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Amazing Rulerwork With BERNINA Accessories

Hello there fellow long arm & domestic quilters! In this blog article I discuss the best BERNINA accessories to use for amazing rulerwork. I am an experienced rulerwork instructor.  As a result, I am very passionate about the fantastic free motion stitching that can be accomplished guided by rulers.  What is rulerwork?  It’s a method of quilting with a ruler/template to guide you for smooth straight line quilting &  beautiful curvilinear motifs. 

The unique feet I’ll discuss are the BERNINA #96 , #72 , #72 S & #73 and the special features of each.  In  my video below I will show you how to insert the  BERNINA Rulerwork Base and to work with each of these well designed BERNINA feet. In addition, I’ll be using Amanda Murphy’s Hexi Ruler set #1 (with Amanda’s permission) to show you how to use these accessories for amazing rulerwork.

Amanda Murphy Hexi 1 Templates

Amanda Murphy Hexi 1 Templates used with the best BERNINA accessories to use for amazing rulerwork

The BERNINA Rulerwork Kit Makes Amazing Rulerwork Possible 

First of all the BERNINA Rulerwork Kit comes with a Ruler foot #96. This kit is designed for frame models. If you purchased it or want to purchase this then this blog post is for you!

Ruler foot #96

The ruler foot #96 can be used in combination with ¼“ rulers for quilting. It is also ideal to use with specialty rulers e.g. heart or wave shapes to obtain decorative designs.

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The #96 Universal Ruler Foot is a great, sturdy ruler foot that works really well with all of the 1/4″ thick rulers manufactured specifically for rulerwork.  If my quilt has consistent loft and not have too many thick seams, this is the foot I use on a regular basis. The #96 foot has a 1/4″ fence on the bottom to butt up perfectly to the 1/4″ rulers.

The Rulerwork Kit comes with : #96 foot, the Rulerwork Base, one of the BERNINA straight edged rulers & a user manual.

Ruler Kit for the BERNINA Q Series Long Arm Machines

Rulerwork Kit for the BERNINA Q Series Long Arm Machines (also includes the #96 foot). The best BERNINA accessory to use for amazing rulerwork

The ruler base is easy to insert with an extended flat space in front and behind the stitch plate allowing for  space to support various rulers.   Did you know that BERNINA also has lots of rulers available?

The Best Feet for Amazing Rulerwork

When working with a quilt that is double batted, thick batted or has thick inconsistent seams, I use the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72. I adjust the height according to the thickness of the batting & seams by turning the golden dial and I am able to quilt smoothly.  The golden dial reduces the probability of tension issues. Also, the spring action of the #72,#72S & 73 feet assist them in moving smoothly over the thickness of various battings, fabric & seams.

Image of Adjustable Ruler Foot #72.

Adjustable Ruler Foot #72

Decorative quilt designs such as lines, feathers, circles etc. ✓   are created using a ¼-inch-thick Plexiglass ruler ✓  Markings on the inside and outside for simple, precise sewing ✓  The dial lets you adjust the height of the foot individually to the fabric thickness ✓  For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

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If I  need to change from a ruler foot to another free motion foot frequently during the process of quilting  then I  love to use the Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S .  The ‘S’ or slit allows for the thread to be moved out of the foot and for another foot to be installed on the machine.  A very useful addition to the #72 foot.

Image of Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S.

Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S

Switch foot without cutting the thread ✓ For quilting with 1/4-inch-thick rulers ✓ For free-motion quilting ✓ Combine with Couching Inserts for couching ✓ For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓

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An Amazing Free Motion Foot

The BERNINA Adjustable Stippling Foot #73 foot is the foot I chose to transition to from the #72S for ruler work to free motion quilting.  It has a very open toe & field of vision while being a sturdy free motion foot.  It also can be adjusted for thickness of batting & seams. In addition,  I can see even the tiniest of stitches proficiently.

Image of Adjustable Stippling Foot #73.

Adjustable Stippling Foot #73

<div class="product-desc"> For free-motion quilting & embroidery ✓  Perfect for quilting small designs & detail work ✓  Height adjustable for fabrics up to 1/6″ thick ✓  Matte grey coating eliminates glare ✓  </div>

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Check out this video showing Amazing Rulerwork with BERNINA Accessories below:

Special Thanks to Amanda Murphy for designing great rulers & for permitting me to demo them, to my sister Alison for allowing me to demo on her “Interlocked Quilt” (burgundy as shown) & to BERNINA for engineering & designing fantastic accessories!

Want to see more about rulerwork?  Have a look at my website @

Happy Rulerwork & Happy Quilting!


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