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Unisex Patterns Book

Hello Bernina lovers!

I am so happy I can finally share my little secret with you. A big project that kept me busy for months this past winter and spring time. My last patterns book has just been published at Editions LaPlage, and I am super super happy.

But I’ll start from the beginning…

Back to December 2020 (a long time ago!) I receive an email from the publisher telling me they love my patterns and my style and that they would like me to work on a book of unisex patterns they would like to publish. 

Wow! What a challenge! and although I had promised myself I wouldn’t work on any new books (I had already published 2 others) I thought the theme proposed was too exciting to say no. I love unisex clothing, I love transforming the style of a piece with a character or personality to adapt it to mine, going from something that can be perceived as feminine into a masculine attire and vice-versa. It all depends on the colors, fabrics and accessories you use with your attire, don’t you think? And the idea is even funnier when you get to make you own clothes, since you get to choose exactly the type of fabric and color that you want for each piece you sew.

A few meetings after we agreed on working on the following patterns, with for me make an all-year-long basic wardrobe. I love the idea of having these basics in my wardrobe and making different versions of it so some of them become more of a statement garment, choosing for example a nice fabric or even the color, and changing some of the details, for as I propose some options in most of the patterns (as it is usual in You Made My Day Patterns).

From the first ideas that I drew, to the first drafts that I sew with my Bernina Q570 to the final outfits…

about 8 months and something like 35 pieces sewn. Luckily me I have 2 Bernina sewing machines… I love how they helped me get through different thickness, types of fabrics, layers… as well as the speed a Bernina offers


Some patterns in the book

The patterns I have been working on for months and that are in the book are:

  1. Shirt
  2. Carrot pants
  3. Cargo pants
  4. Sweatshirt (hoodie as an option)
  5. Bombers
  6. Military style jacket
  7. Bikers Jacket

Unisex Patterns book Unisex Patterns book Unisex Patterns book

Here are the options

The shirt has 2 different cuffs and necklines lengths, you can choose either one or even use both! You’ll see it in the picture below.

As for the cargo pants, you’ll have the option to add a string on the waistline. And of course, make it without some or all the pockets.

Unisex Patterns book

The sweatshirt can be made with and without the hood. And with and without the side/shoulder yokes.

The bombers can also be made with the hoodie from the sweatshirt. 2 cuff lengths are proposed too here. So your sleeve is longer or shorter depending on which one you use. As well, there is an extra piece that can be added to the pocket seam.

The military jacket has side tabs and both the shoulders and cuffs. These give it a special touch, but you are not obliged to sew them. At the same time, the cuff tab allows to curl up the sleeves and attach them to the sleeve button.

Unisex Patterns book

As you will see in the pictures, depending on the fabric, color and size made, the style can be completely different for a same pattern. And since the patterns are unisex they can be worn by women, men and everybody else. Sizes range from 34 to 50 (European sizes).

Everything is clearly detailed

The step by steps are explained in FRENCH only (google translate might be of help here) and with drawings so everything is clearly detailed.

Luckily I had 2 Bernina machines to sew all the projects in this book

And also, I got by my side Juliette, who did an internship last year with me and that really helped me sewing all the “toiles” and versions. We both used my 2 Bernina machines, the Bernina Q570 and the Bernina 380 and I guess you can imagine how happy I was to have them. Some fabrics were thick, some slippery, and everything went smoothly and quick! The book was finally published on August 17th and I am soooo happy to finally see it. I honestly think it is a masterpiece, as for the patterns proposed cover so many needs. And I hope that everyone that gets it, will really enjoying making the garments as much as I did enjoy designing and sewing them.

The book is available on the French Amazon (not sure if you can get it through this link here) and on the publisher’s website here, as well as on main French Bookstores.

I hope you like it!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to Complete: A week or more
Used Products:
Zipper Foot #4
Zipper Foot #4

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