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Special embroidered gift cards

With the holiday season starting, I wanted to share an easy gift card idea.

Depending on the embroidery design you choose, the card could be for any occasion. They add a special touch to any gift and the recipient can use them as decoration after the occasion.

You can easily use up scrap bits of fabric in this project and not a lot of work is needed to make it.

What will be needed:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery Module
  • Foot #26
  • Medium Hoop
  • Embroidery Thread
  • A2 paper (I suggest maybe 250gsm weight)
  • Craft knife and/or paper scissors
  • 14cm x 19cm piece of light-weight fabric (this is enough for 1 card)
  • Stabilizer
  • Card Template


Making the Card

Out of an A2 page, you are able to make 3 cards.

  1. Divide the A2 page into 3 equal parts.
    You should have 3 sections each 14cm x 59.5cm.

  1. Cut along the lines to get 3 strips of paper.
    Put 2 of the strips aside. They can be made into cards at a later stage.

  1. Divide the strip in to 3 equal parts.
    You should have 3 sections each 14cm x 19.8cm.

  1. Using a craft knife or the blade of your scissors, score along the lines.
    Don’t press too hard otherwise the blade will cut through the paper.
    *As suggested in the comments, a metal knitting needle will do a good job too.

  1. Fold along the lines.

  1. Place the template on the middle section and draw the frame shape.
    You can use either the oval or rounded rectangle of my template.

  1. Cut out the frame.

  1. If your card isn’t lying flat, give it an iron.
    Don’t have the temperature too hot and use minimal steam.


  1. Place the piece of fabric with the stabilizer in the embroidery hoop.

  1. Set up your machine, choose your design and embroider.
    While you machine is busy, you can work on other things.
    Always stay nearby in case your thread breaks or the thread colour needs to be changed.

  1. Once your design is complete, remove the fabric from the hoop and carefully remove the stabilizer from the fabric.

Finishing Off

  1. Using the template, cut the fabric to size.

  1. Place the fabric on the left hand side of the card with the design facing up.

  1. Secure the fabric to the card using a medium zig-zag stitch.
    Don’t back-stitch.

  1. Knot the threads together.


  • You don’t want the paper to be too thick or it won’t fold properly.
    However, if the paper is too thin, the card will be too flimsy.
  • A lightweight woven fabric such as cotton or linen will work best.
  • The card can be used landscape instead of portrait if your design requires it.
  • Punch a hole at the top of the card and it can be hung up for decoration.

I would love to see the beautiful cards you make, please feel free to share with me!


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    Wow that is such a nice idea to use up scrap pieces. The cards look awsome! An idea when scoring is to use a metal knitting needle or crochet hook, that way it ‘dents’/scores the paper without going right through

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