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Embroider a card – free download

We found biscuits in the mailbox, a surprise from the neighbours! It was covered in a paper with supporting message, so I thought we’d surprise them as well. And what about an embroidered card, with a quote appropriate to the nowadays situation? I think everybody likes it, so embroider a card – free download.

You can make it yourself:

Choose for one card (files in EXP, PES, JEF and HUS) in the Large Oval hoop: And remember 1 card

Make 2 cards (files in EXP, PES, JEF and HUS) in the Maxihoop: And remember 2 cards

What will you need to embroider a card?

  • Cut away stabilizer
  • Embroidery hoop Maxi (for 2 cards in one hooping)
  • Embroidery hoop Large Oval (to make a single card)
  • 3 patches of cotton fabric (1 x middle weight, 1 x flanel, 1 x heavy weight for the back) 21,5 x 30 cm (if you make them in the Maxi hoop) or van 21,5 x 15 cm for the single card in the Large Oval hoop.
  • Temporary adhesive spray Mettler Web Bond
  • Embroidery thread Mettler Poly Sheen: 1 in the colour of the front of the card and 2 contrasting colours.
  • Rotary cutter, mat, ruler,
  • A BERNINA embroidery machine, I have the BERNINA 700

How do you start?

Hoop the stabilizer in the hoop.

Embroider the first line with thread in the colour of the fabric. You will get 2 horizontal lines.

Fix the flanel and the fabric for the front on the stabilizer, with temporary adhesive spray (or pin both fabrics).

Embroider the second line. You get 2 rectangles. They sew your fabric to the stabilizer and work as a basting stitch.

Embroider the flowers in the fabric color:

Continue with one of the contrasting thread colors for the text:

Fix your backing fabric with temporary adhesive spray to the back.

Don’t forget to take a matching bobbin thread.

You finish by embroidering the frame in cross stitches.

All you need to do now is cutting the card with a rotary cutter..

Some threads will need to be taken away from the edges.

Your card is ready to post for the neighbours, your family or friends. If you’d like to mail them, check rates for your country.

I think I will surprise our whole street.

Embroider a card free download.

Would you have liked to get one? Or did you find another creative way to support friends? I’m curious!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: cotton, cut-away stabilizer, flanel, mat, Mettler Poly Sheen thread, Mettler Web Bond temporary adhesive spray, rotary cutter, ruler
Used Products:
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
Cording Foot with 5 Grooves #25
Cording Foot with 5 Grooves #25
Large oval hoop
Large oval hoop
Maxi Hoop
Maxi Hoop

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  • Barbara Clemmensen

    how are you supposed to attach the backing fabric?  It doesn’t say

    • Bea Callemeyn

      Hi, Barbara, you are totally right, I forgot to mention… You fix it to the back with temporary adhesive spray before embroidering the frame. I’ll adjust it, thanks for letting me know and my excuses…

      • Barbara Clemmensen

        I guessed it was probably something like that.  Thanks for confirming!

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