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Time to Shine… the Sparkling Finale! Sewing a Party Dress, Part 4

Have you followed the last three posts on how to make my party outfit? If not, you can catch up with the posts here:

  1. Preparing the pattern and selecting your material
  2. Should I cut out or embroider first?
  3. Cutting out and sewing tips

I’ve finished all the embroidery and sewing for my dress, but it could do with a bit more glamour! After all, right now it’s always “Time to shine”!

Everything is ready… and now comes your finest needlework. To make sure that the precious rhinestones did not break, I sewed them on by hand. As you can see here, I did not embroider the outlines for the stones. Originally, I thought about sewing on a couple of teardrop-shaped stones in a few places. But in the end, I decided on the triangles on the front after all. 

I thought for a long time about which thread would be most suitable for sewing them on. In the end, I chose Transfil, a transparent sewing thread from Mettler. 

I only chose four teardrop stones for the collar. 

It took some time before the last stone was finally in the right place. But I’m absolutely thrilled with my new dress! I will certainly enjoy wearing it to my next party or on a trip to the opera!

And take a look at what I have here in my hand…! More on that next time!

Happy sewing!


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    This is so elegant.  The simplicity of the embroidered designs combined with your creative touch makes this dress stand out.  

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