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Please welcome to the stage, heritage versions of the height-adjustable presser feet!

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It’s time once again for a film about feet. In December last year, we put a couple of brave presser feet on skis and sleds and sent them on an adventure through a winter wonderland. This year we welcome to the stage the talented dancing presser feet! They courageously go up in front of an audience and perform a waltz.

The height-adjustable presser feet are particularly skillful. However, they have a problem… but see for yourself (and don’t forget to turn on the video sound):

New presser feet for old sewing machines

We hope you enjoyed the little show. As you can see, there is a specific reason for the video and the dance performance:

The three height-adjustable presser feet – Adjustable ruler foot #72, Adjustable stippling foot #73 and Adjustable gliding cup foot #74 – are now available in a version that is compatible with early BERNINA models, including the 1630, 1230, 1008, and even with vintage models from the fifties, sixties and seventies, such as the legendary 730 and 830 Record.

The first foot in the height-adjustable presser foot series was Adjustable ruler foot #72, which we launched in 2016. Its sole has a high edge for quilting around the edge of Plexiglass templates (rulers). However, what makes this foot particularly special is the adjustment dial, which allows you to adjust the length of the shank and the height of the presser foot sole. This allows the height of the sole to be individually adjusted to the thickness of the quilt sandwich. This means that the foot can also be used on BERNINA sewing machines that do not offer the option of adjusting the presser foot height. A patented invention exclusively from BERNINA!

The ruler foot was followed by the stippling foot for quilting small patterns and the sliding cup foot, which is particularly useful for appliquéing.

Can I use them? Adjustable gliding cup foot #74, Adjustable ruler foot #72 and Adjustable stippling foot #73 (from left to right)

These three feet are now also available for very early BERNINA models. We know that many of our customers cherish and care for their beloved old machines and keep them going even if they normally work on more modern machines.

Perhaps you feel the same way. If you own an early BERNINA and want to treat it to a new foot in its old age, get in touch with your BERNINA dealer. The new feet are now available in stores.

Which machine models do the new presser feet fit?

What many people don’t know is that BERNINA has always offered accessories that can be used on old machine series. The height-adjustable presser feet are the youngest members of the presser foot family, but they are not new in terms of compatibility.

If you want to know about the compatibility of our presser feet, it is best to refer to the BERNINA Accessories catalog. This can be downloaded as a PDF from the following link:

BERNINA product catalogs on

On page 2 of the catalog, there is a chart showing the different machine models. This divides our sewing machines into the main categories A, B, C, D, E and F. Based on these categories, the subsequent pages of the catalog show which accessories are compatible with which machine models.

The main difference is between category A machines and the machines in the other categories:

  • All category A sewing machine models use presser feet with a 2-point shank opening (the foot on the left in the picture below)
  • For all the remaining models in categories B to F of the accessories catalog, presser feet with the closed shank opening are used (picture on the right)

Almost all the early BERNINA models belong to category A. Presser feet that appear in the catalog with an “A” are therefore compatible with older or even historical machines. Here is an example:

The Bulky overlock foot #12 with BERNINA part number 002 951 72 00 is compatible with category “A” sewing machines.

Important note: The accessories catalog does not include a full list of all the machines belonging to category “A”. For space reasons, only newer models are listed. Here is the complete list, which also includes the vintage machines from the Record series:

  • 1000, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1008, 1010, 1011, 1015, 1020, 1030, 1031, 1080, 1090, 1120, 1130, 1230, 1260, 1530, 1630
  • 900, 910, 930, 931, 932, 940, 950
  • 800, 801, 802, 803, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811, 817, 818, 819, 830, 831, 832, 840, 841, 842, 850
  • 700, 707, 708, 709, 717, 718, 719, 730, 732, 740, 741, 742, 744
  • 600, 610, 640, 642, 644
  • 530, 532, 534, 540

Category “A” goes back to the 1950s (BERNINA 530 Record). It’s the end of the line for the 125. We no longer carry compatible accessories for this model, which was built starting in 1945. At the other end of the list is the 1630 model, which was launched in the 1990s. Then, in around 1996, the needle threader was introduced on the Activa 130 and 140 models. As a result of this, the shape of the shank had to be changed. To prevent it from being used incorrectly, the 2-point shank opening was replaced with the closed shank opening.

Note: The height-adjustable presser feet are not yet shown as category “A” in the accessories catalog. This small but important letter will not be added until the next catalog update. But believe us, height-adjustable presser feet for early machine models really do exist! 🙂

It’s been quite a while, but you can now get new presser feet even for this BERNINA machine.

Will the presser feet have more adventures?

Do you like the stop-motion presser foot videos? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that there will be a Christmas video again this year. The preparations are already under way. Who can guess what the presser feet will be doing this December?

And if you missed last year’s Christmas video or just want to watch it again, you can find the blog post here

Best wishes,

Used Products:
Adjustable Ruler Foot # 72
Adjustable Ruler Foot # 72
Adjustable Stippling Foot #73
Adjustable Stippling Foot #73
Adjustable gliding cup foot # 74
Adjustable gliding cup foot # 74

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