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La Maison Victor: blouse Lisette

La Maison Victor: Blouse Lisette

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Lisette, a blouse with pizzazz! That is what appeals to me. It is in fact quick and simple to make. Although, if you want to do the adjustments like I did this time, it will take you a little longer.

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This La Maison Victor Lisette blouse was made in the midst of the #REFEBULOUS challenge on Instagram, so for the blouse I used an old shirt of hubby, net curtain fabric (left over from an earlier project) and recycled buttons. Refashion + Zero waste + recycle!

I took some time to play pattern tetris on the fabric of the shirt. Finally I made the front of the Lisette blouse from the back of the shirt. The back of the Lisette blouse was partly made with the sleeves and the front of the shirt.


The sleeves

For the sleeves I adjusted the pattern of the short raglan sleeves. I’ve made them long sleeves and for a somewhat puffy effect, I drew them a bit wider.

The sleeves are made with net curtains. I finished them off by adding a sleeve split and cuffs.

I already gathered the bottom of the sleeve before attaching the cuff. To do this, sew twice parallel selecting the longest stitch length, and then by pulling the upper threads create evenly distributed pleats.

On my machine BERNINA 540 this is stitch length 6, but stitch length 4 is also sufficient, then lower the tension of the under thread bit.

The cuffs

The cuffs for the Lisette blouse are made with the original cuffs of the shirt. To do this, the layers of the cuff were completely seam ripped first and only the outer layer was further used.

The sharp fold that is already in it is very useful for making a clean cuff. Because of this I started stitching the cuff on the inside of the sleeve, unlike normal.

After the cuff was in place, I folded it right sides together and stitched the sides. Then turn inside out and push out the corners.

Then pin on the outside and stitch very narrow on the side, where the previous stitching was. I also stitched the sides of the cuff narrow on the side for a tight result. I use blind stitch foot #5 for this.

The bow

The fabric of the shirt is plain cotton and fits nicely in the Lisette blouse. Especially the pleats on the front are beautiful.

The fabric is just a bit too stiff to make a bow. I only found out about this at the last minute. So it may be that I adjust this and turn it into a button closure.

If you really want a bow, I would rather go for a more supple fabric or a bit thinner cotton, as was also done in the Mar-Apr 2021 edition of La Maison Victor.

I am very satisfied with my Lisette blouse. A nice basic top as an addition to my wardrobe and made from materials that I already had. Do you also make your next project from materials you already have at home?

More tips & tricks in the video below, a collaboration between BERNINA and La Maison Victor:

You can find more LIESL creations on my Instagram. Will I see you there?






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