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Spring wardrobe: Harriet blouse

Spring wardrobe: Harriet blouse

Complete your Spring wardrobe with this happy Harriet blouse.

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As a tester I again was part of a team to try out a new pattern. And what a great pattern it has become! With this Harriet blouse by Bel’ Etoile and Sew it curly you can vary endlessly and if you want you can also learn some couture sewing techniques. I’m a fan!

click here to go to the pattern

The blouse in this blog is the third Harriet I’ve made. This time a cheerful Spring version with three-quarter sleeves, using happy Spring colours and various prints.

Mixing fabrics

I bought the fabrics online and once delivered, I started figuring out which fabric I would use where in the blouse.

As a simple tool I made a template of the Harriet blouse. On my phone I took a screenshot of the Harriet blouse pattern, enlarged it as much as possible and then traced it, both front and back.

Tip: Before tracing, set your phone to the brightest setting, so that you can easily see the contours.

Then you do the following:

Have to add some pink!

Cheerful pink

I used piping band to add some bits of pink. It is not real piping, but a folded strip of the pink fabric, a thicker cotton. I used the selvedge as a guide for putting it in straight. That was quite a challenge. Before I stitched the piping between the fabrics I first fastened everything with a basting thread. In an earlier Harriet blouse I used real piping, this is a bit simpler. Especially for the curves.

Nice details

With my BERNINA 540 and blindstitchfoot #5, I was able to finish the blouse nicely. I can really enjoy it when I have found the right Mettler threads for this.

Image of BERNINA 540.


Thanks to the Adaptive Thread Tension you get optimal thread tension for perfect stitch quality on both sides of the fabric.

Learn more

In topstitching the collar I used two colours. I used the yellow thread above and the pink thread on the bobbin. The outside of the collar is made with the yellow and the inside is pink. This made the Harriet blouse even more cheerful.

You can really vary endlessly with this Harriet blouse. Also a great project to use up leftover fabrics. Even by making your own piping or bias tape that you can add as a cheerful detail.

With these colours I was immediately feeling the Easter vibe, so to be able to dress myself completely Easter proof, I made a detachable bow with the pink fabric. Is it too much? ??

A nice addition to the lovely LIESL Spring wardrobe that I sewed last month. Are you going for a Harriet blouse too?

Wanna know more about this LIESL wardrobe? Take a look at my Instagram. 





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