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Firmware Update for the B 770 QE, B 740, B 720 and B 700

Dear BERNINA blog readers,

Last year we released firmware updates for the B 880 and B 790. After that we launched the Embroidery Plus Upgrade for these two machines with a number of great new embroidery features.

Now we have new and free updates available for the remaining machines of the 7 Series – and the best: after installing this Update, the new and comfortable  BERNINA Midi Hoop is compatible with your embroidery machine!

If you own one of the following models B 770 QE, B 740, B 720 and B 700 download the update right away from our website and  install it immediately.

Links for the update

Here are the download links:

In addition to the firmware updates you will find detailed release notes on the support pages. These provide information about the improvements that the updates bring. The most important features are described below.

Two important notes:

  1. BERNINA recommends all customers of the respective models to always use the latest firmware, as it is constantly improved to ensure an optimal sewing and embroidering experience with BERNINA products.
  2. Before a firmware update is carried out, data and settings need to be saved on a BERNINA USB stick (optional accessory) for reasons of security and backwards compatibility. By doing this, data and settings can be transferred to the machine again afterwards.

How to update your machine

In connection with the update for the B 880 and B 790 we published a step-by-step video how to download and install the update yourself:

The steps, which are described in the video also apply for the B 770 QE, B 740, B 720 and B 700. So you can follow the video instruction, when installing the update.

Important: After having updated the firmware, the machine restarts and you are requested to enter the serial number twice. As soon as the serial number has been entered, it cannot be corrected or amended. Therefore please make sure that it is entered correctly. Entering the serial number prepares the machine to be ready for future additional features. This serial number process only needs to be done once and is not necessary for any subsequent updates.

New features for the models: B 770 QE, B 720 and B 700

Midi hoop compatibility (all three models)

After the update, the new Midi hoop will be displayed in the hoop selection.

The BERNINA Midi hoop complements the Maxi and Jumbo hoop. It’s equipped with the tried-and-tested twist lock, it’s easy to open and close and guarantees also an uniform fabric tension. The embroidery area of the Midi hoop is 265 x 165 mm (10.4 x 6.5 inch). The hoop has been specially developed for medium sized motifs.

Combining embroidery designs (B 770 QE and B 720)

This feature is in the B 700 already included: After the update on the B 770 QE or B 720, embroidery designs can be combined directly on the machine with other embroidery motifs or with lettering.

Group / Ungroup (only the B 700)

Combine designs to edit all at one time with group or break apart designs to edit individually with ungroup.

Undo / Redo (only the B 700)

Simply undo or redo steps, while editing or combining designs to return to your initial position.

Improved embroidery functions

A number of improvements concern embroidery. The “Thread away mode” ensures that the end of the thread is pulled down after cutting with a quick movement of the embroidery hoop – for clean embroidery results at the top. If this is not desired, the function can be deactivated after cutting.

Further improvements for the B 770 QE and B 720 include the cutting of connecting threads and the “Thread-up” function, which makes manual knotting possible. This is particularly advantageous for quilting. For the B 700 it is the change of the stitch pattern sequence on the screen and the image preview of embroidery motifs on the USB stick.

As mentioned above, this enumeration of improvements is not complete. Please read the release notes before updating.

New functions for the sewing machine: B 740

The BERNINA 740 is a pure sewing machine and therefore the update improves only the sewing functions. The Adjustable Ruler foot # 72 can be used on the display. The bow seam stitch (item number 0004) has been improved and optimized for the most common use: stitching of elastic bands. For decorative purposes the serpentine stitch is now available in the category decorative stitches. Especially quilters will enjoy it. The stitch is also available on the B 770 QE, B 740 and B 720 and its number is 1396.

Cleaning the automatic thread cutter

In order to avoid a malfunction of the automatic thread cutter due to deposits of lint and thread ends, your machines will ask you to clean the automatic thread cutter after 1,000 thread cuts. The following message will appear:

After clicking on the green confirmation button, the cleaning process starts by changing to the setup program (cleaning the thread catcher). The display shows you how to proceed:

Follow the steps listed on the display and remove the thread ends with tweezers. After completion of the cleaning process, the cutting counter is reset. By the way, you can read the count in the setup program of your machine.


Good luck with the update for your machine and have fun while sewing and embroidering!

Kind regards,


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    • Philipp Köstner

      Dear Pauline,

      applogies for the inconviniences. I must admit, that this is not handeled ideally today. The firmware update cannot be readily unpacked using the Apple operating system. To load the firmware to the USB stick anyways, you have two options:

      • Use the Windows operating system on a dual-boot system (Boot Camp).

      • Use a Windows emulator on the Apple operating system along with appropriate software to unpack the ZIP files.

      I hope this helped.

      Kind regards, Philipp

  • Marie Cone Cone

    I cannot find the link to upgrade my B770QEE machine. I need the new embroidery functions…ie add function and memory function.

  • linda Steele

    When I try to open link for update for 770qe, it immediately goes to buying a new machine, I only want to access an update for what I have. I have done this before

  • Debbie Prince

    My BERNINA got stuck for three hours trying to update and never got past the center. I left it on and went to bed when I got up it was off and now when I turn it on it just stays st starting application. HELP

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