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Raffle of an accessory case with presser feet – this is the winner

Dear Readers

Did you all come into the new year full of enthusiasm and with many sewing projects? On behalf of the BERNINA team, I wish you all the best for 2020, good luck, success and, above all, health. So that you can spend lots of time realising some of the project ideas from the BERNINA blog! 

Gifts for sustainable pleasure: 24 Instructions

One or the other sewing instruction might has made it from our blog advent calendar onto your agenda. The calendar had the motto “Sustainable Sewing” and contained suggestions for upcycling projects around Christmas. After all, the sewing hobby offers many opportunities to bring old life to new, worn and supposed waste. In the calendar we have collected some ideas on this topic, from soapbags made of leftover fabric to an advent decoration made of old men’s shirts or the Japanese-inspired Boro-Bag.

Under the following link you will find an overview of all articles:

BERNINA Blog Advent Calendar 2019

In the meantime, we have “opened” the doors so that you can directly see from the preview pictures which sewing idea awaits you. 

Now we still owe you the winner of the raffle, which was hidden behind the last door.

Almost 300 people have sent in their comments and participated in the raffle for an accessory case with five presser feet of their choice.

Thank you all for participation. Special thanks to those who sent us good wishes for the new year or compliments for the blog. I used the time over the holidays to read every single comment – and it was a really pleasant reading.

I was very interested in the suggestions for further presser foot videos. A continuation of our Christmas video is planned. I can’t say at the moment if we can make the sequel already for Easter or Valentine’s Day, as many of you wished, if the presser feet will skate, go dancing, sing Christmas carols, help Santa Claus hand out presents, walk through the desert, take a walk in a flower garden or go on a city trip, as suggested in other comments.


Further input for future storyboards that made me smile:

  • The presser feet follow a Yeti trail; the needle pillow makes itself comfortable at home for the time it takes.
  • The presser feet go surfing
  • The presser feet ride through the prairie
  • The presser feet take part in the Winter Olympics (with piping sledges and ruffle slalom)
  • The presser feet are raising a family 🙂

… and these are just a few examples I picked up quickly. In the 300 comments there are enough ideas for a full-length presser foot film. 

But one thing I can assure you, as much as I was pleased about your thoughts, your wishes and your compliments, we did not let ourselves be influenced by the content of the comments during the raffle, but proceeded quite neutrally, as is the Swiss way. 

The winner is …

The choice of the lucky fairy has fallen on the comment of Kirsten Chapman. Congratulations, dear Kirsten.


At this point I would like to ask you to respond as soon as possible to our winner notification, which we will send you by e-mail, so that we can arrange everything else. We need your postal address, the details of your sewing machine and the presser feet you want to order.

If you can’t find our mail, please have a look into the spam folder or post a comment here.

All participants once again “Merci!” for joining in. Stay positive, even if you weren’t as lucky as Kirsten, and check the BERNINA Blog regularly! There will certainly be more chances to win in 2020.

Best wishes

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    • Maureen Malady

      I love the prize, does it not contain all the feet places and where can you buy this? Shop  400 miles away so its difficult thanks for letting me know Congrats to winner, Maureen

    • Philipp Köstner

      Dear Ruthie and Maureen,

      If we consider all the layers of the accessory case, more than 40 feet fit into the case. This is the maximum amount that can be covered by the size of the case.  The foot assortment offers our customers more than 100 feet, which can be exchanged in the case according to individual needs.

      During the development of the case BERNINA took care that there are different sized compartments for different sized feet. Standard feet, C-feet and D-feet.

      The accessory bag is available at BERNINA stores, where you will be perfectly advised. Do you already know the BERNINA Store Locator and have checked if there’s another Store closer to you?

      We will gladly answer any further questions you may have.

      Kind regards, Philipp


  • sewhappy43

    Congratulations Kirsten! I did not see a notice of a give away? how do we get in on good things like that? Where do you shop for that kit? Thank you for information



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