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How to create a stylish lamp out of sustainable leather paper

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find easy instructions on how to create a stylish lamp out of sustainable leather paper.

The material for the second window of the BERNINA advent calendar continues the theme of sustainability. I will show you how to create a stylish lamp out of sustainable paper leather. The wooden base of the lamp is a practical tripod that perfectly suits the kneaded paper. In addition, you can choose the color to personalize this lamp for family or friends. So think of your favorite colors and create this extraordinary lamp to give away as a gift. It really is quite simple.

What will you need for this lamp?

  • Lamp wooden tripod base
  • 3 colors Kulörtexx 50 cm x 50 cm (
  • 1 light (light bulb)

The lamp is always made from 3 sheets of Kulörtexx. It can be single-colored or multi-colored.

First, measure the diameter of the lighting screw juncture on your wooden base. My lamp base has a diameter of 4 cm. So I cut a circle with a diameter of 4 cm from the middle point in all 3 pieces of the Kulörtexx.

After that, I layer the 3 colors of paper leather on top of each other. You can change things around here until you find the color scheme that works best for you.

Then knead the individual sheets well and shape them. The stable Kulörtexx is easy to shape into these abstract forms.

As soon as all sheets are properly formed, slide them over the lighting screw fitting and turn them so that all of the tips are facing different directions.

Add the right light bulb and there you have it! A stylish lamp made from sustainable materials like wood and paper leather that will make the perfect Christmas present.

And if you know who you will be giving this lamp to, you can customize the colors for the recipient. This lamp is always in style.

Go ahead and play around with the design. Small holes can be punched into the paper leather using a pair of punch pliers. These holes allow the light to shine through even more effectively.

I hope you all have fun creating my stylish lamp made from sustainable materials and that you also have a wonderful advent season.

Warmest regards,


Free sewing instructions: How to create a stylish lamp out of sustainable leather paper

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