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Unboxing the BERNINA 770QE with Irene from Sugaridoo

Hi there! This is my very first post here on the  BERNINA blog. So let me introduce myself a bit. I’m Irene from Sugaridoo and I just love creating things! I like sewing, quilting, crocheting, cross stitching, baking, actually, I like everything that is about making stuff. Just like my mom and grandma, I started with crafts when I was really young. Just looking at pretty colorful yarn or feeling smooth cotton fabrics makes me so happy. Doing the things I love everyday and loving the things I do has become a big theme in my life over the last years. There is so much to enjoy in everyday!

Wanna know more about how many cats we have, what I love to watch while I’m crocheting and what kind of awesome side job I had while studying? Check out this video where I’m unboxing my BERNINA 770 QE and sharing 20 fun facts about myself.

Create to inspire, inspire to create

I’m a full time quilt designer and fabric lover. I design modern quilt patterns for my business Sugaridoo. At the moment foundation paper piecing is my favorite technique, but I’ve been taking steps into improv quilting as well.

I make fun YouTube videos to teach about quilting and inspire other quilters (and quilters to be) to try out new things. There is so much to discover, so many new techniques to learn, so many fun projects to make. I love that I get to encourage makers through my videos to step behind their sewing machine, just start making and enjoy every step in the process.

Penguin blocks made with Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP)

Modern quilting, what is that?

In my blog posts on the BERNINA blog I’ll be sharing quilty projects, techniques and ideas so we can explore the world of modern quilting together. What makes a quilt a modern quilt you ask? That’s a very good question. I would love to dive into that in another post. In short, the main thing that makes a quilt modern for me is that you let go of the ‘quilting rules’, incorporate contemporary styles in the quilt, but still make a quilt (or pillow, or bag, or pincushion) that can be used and loved in our homes. In someway it’s somewhere in between traditional quilts and art quilts I think. But as I said, more on that in a different post.

My new best friend

When BERNINA contacted me to try out the BERNINA 770QE I was super curious. I have been quilting for 6 years now, but never sewn on a BERNINA before. To try it out, I spend a whole afternoon with a BERNINA instructor on the 770QE. We went through all the options on the machine and I pretty much right away fell in love with it. It is such a joy to work with, a super strong and stable machine that’s up for any project you can think of.

Sugaridoo BENINA quilt along

So when BERNINA asked me to design projects for the BERNINA blog I instantly thought about a quilt along. A modern, fresh, geometric, fun quilt along, showcasing different techniques. The quilt along will start at the end of November. After the summer I’ll share more details on the quilt and some sneak peeks of course. I already can’t wait to make a quilt together with all of you, it’s going to be a fun one! (In my Instagram stories, @Sugaridoo, you’ll find more behind the scenes of what I’m working on)

See you very soon!

I’m off to get to know my machine a bit better and prepare a fun project for my next blog post. If there is anything you like to ask me about the machine, quilting or myself, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below! 

Thank you for stopping by, happy quilting!


Find more about Sugaridoo over here:

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    Hi there i gave an old artista machine but lost my personal design card.  Where can I get hold of a new card, please?  Sorry to bother you with this

    • ramonawirth

      Dear Riana,

      That is unfortunate. I suggest one of the following:

      – Contact your BERNINA Dealer and ask if he is able to get it somewhere
      – You could buy it on this website:
      – Or try online selling plattforms like I found several sellers there.

      Make sure the card is compatible with your artista machine before you buy one online.

      Kind regards, Ramona from BERNINA International


  • Tanzy-mom BakEr

    Irene I love BERNINA Sewing Machines, you are a wonderful young lady don’t change.

  • Tamela Simmons

    Nothing brightens someone’s day that loves to quilt, than to watch a video with Irene. Smart move Bernina! I cannot wait for the quilt along. I have been paying a lot of attention to sewing machines that people have been using. It will be nice to learn more about the Bernina. Thank you!

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