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Inspired by the sustainable sewing challenge #REFEBULOUS

Have you ever participated in a sewing challenge on Instagram? This lovely way to share your projects with like minded makers using a sewing hashtag is so much fun and inspiring. You get to ‘meet’ so many inspiring people. And on top of that you might even win a prize sharing something you’ve created! I am a big fan of sewing challenges. This year I plan to participate again in #SewApril2020, #MeMadeMay, #SewYourselfSustainable (September) and #BPsewvember (November). 

Most of the sewing challenges run a whole month and every week or day has a theme. Within the theme you do a post. For example about your biggest sewing accomplishment or mistake, about your best sewing tip or your sewing space. Every so called caption is open for interpertation.

New challenge

And why do I tell all this? Maybe you already know this. I want to introduce you to a brand new challenge next month, hosted by me: @madebyLIESL and BERNINA is one of its sponsors. Yay! The challenge is called #REFEBULOUS  and is just a little bit different. Read all about it in this blog!


REFEBULOUS is a sustainable sewing challenge on Instagram. Hopefully it encourages and inspires people to reuse, refashion and repair garments, recycle fabrics and haberdashery’s. Think embellishing, embroidering, painting and also adding new fabrics.

 Let’s make something REFEBULOUS again!

How does it work?

Participating in the challenge is in fact real easy! All you have to do is post one or more pictures  within the theme of the week using the #REFEBULOUS hashtag. To participate you do have to have a Instagram acount and for everybody to see your post(s) the privacy settings have to be set on public. If your acount is in private mode, only your followers will see what you have posted. In private mode you can follow the challenge, but your not eligible to win a prize and not everyone who is also participating can see your post.

TIP: Set your privacy mode temporarily on public and after the challenge you can change it back.

The themes:

  • 1 – 7 February       WEEK 1           Jeans
  • 8 – 14 February     WEEK 2           Suits&Ties
  • 15- 21 February     WEEK 3          Thriftshop Treasures
  • 22 – 29 February   WEEK 4          Large and left over fabrics

The first two weeks are, I guess, quite clear. You share what you have done with that type of garment which made it REFEBULOUS again! 

Some visible mending ideas from Pinterest

Making a tie, a recycled zipper and haberdasheries, some left over fabric be REFEBULOUS again. (click photo for blog)

Week 3 can be any other type of garment thrifted in a second hand shop or even thrifted in your own closet!

Three pieces made into a bomber jacket!

Week 4 is about large fabrics like blankets, curtains and sheets and left over pieces from other projects.

Blanket a.k.a. Future Coat

‘Left over fabric’- dress

No perfection needed, resharing is allowed

If you share your project it doesn’t have to be finished yet, it doesn’t have to be a new project; resharing is allowed! It can be an actual garment, but it also can be a bag, accessoiries, home decorations and so on. Your project can also be an idea you have. Share your thoughts! It’s about inspiring others! 

Little bag of neck ties

How to win prizes

Every week you can win some lovely prizes made available by a number of contributors. Do you want to know what you can win? Check the announcement every week on my Instagram.

To be eligible to win a prize you:

  • post a picture
  • follow and tag @madebyliesl
  • follow and tag the sponsor(s) of the week
  • use the #REFEBULOUS hashtag

All posts made before 23:59 in your local time of the last day of the week are eligible for that weeks prize. Prize winners are randomly selected and notified in a post, by DM and by mail. Claim your prize within 14 days after announcement.

 TIP: On Instagram you can follow the hashtag #REFEBULOUS so you don’t miss a thing!

No Instagram?

If you don’t have an Instagram account you still can enjoy this lovely challenge by reading the blogs I’ll be posting here.  I will share my best tips in refashioning and some other REFEBULOUS projects! Stay tuned!

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!





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