Looking for free embroidery designs for your embroidery machine? Simply scroll down and you’ll find what you’re looking for! Cute embroidery designs for kids are here, as well as elegant designs and collection patterns for sewing fans. All free! The selection includes classic embroidery, ITH motifs, Free Standing Lace, cross stitch patterns and redwork, exotic, traditional, nautical … just to list a few embroidery types and motif styles. Animals are richly represented, from the lucky beetle to the ubiquitous owl to the new trend animal, but abstract and geometric can also be found. Of course, BERNINA is especially close to our hearts, which is why our embroidery designs are optimized for BERNINAs. But you can also download embroidery designs for free that are suitable for machines of other brands, e.g. Brother or Janome. More than 99 embroidery designs are already available for download, and more are added every month. So be sure to check it out regularly!

Free embroidery designs for embroidery machines

An embroidery-capable sewing machine opens up to you new possibilities for working with textiles. There are many different types of embroidery – from traditional and colorful to modern and monochrome. The selection in terms of style, color and pattern is huge. Not embroidering yet? Now is the perfect time to discover this fantastic hobby. The embroidery designs you can download here are all free of charge. Let’s embroider together!

Download and start embroidering

The posts on this page contain download links. To download the desired design, simply click on the link. A zip file will then be downloaded to your computer. You’ll have to unzip it before sending the files to your embroidery machine. Some of our data packets only contain the EXP file for BERNINA machines in addition to the BMP image preview of the embroidery. However, many zip files also include free embroidery designs for other machines, such as Brother or Janome.

Embroidery designs for children and babies

As we all know, embroidery is suitable even for the very youngest. Our author Tatjana has therefore created a series of appliqué letters with baby motifs, the a with an automobile, the t with a teddy, the s with a soother, etc. The letters have appeared on the blog at weekly intervals. You can now find them together here, including free embroidery files to download. As well as the alphabet, there are many other baby designs. For example, the wishing star rattle makes a great gift.

Embroidery for celebrations and holidays

Do you want to create a pretty Easter decoration? Is it just before Christmas and are you looking for an embroidery file for a gift? Are you invited to a wedding and want to embroider a wedding card? Or even a bridal dress, that you want to custom embroider for that special touch? There is virtually no other textile surface finishing technique that looks as high-end as embroidery. Perfect for weddings and other celebrations and holidays!

Animals are perfect anywhere

Whether you are a cat or dog lover, a proud breeder of rare goldfish or a thoroughbred horse owner, a board member of the ornithological association or a passionate butterfly hunter, pretty much everyone has a passion for animals. With embroidery, you can express this passion. In the blog, we offer a whole range of embroidery files with animal designs for free download, from a comic cartoon chicken to a crazy “loco llama”.

The right tool for every idea

The quality of an embroidery image depends on the embroidery design – therefore the free designs on this page have been digitized with great care by our bloggers. However, there are other factors that influence the embroidery result. Of course, the embroidery machine is particularly important. But the machine settings and the right choice of materials and tools also play a significant part. BERNINA offers you the best possible embroidery tools, from machines with excellent Swiss workmanship, embroidery hoops of various sizes, and special accessories such as the multiple spool holder, to BERNINA embroidery software, which allows you to create your own designs on your PC. Our products make embroidery easier, so it becomes an especially comfortable pleasure.

And you can also find tutorials on the BERNINA blog with practical tips on the best way to proceed when embroidering. Use the search function to browse through our blog archive for embroidery instructions!