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DIY felt Christmas present labels

DIY felt Christmas present labels

Woohoo! It’s almost Christmas! So it’s time to load up on presents for your friends & family again. And what could be nicer than personalising those presents with a DIY Christmas present label. In the BERNINA V8 software there’s an extensive selection of fun party designs… So make your DIY Christmas present label and surprise your teacher, colleagues, friend or whoever is on your list! 

DIY felt Christmas present labels – Materials: 

  • Felt in various colours  
  • Embroidery thread 
  • BERNINA CutWork tool 
  • Embroidery stabiliser 
  • Adhesive spray 
  • BERNINA sewing machine with embroidery module 
  • BERNINA software 

DIY felt Christmas present labels – Sewing instructions

Open the BERNINA V8 software, go to File, and then to enter embroidery design… As you can see, all the designs are categorised in folders. In the folder “Celebrations & Seasons” you will find a lot of lovely designs. (This is also a great project for Easter, for example :-)) or another holiday!

Open the door of your chosen design and make it your own! You can change the colours, make the design larger or smaller, make a mirror image, or as I have done here, add a name. You do this by going to Digitalise and then to lettering. Is your design ready? Save it on a USB stick and open the design on your BERNINA sewing machine. 

Stretch the stabiliser in your embroidery hoop and spray the adhesive spray on the stabliser. Then stick your felt on the stabiliser and mount your embroidery hoop on your embroidery module. Embroider your design now. Ready? Cut out the design neatly along the edge, but be careful not to cut too near or you will cut the thread… and we don’t want that. 

Cut out with the CutWork Tool

What creates a lovely effect is cutting out your design… I have chosen to do that with a Christmas tree and a reindeer. Import a photo of your choice into your software and go to the “CutWork Tool bar” under tools on the left side…now choose digitalise and cut. Now follow the lines of your photo and press enter when you are ready…

you have now traced your design and you can see on the right side in the colour film that the software now recognises the design as “CutWork”. Save your design on a USB stick again and repeat the steps as I listed them above.

 For a lovely finishing touch, I finished the edges with a Festoon stitch (stitch number 1330) and stitch width 5.2.

Tip: Cut out the edge with pinking shears now and then…this also creates a lovely effect! And so you can make everyone a nice pendant! 😉 I chose to make this one for my dear colleagues.

Team BERNINA wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, beautiful, creative and above all healthy New Year!

Creative greetings,

DIY felt Christmas present labels

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