purple ones) and made a large piece. Placing the template on top shows that the new strip of fabric is large enough to cover section 5. 

I have sewn very small ribbons on the seams. To do so, I have placed a piece of pattern paper underneath, as a stabilizer.

The pattern paper is torn away after sewing. It is just a temporary stabilizer. 

After adding ribbons, I have cut the piece of fabric to the right side, by placing the paper template on top, and cutting it alon a ruler, with my rotary cutter. 

This is the right size. I love how this looks. I will not use dense decorative stitches, but a wave stitch, after this piece is sewn into place. 

The wave stitches are just straight stitches. I have ajusted the length of the wave to make them a bit longer. I want the fabrics and ribbons to stand out here, not  the stitches. 

I have changed the sequence of the crazy pattern for two sections: section 11 has become section 10, and section 10 is now section 11 (notice the dotted line). I have done so because of the shape and size of large remnants I had. It is ok to change sewing sequence, as long as it does’n disturb the way you are adding fabrics. 

I have almost used all my large remnants, and a couple of small ones. For my last block (no. 12) I will use what fabrics I have left in my stack. Do you want to cover more sections with strips of small remnants, sewn together? I have just made one strip for section 5, but you can use them with any section you want to. 

After sewing fabrics to all sections, I have glued Hotfix stones to the Crytal: it sparkles!

My Block 11 is ready! I cannot wait to see what your Block 11 will look like! 


See you next time!

Happy Quilting
Sylvia Kaptein
Sylvia’s Art Quilts Studio


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