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Introducing a New Canadian BERNINA Ambassador

Hi there fellow quilters & makers! I’m sure by now your children & grandchildren are all back to school? It’s so exciting to announce that I’m also starting a new chapter with Bernina this September. My name is Robin from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada & I thought I would share with you what has brought me to be a new writer on the BERNINA Blog and why I am honoured to endorse BERNINA’s wonderful product line.   

You may also know me from my own blog 

I’m excited to join the BERNINA Blog team!

About me

I have been quilting (by hand since 4 years old on the knee of a great grandmother). I had a grandmother & a mother who also loved to sew, quilt & make beautiful things. How could I not see the beauty in stitching when I was surrounded by it? This led me to craft as part of my childhood toy box. At an early age I was a maker & quilter. Later as an adult my profession & education was in Social Work.  

In 2014 I gave up my Social Work career completely to pursue my quilting passion as a profession and I have never looked back! My work is awesome and I revel in the joy of it by the minute. I have been loyal to and loving BERNINA sewing machines since 2000 when my sewing & quilting friends convinced me that BERNINA was the only machine to buy. As soon as I owned a BERNINA, I was in love with many BERNINA features including their various feet, the quality of the machines and their stitches right from the start. I am hooked and unapologetically brand loyal! My two daughters also enjoy BERNINA sewing machines.

Although my roots in quilting are traditional, I appreciate modern quilt design as well and consider the focus of my work to be pattern designing, teaching, trunk shows, free motion quilting, ruler work, thread painting & professional long arm quilting.

My newest purchase is a new BERNINA Q20 with Studio Frame. I love the quality of my stitches & the smooth operation of this machine.  There is no doubt that this machine will bring me to new heights with my long arm quilting. I have included my studio tour which was filmed at the time my BERNINA Q20 had just arrived.  I was so excited and I hope you enjoy it.

A sneak peak of some of my work is here:

Northern Cardinal, original design from a photograph, appliquéd, thread painted & quilted on my Bernina 200

Thread Painted Sun Flower, original design, 3rd place at the International Plowing Match 2016, completed on my Bernina 350

Crumb Pieced Star, original design, currently a workshop on my website, quilted on my Bernina Q20

If you would like more information about what I do in the Great White North, have a look at my website here

Want a quick look at what I’ve been up to?  Check me out on Instagram

Please feel free to leave your comments, questions or suggestions for what you would like me to share with you below.  I look forward to your comments.

In upcoming posts, I  would like to unbox some exciting BERNINA feet & accessories and let you know what creative ideas I have in mind. I have to tell you I’m very enthusiastic to share my passion for BERNINA sewing machines with many projects to inspire you.

Used Products:
BERNINA artista 200

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  • Dawn Weideman

    I just purchased five more presser feet for my Bernina 590 last weekend. I am anxious to see your “foot” ideas. 

    • robinbogaert

      Hi Dawn, Stay tuned, I am working actively on my blog posts about Bernina Feet. Bernina feet are such great quality & easy to install. I’ll discuss lots of tips & project ideas. Check back often to see what I am working on. Enjoy that Bernina 590 & Happy Sewing!

  • Katie Hillier

    So so love the free motion quilting on the rainbow star quilt. Gotta organize a class with you!

    • robinbogaert

      Thank You Katie,The free motion quilting was done on my Q20 machine, the Embroidery Foot #15 was used for the free motion quilting and the #72 Adjustable Ruler Foot for the ruler work (Daisies by Amanda Murphy). If you are thinking about classes, you can get in touch with me through my contact page at

  • Mallory Casey

    Love this blog entry definitely going to try the crumb pieced star quilt! What a great way to use up all of my scrap fabric. Excited to use my new Bernina machine again!! 

    • robinbogaert

      Thank You, Mallory if you want to get back to sewing on your Bernina and especially crumb piecing. It can be done on any Bernina Machine (I did this on my Bernina 350 with a #37 1/4″ foot). I would suggest this YouTube video Crumb Piecing Demonstration I hope this inspires you. Happy Quilting!

  • Mabsy Fair

    Congratulations Robin, i love all my Bernina machines & I am very much looking forward to anything & everything you do on all of your Bernina’s!!

    • robinbogaert

      Thanks Mabsy, as we know these Bernina Machines are fantastic! I’ll try my best to let you know when my new blog post is up on Bernina Blog.

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