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Advent Calendar 2018 – the 24th door

Dear BERNINA blog readers

On behalf of the whole BERNINA team and all BERNINA bloggers, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 🙂

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and your interest in all the contents of the BERNINA blog throughout this year. We are very pleased that you take the opportunity to read and write here!

2018 was a golden year for BERNINA and the BERNINA Blog. To celebrate the 125 anniversary of the BERNINA company we have brought special limited-edition models with a gold faceplate on to the market, as well as gold-plated presser feet. For the BERNINA Blog, too, 2018 was a golden year – many thanks to all of you who have contributed golden projects! A special thanks goes to Tatjana Hobrlant for the golden embroidery alphabet and to Amanda Murphy for the golden anniversary quilt-along which is ongoing and will keep running until February next year. Another quilt-along has been presented by Sylvia Kaptein: the Crazy Crystals Mystery Project. Like the anniversary quilt-along, it was a fantastic series of tutorials that inspired blog readers to start patching and quilting.

Thank you all for participating in this eventful year as readers and writers, contributing with comments, project pictures, Facebook-Likes and Pinterest-Shares. We hope that you will also visit the blog next year and stick with us also in 2019!

Open the 24th door and win a BERNINA 215

This article is the 24th door of our Advent Calendar 2018 and thus the last door.

This year you have the opportunity to win a BERNINA sewing machine, the B 215, a true classic and a perfect machine for beginners or travellers that want to take their machine with them.

bernina-215, blog newsletter

How to win the B 215?

Would you like to win the B 215? Then please post a comment below to let us know that you would like to take part in the raffle and why is you that deserves this new sewing machine.

You can enter your comment until January 6th, 2019.

The prize draw will take place on January 7th, 2019, after the company’s Christmas Holidays :-). Shortly afterwards, the gift will be sent out making it a slightly late Christmas present.

We look forward to receiving your comments and are keeping our fingers crossed for you for the prize draw in the new year. 🙂

Best wishes,

Caro Behnisch

PS: The BERNINA team will be on holiday between December 22, 2018 and January 6, 2019. If you have any questions about the Advent calendar or the raffle, we will not be able to answer them until January 6, 2018. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • cheri dahlin

    Cute machine for travle!  I’m going to central America next month to teach women sewing.  I would love to take this machine for them.  My Pfaff is heavy.

  • Isabel Clarke

    Wow! What a wonderful opportunity.  I’ve a large, non-portable Bernina and would be thrilled to have a smaller Bernina machine which could be moved around and used when sewing with my niece at her house.  Bernina blog is inspirational.  Thank you.

  • Laura Selmer-Olsen

    My daughter-in-law has asked me to teach her to sew. I would love for her to experience the joy I have had from my sewing life. I sew every day – it’s my refuge, therapy and delight. I take my Artista 165 to a sewing group every Monday. The frienships that have developed from this group will last for life. I would gift this sewing machine to her so that she too can share my sewing journey.


  • Aruna K

    Who would not want a Bernina beauty. I own a small machine to stitch my dresses and it would be a dream come true having Bernina.

  • Kathleen Lerch

    I would be thrilled to own a Bernina sewing machine! I haven’t been able to sew in quite a long time due to not having a machine. I would really love to start sewing again.

  • Carrie Mannes

    I don’t deserve anything, but I would love to be considered in the auction to win the Bernina 215.  From the time I was a young girl I learned to sew on a Bernina, I still use my old Category A Bernina as it just keeps going!  I would really enjoy being able to quilt and sew on a new machine, but can’t justify the change as financial resources always need to go elsewhere.

  • Brenda Middlecoat

    My grand-daughter Adriana who is eight yrs is very much interested in sewing and she uses my sewing machine when ever she visits me on weak ends. I would love for her to have this machine,and complete her Christmas wish which I was unable to do this year. I am sure this Bernina B215 is the right one for her, which has a wide range of sewing options like ….

    Built-in needle threader.Needle stop up/down and simple direct-stitch selection. Lets make memories” For the love of BERNINA.”

    with warm regards


  • Janice Wurm

    I deserve this machine as I am going to have my second grandbaby next year.  I don’t have a dedicated sewing room so my heavy old brut of a machine gets lugged out and then shoved away.  My dream is to own a Bernina sewing machine and this one would fit me to a tee.  Thanks

  • Anne Lane

    I  wish to take part in the raffle and would love to own a Bernina –  the Best Brand by far.

  • Pamela Blackman

    I would love to win this to use for a bag making group I run. A lot of the ladies have very basic machines and it would be great for them to be able to have a go at making bags with something better.

  • kathy meyer

    I would give this machine to my niece who has gone thru many years of difficult times but is now turning her life around. She sewed a large simple block quilt for one of her 4 children for Christmas on an ancient sewing machine. Having this machine would give her such an emotional lift that my heart would dance. Please consider me. I have Berninas and love them all.

  • Shelagh Daley

    I use an older, heavy Bernina and love it dearly but when I see the new Berninas, I wonder what it would be like to use such interesting machines.

  • Bavani Shanmugam

    I love to win this B215 machine as sewing is my passion and Bernina offers a great number of features to materialise what I want from sewing.

  • marjorie Potts

    I have always had Bernina sewing machines (only the best, better than all the rest) !  However my new machine is the b780 and unfortunately too heavy for me to take to workshops sooo … a lighter weight machine like the B215 would be ideal so please enter me into the raffle please.

  • Archana Meiyappan

    I do not know whether I “deserve ” the 215.But there are many reasons why I need it.Firstly,I make quilts for children afflicted with cancer,secondly I collect scraps from the tailors in my area to make them.A good ,sturdy ,Bernina will help me in my endeavours. I do wish to be part of the raffle.

  • Liliana Schaber

    I would love to win this machine – the one I have is from the 70’ies (she was my gandmother’s), and while she is still working, she does cause problems and I could certainly do with an update – and a Bernina has alwas been on top of my list!

  • Christina Fraser

    I would love to win this sewing machine. It would be an amazing help to me to sew my garments for two charities.

    Angel babies for still born babies and Fairy wrap pyjamas for children going into hospital regards Christina xx

  • Christi Weinmann

    My first Bernina was a 21st birthday gift.  After that I bought a Bernina Sport 801 which I am still using and I am 74 years old.  Recently I started quilting and would love to have a new machine to use for my new hobby.

  • Christi Weinmann

    Ek het my heel Bernina as ‘n 21ste verjaarsdaggeskernk ontvang – so ‘n geel en groen een- en is bitter spyt dat ek dit ooit verkoop het.  Daarna het ek ‘n beter model, die Bernina Sport 801, gekry wat ek vandag nog  gebruik na 53 jaar. Ek het by my dogter in Amerika geleer om te  kwilt en dit sal wonderlik wees om ‘n nuwe masjien te kry vir my nuwe stokperdjie!!  Daar is geen beter masjien as ‘n Bernina nie.

  • Stacey Giorgi

    I was given a Bernina machine some years ago and when the computer board died and was too old to be replaced I purchased a new Bernita machine ( once you have had a Bernina nothing else will do).

    I would like to win the Bernina 215 so that I can give it to my daughters so they can learn to sew and realise the pure bliss of getting lost in a project and the joy of producing something you have made.

  • Tina Eames

    Would love to win a new Bernina. I have a very reliable 185E, which is a real work horse & I make lots of charity things with it. A new machine could be kept special just for my own pleasureable sewing, bit like enjoying a good wine with cheese. Ah!! to enjoy life at its best!

  • Madeleine Humphrys

    I have loved my Bernina 170 for 22 years and would now appreciate the excitement of learning new skills on new sophisticated Bernina.  Have taught my Spanish City and Guilds pupils on it and they in turn have bought  BERNINA’s.

  • Ursula Garrow-Kennedy

    I would love to own a Bernina machine. This is THE Rolls Royce of sewing machines.  Lucky people who own a Bernina. I just wish it would be me.

  • Ann Blansett

    I travel to classes and would love this lightweight machine.

    Long-time Happy Bernina owner !!  (880, 770, 2 Bernina/Bernette sergers, etc…)

  • Sharon Dix Dix

    Would love to have this Bernina machine.  Have other brands but Bernina is my dream machine,

  • Louise Hooyer

    This machine seems like it would fit my wish list for the perfect sewing machine. I am wanting one I can make clothes for my grandkids and piece quilts. Having a variety of stitches will add that special detail I am looking for. My eyes are not what they used to be, so the automatic needle threader sounds amazing! It will be such a fun machine to start getting the third generation interested in sewing. They love to watch grandma sew, so what could be better than sewing side by side!

  • Linda Crane

    What fun for my young grandchildren to learn sewing with their grandma on a Bernina sewing machine that would be perfect at grandma’s house or taken to their houses! This would be a life long memory and experience for all of us..what an educational and bonding opportunity!!

  • Mary Wright

    I have a 790 but it is too heavy for me to carry to a class or take in the motor home on holiday. The 215 would be perfect for either.

  • Fiona Bureau

    Truthfully, I first used a Bernina machine at school, 45 years ago and fell in love with the quality. I bought my 1015 SE (1011 in the rest of the world!) as soon as I could afford it, and wouldn’t dream of buying from another manufacturer. The B 215 would expand my horizons, probably for the rest of my life. Thanks for the years of support and inspiration.

  • Jeannette Bisschoff

    ????❤️??????Bernina have the most superb quality that never lets you down and the B 215 would be such a treat to use for my home and future projects and garments.

    Bernina is simply, the best!


  • susan otto

    I would like to take part in the raffle

    I adore my Bernina an just dream about a new draem machine

  • Erika Paxman

    My Bernina Nova is going on 40 years old and still works like a charm. Having said that, a new one would be nice as I am passing my old Nova onto my daughter. Bernina has never let me down.

  • Charlotte Anderson

    My birthday is mid-January and what a lovely gift this machine would make.  I buy my own Christmas presents from my family and love to splurge on new feet and accessories for my Bernina.  Unfortunately it is a very heavy machine and I struggle to take it to my sewing classes.  It would be so great to have a smaller Bernina for this purpose and then I could leave my 780 set up all the time as I like to use it everyday.  I do a lot of sewing for charity – clothes for the Caroline Chisholm Society for single mums,  quilts for foster kids and I am a seamstress for Angel gowns Australia.  I have had a number of different machines over the years – Singer, Husqvarna and Brother,  But once I tried a Bernina  I would never go back to any of the others. Many thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely machine.  Well done Bernina.

  • Pamela Reim

    I work in Community Service through our quilt guild and there are always willing quilters I meet that are not able to afford a decent sewing machine.  I would like to share such a nice machine with one of them.

  • Chris Goulden

    I’d love to win a new Bernina sewing machine.  I’ve had my existing Bernina for about 10 years and love it but a new model would be great.  I went to Bernina in London for sewing lessons on how to use my machine which I bought at a Show at the NEC Birmingham – the lessons were a real help

  • Jeannette Bisschoff

    ???????????Bernina is a quality machine like no other, the  B 215 would ne a welcome addition to my life and I would enjoy to use everyday.


  • Dianne Burton

    Yes please I would love to win the B 215  I have a friend who swears by Bernina machines and my old machine is getting a little clunky, it would be a fabulous present at any time of year.

  • Alberta Chappell

    I deserve to win the Bernina 215 because I have been a loyal, dedicated Bernina machine owner since 1971, when I purchased my first Bernina 830 Record.  Since then I have not only owned a 930, 1230, 1630, 180E, 200E, 730E, and currently a 150, B830LE, and B880 PLUS; also, 234, 2000, and currently a 1300MDC serger; DesignerPlus software V4-8.1; DesignerPlus software.  I was an award-winning dealer (Rookie Dealer of the U.S., 2003) for 12 years (2003-2012).  In my retirement, I continue to promote the Bernina brand online, as well as share my knowledge and expertise with consumers online.  I plan to die with my “Bernina Boots” on!


    • Carrie Mannes

      If you share your expertise online, where can I find you to “pony” up to your experience?  Thanks Bernina Boots for your help

  • Shawn Holder

    I tried to find a Bernina sewing machine some years back after researching sewing machines.  Unfortunately the brand was not available in the Corpus Christi Tx area and I ended with a Walmart brand sewing machine.  I would absolutely love to win this machine!

  • anne Hone

    Hello. I would like to enter your raffle. I currently have a Bernina Activa 220. My daughter has recently begun sewing and having her own machine when she graduates and begins her teaching career will enable her to continue sewing.  Thank you

  • Carol Hage

    I currently have a Bernina which I love however it is a heavy machine and I find it difficult to take to classes and my monthly sewing group.  Winning this machine would mean that I had a machine specifically for travelling – no guilty feelings about the cost or having two machines if I win it!  Birthday is in Jan, just after the draw so Fingers crossed ?

  • Lauren Tune

    I don’t know about “deserving” a new machine, but like everyone else I would be delighted! I’m currently teaching my husband to sew, and when my children are old enough I will teach them as well. Another machine so I can still sew while my husband tries would be very useful! (He’s rather enthusiastic!)

  • Ursula Johnston

    I would LOVE to be part of the raffle for the Bernina!  I’ve never owned one before, I’m 71, and I have many UFO’s that need to be completed before I die – or turn 100, whichever comes first! ?

  • Sue Wallace-Buckland

    YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES  PLEASE!!  I have always sewn with Bernina’s  and always will!!

  • Lee Jolliffe

    Turning 66 in 2019 – wanted a Bernina FOREVER – late Christmas present would be wonderful!

  • Maria McPhail

    I would thrilled to win ANYTHING! Especially a Bernina! I purchased my first Bernina last spring – an L450 serger – and to have a BERNINA sewing machine as well would be the best Christmas gift I could possibly ask for.


  • cath isherwood

    My lovely Bernina 1000 special has served me well for such a long time but my daughter covets it so it would be great to win a new machine and be able to pass one on to her. It would be hard to part from as it has made all my three daughters wedding dresses and many outfits for the local panto and amateur dramatic groups. It sits on my table where hardly a day goes by without it getting a run – a lovely machine

  • Jeannette Bisschoff

    ?????❤️?????❤️Please make my dream come true. The Bernina had such quality and precision. It is a timeless classic and will last a lifetime. The B215 is beautiful and I know will give msny years of joy!❤️??????????????

  • Anna Hergert

    I love Bernina! My mother received a Bernina for Christmas in 1968. I bought my first Bernina in 1999 and it is still going strong. I would love to have the 215 – I would teach my granddaughter how to sew on it…

  • marilyn onshus

    Years ago I seen a Bernina and was impressed with how heavy it was made. I have several embroidery machines but not a Bernina. I would like to have the opertunity to be able to sew on one.

  • JG Wilson

    Would sincerely LUV to have the B 215.  Never win anything though – so I will just say that I hope you at Bernina have a lovely New Year.  Thanks for all you do.

  • Debirah Pearcey

    I would really like to win a Bernina sewing machine which I am told is a great machine. I love sewing-it helps me with my stress and I have had a stressful year. Sewing helps fulfill my need for creativity and that machine will aid me with tools to help.

  • Ronda Opipery

    I would love to take part in the raffle. I have heard  MANY wonderful reviews from Bernina owners about their machines. I currently own a much less advanced machine and sew almost daily.  It would be dreamy to own a Bernina!  Finger crossed. 🙂

  • Dorothy Klava

    I really would like this quality machine!  As for deserving, well I am at a loss how to answer. I have worked and played hard, enjoying life and the wonderful gifts of friends and family. We raised two delightful, respectable children of which we are grateful to have in our lives.  A bit broken after car accident and would like keep busy and perhaps make some income.

    Thank you, sincerely  Dorothy Klava


  • michelle Vince

    This would be fantastic to take to classes! Plus I’ve nearly worn my 440 out! Thank You!

  • Margaret Cooper

    I love a Christmas raffle, and what could be better than one from Bernina! A B 215 would be brilliant to take to Bernina club and off on holidays. Also at home to use when my Bernina is threaded up with another colour for a separate appliqué section.


    Bernina changed my sewing life.  To me, the wonderful feet and attachment make all the difference.  I would love to win because I now live in a retirement community and attend lots of sewing groups that do charity sewing.  My 830 is just too heavy to take to groups.

  • Sandra Goesch

    I would love to win, so I can use this awesome Bernina 215 as my “take-to-class” machine. My lovely 590 is a bit heavy to lift by myself. This would be the dynamic duo.

  • Linda Kelly

    I would love to win the Bernina 215.   I have been a Bernina person since 1973.   I had the original 830 (non computerized), then traded for a 180, then traded for a 200 Artista, then traded for a 870 & now I am the proud owner of a 790+.   I have loved them all, but take lots of classes since I retired & find the 790+ is way too heavy for me to drag to class with me.   I would love to win this smaller machine!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Carole Foster

    I would love to win this  machine,as I am 65 today. I learnt to sew  on a Bernina when I was at  school at the age of 12. They are the best sewing machines in the world.

  • Sue Hennis

    My great niece, Baylee, who is now 12 years of age wants to learn to sew.  This machine is the right one for her to start.  A new world for her to explore.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Catherine McDonald McDonald

    I would give it to my new daughter-in-law. She has just started making things so I would want to ensure she started off with the best brand of machine as the right tool makes a big impact on the quality of the finished product

  • Christine Guest

    The Bernina 215 is the perfect sewing machine to carry to my sewing group but I would have to prize it away from my 8 year Grandaughter who has just discovered my 440QE. A whole new world is opening up to her.


    Christmas is the time of giving and even more special is a gift that is handmade and sewn on my little Bernina work horse sewing machine.

  • Anna Laurie

    A Bernina B215 would be just perfect for introducing my young niece to the wonderfully creative world of sewing. As a dressmaking and tailoring student in college many years ago, I was privileged to be able to use Bernina’s, which my tutors told me were the Rolls Royce of sewing machines. Nothing has changed, Bernina’s still rock!

  • Karen Jack

    I would love to win a new Bernina B 215.  It would be the ideal machine to take to my sewing group, and away with me when we travel. I would really love to changeover my current aging machine and be a Bernina girl…

  • Karen Stewart

    I think I deserve a new machine as I have given my daughter my 440 to use and learn embroidery.  I need machine to take to class since my 880 is to large to carry

  • Sue Batterham

    I have two Bernina machines, one of which I am gifting to my niece who

    loves to sew but does not have a great machine. I would love to win the Bernina to give to her sister so then they would both have wonderful machines to encourage them in their artistic textile endeavours.

  • Roxane Seaters

    I would love to win this Bernina Sewing machine for my twin granddaughters. They want to  learn to sew and Grandma wants to teach a new generation of sewers and quilters.


  • Emma Patricia Limber

    Why it’s you that deserves this new sewing machine; because, a new machine any day of the year is a “happy dance” day!  The B 215 would be a wonderful addition to my Bernina family.  I would love to add one so I may have more sewing friends over to sew clothing and pillowcases for the various charities we donate to.  Happy holidays to everyone.

  • Vicky Murphy

    I would be delighted to win a Bernina machine. It would mean I could spend more time sewing with my friends. Bernina are the best sewing machines

  • eileen Coleman

    The Barnina 215 should go to me so that I can take it with me on a four month cruise and be able to sew during down times. I will sorely miss my Bernina 780 otherwise.

  • Elizabeth Farrant

    I would like to win because I am struggling to carry my Bernina 570qe to classes but don’t want a more portable machine that is not as good quality as the one I use at home

  • Diane Harney

    It would be wonderful to win the Bernina B215 as it is such a compact machine and would be perfect to take to classes. It would be extra special to win as I celebrate my 60th birthday at the beginning of January.

  • Judith Birkett

    Bernina are the best machines!  They are constructed to innovative designs from quality materials and have a wealth of options for achieving whatever you want to create.  The only limit is your own imagination!  I would love to gift one of these machines to my daughter so she can take part too!

  • Kathy LeBlanc LeBlanc

    I am not sure if you will ship to Canada, but I love my Bernina 770 QE and will always love it, but I do need a small one to take to class and to take to sewing retreats. I have a bad back and haven’t been able to attend because I don’t want to damage my machine in transit.

  • Kateri Therese

    I would love to be entered in the drawing for Bernina B 215 machine. My grandnieces visited recently and broke my little 1980’s Singer and it will cost more than the machine is worth to repair it. This sweet little Bernina would be an excellent replacement and would be like a gift from the three of them.

  • Denise Bakes

    My partner and I are planning an epic round Australia road trip and as someone who sews daily I have been anxious about not having a machine to use. My 1130 is a bit heavy ( I have been told!) Problem solved with that beaut 215.✂️?❤️

  • Pauline Gray

    I have no story to tell you so I won’t stand much chance but I would just love to have a Bernina 215  it looks a fantastic machine. I can always hope. Merry Christmas

  • Jennifer Harper-Jones

    I am making a quilt for my 80th birthday next April, which is really exciting.  I have a Bernina, but cannot carry it about and would LOVE a B215 machine.  I’ll send you a photograph of my quilt as soon as it is finished.  Quilting keeps me YOUNG!!!

  • Tonya Reichard Reichard

    I would love to win a B215 Bernina!!!!  I have 2 machine that took a dive this year.  I have been teaching 4-H sewing for 29+ years and now my oldest 2 grand daughters are sewing!!!! This machine would be great for me and them also!!! Merry Christmas!


  • Michelle Park Park

    It would be wonderful for my teenager have his own machine

  • Halima Mahomed


    I would like to take part in the competition to win a Bernina 215.

    From the time I was a little girl I always had a passion for making clothes. I used to hand sew little pants and tops and dresses for my dolls. I also used to constantly draw designs of dresses and tops and used to tell everyone that I wanted to become a dress designer.

    Anyways I did not become a dress designer but I yearn to get a sewing machine and be able to sew my own clothes as well as to pursue my love for sewing. l have been saving to get a sewing machine that is perfect for a beginner, and have been searching for a perfect machine. The Bernina machines are a sewists dream but they are totally out of my price range/ budget. So winning this machine will be a real dream come true for me.

  • Brenda Genzel

    Merry Christmas Bernina Family

    This machine would be a wonderful machine to take to classes or on a trip. Thank you for all the designs, quilt pattern and many more. Wish everyone lots of luck.   Happy Stitching 🙂

  • Carolyn Brown

    A Bernina 215 would be amazing to travel to my weekly machine embroidery course. I suffer from arthritis and although it is an amazing machine my Bernina 560 has become difficult to transport as it is heavy. A lighter machine would mean that I can continue with Wendy Dolan’s amazing annual machine embroidery course for several years. Since retiring Machine embroidery has become my passion but I also love to make Christmas presents for family and friends. I have owned various Bernina machines for over 40 years, my daughter now uses my old Bernina machine.

  • LA Cole

    It would be sew wonderful to have a ‘Christmas’ machine that could go places with me.

  • Shann Wheaton

    Oh wow, this is just what I need:) I would love to participate in the 24th door raffle!!!  I have been a Bernina fan since my first Bernina machine in the early 1980’s.  My current Bernina machine is very large and heavy, making it difficult to take to all the quilt classes.  The 215 would be absolutely perfect for travel and small projects.  It is wonderful that Bernina is being generous and offering this machine.  Thank You and Merry Christmas.

  • Susan Bailey

    I would like to enter to win the prize of your Benina sewing machine from th24 th door

    thank you

    Susan Bailey

  • Haniefa Suleman

    Hi everyone

    i would like to take part in this raffle.

    i discovered recently how beautifully and hassle free bernina machines sew

    i offer sewing classes and sometimes when any of my ladies machines are out of action or are in for service i offer them my spare machine. Unfortunately my machine (which isnt a bernina)? is very old And they dont even make the parts anymore. This machine has been troubling recently and i feel that i need a new one but dont have money at the moment to invest in one

    it would be great to win this machine as i would then put it to good use in helping other ladies to learn to sew

    kind regards


  • caroline driscoll


    I would be thrilled to win this machine because I am a huge fan of Bernina sewing machines.  My husband bought me the 1000 edition about 15 years ago.  Before that I was working with my mother’s 1968 Singer.  I have been so happy with the features of the Bernina and the quality of stitches it produces.  My hobby since 2002 has been making quilts.  If I won this machine, I would have a more portable, lighter weight machine to take to retreats and community service sew in days with my quilt guild.  Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Pat Stone

    I would love to own this machine to take to workshops  I have one of your big Berninas so it would be great to have a smaller version for travelling.

  • Phyllis Arechuk

    I bought my first Bernina (B570 QE ) this year as my 70th birthday present and love it.  I love to go to quilt retreats and UFO days with my friend but am finding it hard to carry my machine  The B215 would make it easier for me to join my friends for laughs, treats and some sewing.

  • janette button button

    love the idea of a Bernina sewing machine. my sister owned one and I was always envious.  I am 80 but I am sure you can teach and old dog new tricks.!!

  • Marilyn Steward

    I would love to have a ‘sister’ for my Bernina Overlocker.  I’m sure the two would work together harmoniously and be a great partnership.  Sisters forever!

  • Brian Allen

    I would definitely like consideration as a winner of that awesome machine.  I have a collection of vintage machines however they are extremely heavy to take to a class and I enjoy going to our guild sew days.  It is also one that would be just right to help our daughter learn to sew with an excellent quality tool.

  • Sally King King

    I have used my beloved Bernina 1020 constantly for 32 years – it was a gift in lieu of an eternity ring when my daughter was born.

    It’s time to update as now I sew for my grandchildren on the same machine I used to clothe my own  children. That’s why I’d love to win the B215 this Christmas.

  • Barbara Neale

    What a wonderful machine to take to classes! I love my 1030 but it is a little heavy!

  • Althemese Bailey

    I would like to win this machine because I love Bernina. I’ve been sewing on Bernina  for the past 34 years. This machine will be added to my current collection. They are durable and dependable machines.

  • Patty Adams

    I would love to win the BERNINA 215 to take to my Guild bees.  I need a new machine to be my “go” machine.  I have always wanted a BERNINA.  Winning it would be a dream come true!

  • Julie Hahs

    I do not have a Bernina at all but I like your ideas. I have a crappy Kenmore, so old. I think it’s time for an upgrade. This would do it! Thanks for the giveaway!! I would use it to make crafts projects.


    This would look good with my other Bernina.s but I could teach my daughter how to sew and she could come to sewing club with me, if she had her own machine and then she can grow into my 330, then my 710 machine & then i could get a new one

  • Muriel Markland

    I would love this machine so that I can sew when away as my other Bernina is too heavy to take.

  • Bonnie Olfert

    I do a lot of sewing and quilting with my Bernina 780 and couldn’t be happier when I am sitting there and stitching.  But I also do a lot of sewing for various charity organizations, including some that send items such as comforters, school kits and hygiene kits overseas (just to name a few).  Many times, I am sewing not in the convenience of my home and take a machine with me to the location of the sewing day.  My Bernina 780 is too large and the other machine I take  does not work as well, nor is it as enjoyable to sew on.  I have thought about having a smaller portable Bernina, but that has not happened yet.  So, the Bernina B215 would be perfect for all my portable sewing needs.  Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Maureen Kocak

    I have knocked my machine off the table and the case is broken. I would like to carry on sewing, my Nana taught me, she had a Bernina and would so like to carry on.

  • Maxine Bryan

    I would love to have this machine to take to classes, it would greatly assist my ability to get to more learning opportunities.

  • Ann Sam

    The 215 would be great for my granddaughter comes to sew when we sew together. Please enter us in the raffle!

  • Lana Frazier

    I sew all the time.  I love to sew.  I don’t sell any of the quilts that I make.  I give most of them away.  I give a few quilts as gifts to my family, but most of them are donated to organizations that find homes for them at no cost to the recipient.  I also donated a king size quilt to the food pantry which they raffled off to raise funds to help pay for their new-to-them truck.  I love to sew.

  • saralyn mason-born

    I love to sew for my family n friends.  This past year my sewing friends n I found a group we made charity quilts for. We meet a home where we can all fit ( there are 10 of us) together for both inspiration and fellowship.   Have a lightweight machine to lug around would be great!

  • Maggie Harris

    I would love to enter your raffle . my daughter is just starting to sew…and we take it in turns to sew on my bernina 170. The 215 would be ideal for us.  We could have one each AND attend sewing classes together. We really enjoy our machining time together and Bernina machines are brilliant.

  • Nancy Anderson

    I would love to win another Bernina.  We travel and this machine would be perfect to carry along.  Thank you for supporting your customers!

  • Elizabeth Heath

    I would love to win the Bernina sewing machine to take to workshops and classes  My main Bernina (770QE) is far too big and heavy for me to carry! Fingers – and toes – crossed!

  • Kathleen Sienkiewicz

    Growing up it seemed that my mother spent most of her free time at her sewing machine. She taught herself to sew as a way of saving money making clothes for everyone in her family of six. She’s 98 now and her eyesight keeps her from sewing, but not from designing new things. This is where I gladly step in. Would love to take my machine with me on my weekly visits so that it’s available for whatever she has dreamed up now.

  • Joan Tolman

    I have had my current wonderful trusty Bernina machine since the late 1960’s.  It has done me proud for almost 50 years but I do feel the time has come for it to take a well earned retirement – besides which it is so sturdy and heavy that I can no longer lift it in and out of its case! I am still very active with my sewing and craft work and now I have more leisure time I am just taking up machine embroidery again.  I would only ever use a Bernina and a modern lighter weight version for 2019 would be my best present ever.

  • Paula Blamey

    I want




    My 8 year old Grandaughter wants Granny to teach her how to sew and I want her to start her journey of creativity with the best sewing machine possible. I’ve had Berninas for ever!

  • Vicki Moody Moody

    I am a beginner sewer just getting started on my sewing journey.  My grandmother sewed on a treadle Singer sewing machine.  She was very poor and made her living sewing and ironing for others.  My mother sewed and would make my clothes when I was a child.  However, I never took interest in sewing until now in my 40s.  My grandmother is now gone but I have her beautiful quilts made with flannel shirts and boxer shorts to remind me of her.  I would love to make quilts to leave for others as well.

  • Shirley Zakrzewski

    I would love to win a Bernina Machine to try to cheer myself up …  I had to sell my Bernina 350 SE to pay some bills this year and not long after that I lost my youngest son in a car accident … I am hoping 2019 will be a much better year for me ❤️

  • Sandra Bassett

    This machine would be for my daughter.  I have had a Bernina for years and as I watch her struggle with her basic generic machine, I want her to experience the satisfaction that sewing on a Bernina brings.

  • Irene Alcalde

    I love sewing and really  NEED a Bernina. I have a huge pile of garments yo sew

  • yvonne ackermann

    I would love to have a newer lighter machine. I currently have an Aurora 440 and if I get a new machine I will either give my old machine to my granddaughter or the newer one whichever she wants.

  • Cythia Mostert

    I have 3 new granddaugters . The twins were born prematurely in May 2018. My other granddaugter is 2 years old.  I would love to own the new BERNINA 215 with its  easy  way to sew and make them , new granny made clothes . With my old Bernina I battle to get the stitch width and length when I applique  some lovely pictures on their dresses and tops.  I also have the Bernette334DS Overlocker.  I always have to fix all my grandsons clothes whenever I visit my daughter and this nice portable BERNINA B215 machine will help a lot with transporting the sewing machine to do all the alterations.

  • mimi Macke

    The Bernina 215 would be perfect to replace my 28-year-old Bernina model 1230 with newer features but the same great quality. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rosemary Manns

    I would love to own a Bernita , and this machine being portable makes it doubly attractive .

  • Susie E

    Bought my first Bernina 20 years ago and have never once regretted that purchase.  With care and maintenance, that machine will be still be running perfectly for when my children want to learn to sew.  A family heirloom!

  • Diane Whitfield

    I absolutely LOVE my super Bernina 770QE – it’s the best machine that I have ever used ( and I’ve had a few !). The only drawback us the weight,  I have got spinal problems , and can’t take my Bernina to workshops, so a lighter version would be ideal! Pretty please  xxx

  • Valerie Houghton

    It’s always been my dream to own a Rolls Royce of sewing machines but alas it’s never happened . I’ve always hankered after one .


  • Delila Whitehead Whitehead

    I would like to take part in the drawing. I don’t feel anymore special than the next person but I would absolutely cherish the bernia and love to learn all the machine can offer. Thank you Delila

  • Alexandra Wallett

    My granddaughter Emma is soon  going to university. She loves all things textile which I encourage her with but currently has a very basic machine. I would love to win this Bernina machine to give her as a leaving home present. My own three Bernina machines are sturdy, reliable and wonderful so I would love her to have the very best.

  • Ann Hannaby

    I would like to take part in the raffle.  I am a big fan of Bernina sewing machines, and purchased my first one almost 20 years ago, and which I have used almost every day.  It is now feeling it’s age and I’d love to have a Bernina 215, as it would also be great to take to workshops etc.

  • Maureen Cole

    I would love a new sewing machine as I plan to teach some young women how to sew sanitary towels for Africa as so many women in kenya  can’t afford to buy them and It would be great for us to go out and teach Kenyan women how to make them for themselves

    This is just the right size sewing machine to carry around as my 770 is too big and heavy for this purpose



  • Mary Jarvis

    My one and only Bernina was bought by my parents many years ago.  They have both gone now but so has my Bernina it just stopped working and the engineer said it wasn’t worth repairing.  I loved that Bernina and really miss it, I would like to win this one.

  • Angela Lambert

    I have had a Bernina sewing machine for 15 years and it has never let me down. It is getting a bit tired now as I patchwork, quilt, dressmake, make curtains and would like to do machine embroidery. A new machine would allow me to develop my skills. I would not buy any other machine so hope to win this little beauty.

  • Katie Friesen

    I would love to win this little sewing machine. It’s so portable. I can take it anywhere and set up and sew

  • patricia Olivier

    I own 4 Bernina sewing machines. I love them all. They are very well built and they are very dependable. They are a little bit heavy for taking to classes and retreats so I would love this one!

  • M.J. Perry

    I want to win the machine for my son. At age 28 he now lives on his own. He grew up doing hand sewing with me and then machine sewing. Now, the only time he gets to sew with a machine is when he is visiting me. I am in the process of getting my 40 year old Bernina Nova reconditioned for him and we are hoping we can find a new table for it as it got misplaced.

    In short, I would like this sewing machine for my son.

  • lduchesne

    I would give it to my granddaughter so that I could introduce her to the world of sewing and quilting.  I have a 215 and absolutely love it. Thank you!

  • Cherry Ross

    My Bernina 1130 which I got for my 21st birthday 32 years ago died last year and I haven’t been able to get a new Bernina, and I don’t want to settle for anything less than a Bernina.

  • Cyndi Johnson

    I don’t have a sad story  I have an old, second-hand machine.  It would be lovely to have a new one.

  • Helen Faulkner Faulkner

    Annie Ntira is a Malawian woman who has moved to Cape Town in search of work. She wants to earn enough to put her two children aged 12 and 9 into school. (240 euros each per year). However, she has only been able to find one regular cleaning job, and she and her unemployed sister are living on 70 euros a month.
    So what has this got to do with Bernina?
    It’s just that Annie is the most talented sewist I have ever met. She’s been working alongside me these last two weeks and has mastered even fiddly techniques like sewing on bands at lightning speed. If Annie had her own machine she could work for herself, sewing and selling clothing in the informal settlement/squatter camp where she lives.  Her kids could go to school, and she could climb out of her debilitating poverty.

  • Cara Segers

    It would be such a blessing to have this machine.  Both my boys and I love sewing and this would make that possible.

  • Tricia Hill Hill

    I love my Bernina, but it is heavy to take to classes. Would love to win a 215 to take to workshops and my monthly Modern Quilt Group meeting.  Good Luck everyone , who enters and Happy Christmas . Keep Sewing x

  • Maggie Janes

    I would really like to have a machine that I could  take to classes, and could be carried easily.  My 820 and 1230 are too heavy now, and I miss learning new techniques, and the social days out.

  • Barbara Gilbert

    Sewing gives me purpose.  In the last 2 1/2 years I have been hospitalized 10 times to fight cancer, a heart attack, a broken leg, and another major surgery.  Worse than any of those was losing the sight in one eye and having the other damaged by retina hemorrhages.  Illness and fear are easier to conquer because I know I can still make something beautiful and meaningful for my family and others.  I have to use a large LED lighted magnifying glass to see what I’m sewing now, but my 30 year old Bernina 1130 and I are a team that refuses to quit.  I made all my Christmas gifts again this year on my beloved Bernina, and that’s what keeps me going as I try to rebuild my strength and meet the challenge that vision loss hands me every day.  I want to give back to the cancer community that was so good to me by making chemo hats and maybe other items that are only available from home-based stitchers like myself, like the chemo shirt modifications I invented.  I haven’t found a project yet, but I also want to do something for the vision impaired; perhaps help them learn the joys of sewing with a Bernina to bring creativity and a feeling of self worth to them?  A new, lighter weight Bernina could travel to wherever they are; my old sweetheart is far too heavy for me to travel with.  Or offer to have “fix it” days at the blindness training center for clothing that needs repair.  Perhaps I will sew and sell items to raise money for charity.   My Bernina and I have always done service projects and I have no intention of stopping simply because I need a little repair myself once in a while.  We, my wonderful old Bernina and I, persevere.  I think mainly that I persevere because my Bernina is always there waiting for me to start something new.  It brings me back together again.


  • Jill Siddons

    A Bernina 215 would be a dream come true for me.  I confess to having a Bernina QE edition, but with arthritis in my shoulder now I find it very difficult to lift so going to classes are now a thing of the past.  A B215 would mean I could once more pursue the opportunity to learn in class and use up some of my enormous stash!

  • monique atkinson

    It would be nice to own a machine that is much younger than me.  Most of my machines are older than I am (closer to 60 but not quite there).

  • Penelope Jimenez

    I have never owned a Bernina. I have never owned a computerized machine.My dream is to own both.Bernina is the cream of the crop. It would be an honor to sew on this machine.

  • Maureen Busby Busby

    I would love to win this Bernina sewing machine SEW I could take to my monthly quilting group and be the envy of them all.  Oh the joy of Bernina and what a start to the 2019 year.



  • Carla Lenart

    I currently own a high end sewing/embroidery machine; very heavy. I look forward to retirement and traveling more in my camper, but not being able to sew/craft while away from home would leave me lost. The Bernina B 215 would be perfect traveling companion.

  • Mathilda Bach-Frommer

    How wonderful it would be to have a smaller and not so heavy Bernina for when a sewing machine is needed outside the house – to bring to the grandchildren to teach them to sew

  • Debbie Guihot

    I would like to win this bernina,so I can give if to my grand daughter. Every beginner deserves a reliable long lasting bernina.You will never feel sewing joy if you have to fight with your machine.

  • Debbie Guihot

    I would like to win this bernina,so I can give if to my grand daughter. Every beginner deserves a reliable long lasting bernina.

  • Joanna Mackintosh

    When I took ‘needlework’ at school we had to write an essay about our ‘dream machine’ and mine was a Bernina. I have never owned one but I do remember doing the research for this essay and being mightily impressed.

  • Catherine Philpott

    I love going to quilt classes but my Bernini 1002 is so heavy I may have to stop going. This machine would be so lovely to take to classes. Fingers crossed and dreaming of a lovely lightweight machine. Berninas are the best.

  • Alexandra Wheeler

    I teach textiles in a room full of beautiful Berninas, and yearn to tinker myself at home, however my machine at home is not up to scratch so I am a frustrated teacher. I’d absolutely love my very own Bernina so I can scratch my sewing itches and be a better teacher.

  • Sobana Sundar

    I really want to try my hands on a Bernina. Every time my current machine has a glitch I wish I had a second go-to machine. Here is hoping I win.

  • Rebecca Prentis

    I would love to take part in the raffle because I am a die hard Bernina fan since I was 12 years old, and my current Bernina needs a fancy new sidekick!

  • Jelena Vulin

    Great gift at first! Someone will be so happy when get this beautiful mashine!! I would like to have Bernina maschine while my husban bought me one from another manufacturer, she is almost one year old but she dont work properly! She was 2 times on the repair! They dont want to replace her! I am a bit sad! I can’t sewing properly! I see this like a good opportunity. If it not happen, I appreciate you gesture and i will surely buy one! ??‍♀️

  • carla emberton emberton

    I don’t believe I deserve to win any more than anyone else. But I do know I would be tickled pink to win. Doing more sewing and embroidery is a major part of my 2019 goals for myself and a new new machine would be a great incentive to reach my goals.

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