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Capsule wardrobe: Time to Shine!

New challenge: a capsule wardrobe

Within the Time to Shine theme, in a blog series, I’ll take you along in the realization of my capsule wardrobe. A lovely challenge. Normally I create items piece by piece, inspired by the fabric or a pattern. Often I can style it with another me-made item, but sometimes it doesn’t get much wear because in the end it is more difficult to combine. Time to try a different approach and create a capsule wardrobe to tackle this problem.

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In the next few months, I’ll be sharing several projects on the BERNINA blog that are part of the LIESL capsule collection. Which is even more special, because I will be making these items using the upcoming new Special Edition. Want to read along? Even more fun, join in and create your own capsule wardrobe!

Capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is the perfect method to build a sustainable wardrobe that will last for years. A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited number of timeless pieces to which you can add some seasonal fashion items. Within the capsule you choose garments that can be combined between themselves and with existing items in your closet. This makes your wardrobe seem (even?) more extensive.

Inspiration and colours

I’ve been collecting interesting looks on Pinterest for a while and now is the perfect opportunity to create these looks and make them part of the LIESL collection. Within a capsule wardrobe it is useful to work with a colour palette with not too many colours. Besides white and black, I chose (red)brown and pink shades. This colour palette was inspired by the fabrics I already had in my fabric stash and were waiting for this moment. 

Great fabrics from the stock

LIESL’s colour palette

It was not only the fabrics that inspired me, but also the theme that will grace the BERNINA blog in the coming months: Time to shine!

When I’v learned about the theme, my creativity was sparked. After the situation we’ve been in, I long for a bit more glamour, more ‘shine’ in my wardrobe, literally. Dressing up again, because you’re going to a special occasion, back to the office or just because you can!

Time to shine

Selecting the right type of fabric is evident within the Time to Shine theme. I choose special fabrics, a distinctive print, fabrics that are luxurious or shimmery fabrics. With the two outspoken prints that already existed in my stash, I mainly selected fabrics in one colour to balance that. In addition to the choice of fabrics, I think you can also add ‘shine’ by choosing a special pattern or sewing technique. Or by embellishing the items (with embroidery). If you have been following my blogs a bit, you know that a number of refashion projects and the use of leftover fabrics can not be missed.

In any case, it will be a collection of unique garments with, in my opinion, a timeless character and certainly some basics and accessories.


The items

With the colour palette and the inspiration of Pinterest in mind, it’s time to choose which items should be in the capsule wardrobe. My first thoughts are a suit, a skirt, a sweater, a blouse, a top and a dress. For a casual look, it would be nice to add a bomber jacket and shall I add a cardigan or another blazer?

Are you already starting to mix-and-match? The bomber jacket can go with the skirt, the jumper with the trousers of the suit, the top mixed with the suit, but the blouse is also a possibility and what about the sweater on the skirt and the blazer with the dress…..Looking good!

Mood board

The patterns

For some items it’s easy to choose which pattern to use. My favourite pencil skirt is on repeat and the pattern of the sweater I wore so often last winter can be used again.

For some fabrics I have more options left. Like for the pink stretch velour. Which pattern for a dress will I use, or should it be a cardigan (which can then be worn as a dress)? Hmmmm…

And for some it is the other way around, there I have to choose which fabric to use for a specific pattern. For example with the top. Is it going to be a basic white camisole or am I going to go for red(brown)? And what colour for the blouse?

The pattern for the blouse is new to me. Around making of the blouse I have planned a sew-along. That’s a first

Sew along

In the month of October the blogs are all about sewing the Megan blouse. In October this Inspiration pattern can be downloaded for free and I will walk you through the process from start to finish. From working with a pdf pattern, choosing the fabric, the preparation until the fun hacks you can do. Are you in?


Over the next few months you can follow how the LIESL capsule collection takes shape here on the blog and on my Instagram. I will write about the different items, give tips about working with special fabrics and take you through different refashion projects.

You can also follow the other bloggers who will share their projects within the theme Time to shine. You can find them on this page

Curious about the new Special Edition? Keep an eye on the BERNINA socials/blog!


See you there ??.





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