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Sew a simple beanie

Sew a simple beanie to wear under a bike helmet, to beat cold winter temperatures. The holes in the helmet catch the wind and the helmet itself does not cover the ears close enough to be warm.

So, we’ll have to sew one. To make a first try, I chose an old T-shirt, to be able to try the fit and size.

Sew a simple beanie BERNINA


Supplies to sew a beanie to wear with the helmet.

Image of BERNINA L 890.


The L 890 is perfectly suited for working with all types of fabrics, including knits as well as wovens. With One-Step BERNINA Air Threader ✓ Intuitive operation via touch screen ✓ Fast, precise & quiet ✓ Manufactured by BERNINA ✓ 100% designed and engineered in Switzerland ✓ 

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Image of BERNINA L 460.


The BERNINA overlocker L 460 offers up to 1500 stitches per minute and ensures beautiful and flexible stitches. The BERNINA L 460 is the perfect overlocker/serger for the creative sewer of knitwear.

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Start to copy the pattern on the fabric:

Copy the pattern part for the beanie on the back of an old T-shirt with a quiet firm jersey fabric.


Cut out all parts.

Pin 2 parts, right sides together.

Overlock with a 7 mm seam, that means you will cut 3 mm. An overlock stitch is always better when you cut a few mm from the fabric.

Add a third pattern part and overlock the seam. That means, you have sewn half of the beanie already. Repeat these steps for the other  parts.

Naai een muts voor de fietshelm

Pin both parts right sides together and overlock the seam.

Sew a simple beanie BERNINA

It’s time to try the beanie. If you think it is too big, you can adjust one of the seams with a new overlock stitch and cut a few more mm of the fabric.


How to finish:

Fold the edge 1 cm and fold again 2,5 cm. Iron the folds and pin.

Sew a simple beanie BERNINA

Sew the folds on the right side of the beanie with a coverlock or use twin needles. The Clear Overlock Foot #L27 gives me a nice view on my work.

Image of Clear Overlock Foot #L27.

Clear Overlock Foot #L27

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Cut threads and knot on the inside.

The beanie is ready!

Sew a simple beanie BERNINA

Next time I’ll make one in fleece, that seams even a lot warmer!

Free sewing instructions: Simple beanie

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: fleece, jersey, old T-shirt, stretch fabric
Used Products:
Clear Overlock/Combostitch Foot #C27
Clear Overlock/Combostitch Foot #C27

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