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Embroider a festive fabric bag – instructions with embroidery freebie

The Year of Embroidery with BERNINA is coming to an end. We embroidered great projects together, tried out new accessories, learned a lot from each other and shared many ideas and inspiration. Now comes the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas time. So let’s design the gifts for our loved ones together! How about a sustainable gift that we can hardly do without in everyday life? Cotton bags are currently on the rise worldwide. The reason is simple: Plastic carrier bags are harmful to the environment and so they are becoming less important. But to make a fabric bag from the drugstore look a little more festive, we will embroider it.

This is the sixth post in our Blog Advent Calendar. You can find the previous contributions here: Blog Advent Calendar 2023.

Embroidering a fabric bag

Material supplies

To embroider a ready-made fabric bag, you need a Freearm Embroidery Hoop. The BERNINA Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop allows you to use the BERNINA freearm with tubular items such as T-shirts or prefabricated bags without having to undo and re-stitch them.

You will also need:

Embroidery file freebie “Let it snow”

You can download an embroidery file for your bag free of charge here:

Download embroidery file Let it snow

Click on the download link to download a ZIP file to your computer. You can find the files in your download folder. Unzip the ZIP before transferring the embroidery files to your machine.


Mark the center of the bag with a trick marker.

Place the upper (inner) ring of the embroidery hoop in the center with the fixture facing downwards.

The lower (outer) ring is inserted into the bag. Hoop the hoop with the stabilizer on the inside of the bag.

For embroidery, I use the yellow bobbin case with high thread tension for more tension on the bobbin thread than usual.

Select the Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop in your machine.

Attaches the hoop.

The back side of the bag lies under the freearm and does not interfere with embroidery. 

Tips on how to embroider with metallic embroidery thread

After the text has been embroidered using the Poly Sheen embroidery thread, it is now the turn of the snowflakes.

I have a few tips for you to ensure that embroidering with the metallic thread works well.

Use the Sewing Thread Lubrication Unit and the Metafil needle when embroidering.

Insert the sewing thread lubrication unit into the hole in the rear cover.

Sprinkle the felt part with silicone fluid so that it is damp.

Pull the thread through the sewing thread lubrication unit.

To prevent the thread from breaking, you have to create a long path for the thread. The Multiple-spool Holder s best suited for this purpose.

Image of Multiple-spool Holder.

Multiple-spool Holder

✓ Very useful for multicolored embroidery motifs ✓ Better untangling of difficult yarns ✓ A practical extension for additional spools

Learn more

Good things take their time: processing metallic thread requires a little more time. Therefore, set the speed regulator to the minimum.

Decrease the upper thread tension a little.

With these tips, embroidering with metallic thread is guaranteed to succeed!

Now your fabric bag is all made up and ready to be given away!

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Olga from Matroschka Handmade

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Material: Cotton bag, embroidery needle, embroidery thread, metallic thread, scissors, stabilizer
Used Products:
Multiple-spool Holder
Multiple-spool Holder

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