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Quilted Hanky

Dear readers

Today I’d like to show you a hanky which belonged to my mother. It is very filmy and sensitive.

I put it onto a layer of silk fabric, Thermolam and another transparent silk fabric, stitched it down and began to quilt with my BERNINA 780.

I filled the leaves with feathers …

… and ran around the flowers in circles.

Here you can see leaves in detail.

A quilted rose.

Another example.

I filled the background with straight lines.

On the following picture you can see the bottom right corner of the hanky, signed with “dep.”, and the machine quilted silk fabric onto which I have stitched it down.

Here’s the back of the little quilt. The transparent silk fabric allows the Thermolam to shine through.

I used the same transparent silk fabric, folded twice, for the binding.


Maybe you have also found a beautiful hanky that you would like to turn into a quilt? We would love to see pictures of your “hanky quilts” in the community section of the blog! 🙂

Kind regards,





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  • Bonnie S Carr

    I am just collecting my vintage hankerchiefs from several relatives.  Some over 100 years old.  I would like some resources on how to put together a quilt with the hanky’s.  Thanks!!!  

  • margaret Baker

    thank U 4 sharing this beautiful work of art you are so lucky. 

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