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Unboxing the 790 PRO and Starting a New BERNINA Adventure

Hi I’m Robin, many  of you may have read my articles about the BERNINA Q20 Long Arm Machine or the BERNINA 350 SE.
Although enthusiastic about all things BERNINA, I’m ready & eager for a new adventure.  I just was delivered and unboxed the BERNINA 790 PRO Machine with the embroidery module & BERNINA embroidery software 9.  I’m giddy with excitement and ready to explore all of the creative possibilities. 


                                                               BERNINA 790 PRO Unboxed

Some of the 790 Pro features, I can look forward to:

  • newly updated stitch precision
  • even faster embroidery 
  • superior stitch quality
  • pinpoint laser
  • automatic threading 
  • placement of designs proportionally with 4-point placement & morphing
  • WIFI connectivity with BERNINA Stitchout App
  • customizable Quilt Designs 
  • BQM – BERNINA QMatic Designs
  • sew any material

Why the 790 Pro ?

Besides all of this machines amazing features,  I teach quilting and sewing at many levels of difficulty. This top of the line machine will help me to teach and represent this series of machine with my students.

 I appreciate that domestic ( sit down machines) are accessible to most consumers and I therefore teach a lot of sit down quilting with domestic machines. I plan on demonstrating with this machine the BERNINA Stitch Regulator and the BERNINA Qmatic quilting designs to show students the comprehensive quilting capabilities of this machine.

In addition, I plan on using this machine for many personalized embroidered wearables and gift items.

Where to start with the BERNINA 790 Pro?

I will start by registering my warranty on the website as all consumers should.

I plan to start learning my 790 PRO by first reading through my machine manual. Some other learning resources include video tutorials on YouTube. BERNINA International has 15 how to Videos for this machine so far. Other dealers have also uploaded many YouTube videos which will be helpful . I will also head over to to download my BERNINA sewing machine mastery workbook and work through that.  This was very helpful with my Q Series long arm.

I may consider online or in-person classes as well. Knowledge is power and learning more creative skills equals many more creative experiences to share. I hope to share most of my experiences here on this blog and with students.

Plans for the 790 Pro?

For now, I would like to focus on the machine accessories and what they can do for me & getting to know the features of the machine and how they work. I would also like to focus on a stitch book featuring the 790 PRO stitches, reuse/ recycle projects, gift items for men, customized wearables for children and adults & innovative quilting techniques combined with embroidery. This will make for some inspirational blog articles and projects . I cannot wait to dive in!

Additionally, I would like to  spend time with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 & the embroidery module to understand it’s unique potential. My ultimate goal is to convey to the experienced embroiderist and enthusiastic newby, that they can enjoy embroidery software .

Wish me luck on this new adventure, I just know it will be exciting!

Check back soon to see my posts , we can learn together😊


P.S. Watch the unboxing video where I got a first glimpse of all of the goodies that came with the machine & embroidery module






Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Products:

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