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Advent Calendar 2019 – the 24th door

Dear Readers

On behalf of the entire BERNINA team and all BERNINA bloggers, I wish you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with your loved ones, have a good New Year and stay creative.

Behind the 24th door of our Advent calendar there is no tutorial and no sewing inspiration. Instead, we want to say thank you for your loyalty – with a video and a raffle where you can win a great prize.

The secret adventures of BERNINA presser feet

First the video… Do you remember the video with which we presented the new accessory case in the middle of the year? On Youtube you can watch it under the following link: Video accessory case.

In our opinion, the secret stars of this video are the presser feet, which were animated using stop-motion technology. Don’t you think they look incredibly likeable and lively? When we decided to produce a Christmas video, we remembered the animated presser feet and decided to shoot a sequel. Here it is:

What do presser feet and needle pillows do when they are not observed? The video gives the answer. Be sure to watch the last few seconds! There you can see what presser feet do when it gets dark :-).

I can tell you that my office colleagues Alice Marolf and Corinna Schreiber and I have become experts in moving presser feet during the video production. Because the shooting took place at the beginning of November and Steckborn is not exactly snow-sure at this time of year, the scenery had to be snow-covered. Partly we used soda and shaving foam for this. That was almost two months ago, and in the meantime many mandarins have been peeled in our office. Nevertheless, I believe that you can still smell the shaving foam today!


All three of us enjoy our work like small children. I hope you feel the same way! 

Raffle: Accessories case and presser feet set

Because this blog article marks the end of our Advent calendar and because we want to make you happy, we are giving away an accessory case with five BERNINA presser feet of your choice.

How to participate in the raffle:

State in the comments section below that you want to participate in the raffle. Please also tell us in your comment what you want to use the five feet for.

Or send us ideas for a next presser feet video in stop-motion technique. I think the little Christmas story above cannot be the last presser feet adventure yet. 

You can post your comment until 6 January 2020. The raffle will take place in the same week. 

You’re not (yet) sewing with BERNINA? Take part in the raffle anyway! If the lottery is yours, you probably know a friend with a BERNINA sewing machine who would be delighted to receive a gift. Or you could use the prize as an inspiration to switch to BERNINA and then have a nice base of presser feet.    

Everything stored safely!

The BERNINA accessory case stores up to 43 presser feet and other accessories so you can keep all your important sewing aids in one place. With its soft padding and well secured, the accessories can be taken along on trips at any time. The contents of the case consist of three hard foam inserts, which you can use or leave out if necessary (for example if you need storage space for fabric and threads).

That leaves me only two things to say: Good luck with the raffle! And: Thank you!

Most important, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the blog authors on behalf of the BERNINA team, who have worked so hard to ensure that the blog offers attractive reading material and inspiration for quilting, sewing and embroidery every day. A heartfelt “Merci” also goes to you, dear readers, for your interest in this content. Thank you for reading and writing. We look forward to your comments, project pictures, Facebook likes and Pinterest shares.

Stay and join us here in 2020!

Conditions of participation for the raffle

Acceptance of these conditions is a requirement for participation on the BERNINA Blog.

All persons who have left a comment under this post by January 06, 2020, 24.00 hours, will take part in the raffle. 

Employees of BERNINA and their dependants are excluded from participation.

The winner will be drawn by ticket on 07 January 2020. The winner will then be notified by e-mail within seven days. We are not liable for the non-receipt or late delivery of the notification.

If the winner is unable or unwilling to accept the prize, we do not guarantee that an alternative prize or substitute can be offered. The prize cannot be paid out in cash and the claim to the prize cannot be assigned.

If there is no response to the email notification of the prize within 7 days, the prize will be cancelled.

The prize will be sent to the winner by post and email. To make sure that the prize is delivered, the winner must provide correct name and address details after notification. If this is not done, the prize cannot be delivered. The prize will then be cancelled.

We reserve the right to interrupt or terminate this competition at any time or to vary the procedure and rules. Legal action is excluded.

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  • Carole Gutteridge

    The things your feet get up to- brilliant.  I’m looking forward to seeing them perform at the TOKYO OLYMPICS!

    Very creative 10 yr old Granddaughter has been given a 335 for Christmas and she is amazing- she adores it. So much so she wants to put on a fashion show at school, theme : upcycling denim clothes. ( obviously influenced by your video by  Annika Victoria )

    The very practical accessory case  would be so very useful and an array of extra feet to facilitate her wild ideas for embellishments and transformation on her newly created denim garments.

    #15 …her imagination can take flight with free machine embroidery

    #18…recycling buttons for embellishment not so arduous

    #25…creating bold statements on those shorts!

    #43…freedom for couching her sketches on back of jackets

    #71…opportunity to learn Flat felled seams on denim.

    We would send a video clip of her show thanks to Bernina..made to create!


  • Debbie Carter

    I would love to be in the raffle.

    Having just bought my very first Bernina yesterday I can’t wait to get going and a few extra feet, with a lovely accessory case would be just the icing on the Christmas cake.

    Although I have been sewing for over 30 years, I am new to quilting and would appreciate all the help I can and any feet which could help me with the quilting would be very much appreciated. As I only purchased my machine yesterday I haven’t had a chance to get to know all the different feet, so can’t really say which 5 I would choose, but value your professional opinion on that score.


  • Sierra Polsinelli

    I would love to participate in this Raffle!

    I am a fiber artist and I also sew!  I would want to have #23 Clear Applique Foot — so that I can embellish my hand sewn tablecloths, mats and Accessories with fun and interesting appliques.  I would like #24 Freehand Embroidery foot, so that I can paint with thread, wouldn’t that make a nice picture to hang on the wall? I would like the #97D Patchwork Foot with separate guide, because I am totally excited about getting back into quilting!  I would like the #45 Punch Needle set — I use natural wool fibers all the time, and it is so neat to use needle punching to either make a  painting with wool, or to embellish a project.  Lastly, I would like the #72 Adjustable Ruler Foot — this would come in so handy for the new quilted blankets, table linens and accessories I am planning.

    I must say that it was REALLY hard to pick out only five presser feet!

  • Nita Harding

    I have used Bernina machines for nearly 50 years, and would love to have an accessories case to store all the feet and accessories I have now.  Some extra feet would be so good and would help me to expand the range of skills I have.  Thank you Bernina and best wishes for 2020 to you all.

  • Alison Syme

    I am new to the Bernina blog.  I have used Berninas for over 30 years and love them.  I have a recent new Bernina ( and also 3 other older ones) but have been slow to learn all I can do with my new machine, so would use the feet as inspiration to get the most out of my newer machine.  I mostly make qults, decorations and clothes for my grandchildren.

  • Margaret Clarke

    Love the Bernina Blog, QALs, Advent Calendar etc.  Have a growing collection of feet and the storage case would be most welcome.  New feet I’m aiming for is an endless list – inspired by the Bernina Big Book of Feet which was a Christmas gift; pintucks, binding attachment, felting, stitching leather/non-slip, ruffle etc etc.  Hope I’ll have opportunity to think seriously about which additional five feet would be of most benefit to improving my sewing.  Thank you for the lovely stop-motion video.  Yes, loads of opportunities for futures films – a summer outing with the conical fixtures becoming ice-cream cones; water-skiing; grass sledging (green foot); fairground using bobbins and bobbin cases etc etc.

  • Carol Baumgartner

    Please enter me in the drawing for the Bernina presser feet. I would be thrilled to win them. I will use the Rular foot and the Binding foot to finish my quilts.

  • Line Kristin Kristiansen

    Yes, I would absolutely love to win the new, faboulous accessories case!!! I love my Bernina!!!

  • Karen Cutchey

    Raffle entry. If I won, I would probably have to give them away as I don’t own a Bernina. But I’m definitely looking for a foot that does a scant quarter inch!

  • Gwenda Legge

    What a lovely raffle.  To have everything in such a compact place would be wonderful, no searching around for bit and pieces.  I love my Bernina machine and have just purchased an invisible zip foot, yet to be used, the time is coming. Thank you for your interest g site.

  • Cherie Lund

    What a lovely little video, I think it would be awesome to see the presser feet visiting different countries as Bernina is much loved all over the world. My Nanna taught me to sew on her Bernina 117L, it was a machine that I would receive on my 21st birthday when she upgraded, it was my most treasured gift. Many years later & I have my “Dream Machine” a Bernina 770QE I am still pinching myself. I would very much like to enter this competition, this would be a fabulous addition for my machine. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Bernina.

  • Paula Vessels

    This accessory case looks amazing. I would love to get my hands on it. How wonderful it would be to have a dedicated place/container to keep and organize Bernina accessories.

  • Josephine Rogers

    Wow – what a great idea !!!!  No rummaging to find the right foot for my projects.  I would love to have a binder foot to give a professional finish.



  • Melanie Woodrow

    Raffle – Yes, please include me!

    I would absolutely love to win the fabulous, new accessories case!  No longer would my Bernina accessories be rolling around in the drawer.



  • Renee Hanneman

    Wow that would be so cool to get one of these.  What a super awesome prize.

  • Rhian McCarthy

    Would love to win this prize- storage case would be invaluable to go to quilting classes. Would love to win a non-slip foot, ruffler foot and some embroidery feet.

  • Beth Stoneberger


    I am participating in the contest!
    I would use the feet to improve my quilting and sewing. I only have the feet that came with my machine so more options would be great.  new feet would help me keep improving.  thanks Bernina!

  • Eugenia Giacovazzi

    I am entering this raffle because I would love to win  the accessories bag as it is perfect to store all my 720’s accessories in one place . This bag is not available in my country unfortunately. The feet I would love to win are the following : 30 -3 groove pin tuck; 69- roll & shell hemmer; 47- Spanish hem stitch; 71 – lap seam 7 mm and the BSR foot . I would be so grateful.

    It would be fun to see an Easter video using the less popular feet!!

  • Muriel Hindle

    I would love the accessory case. It would make life much easier when taking coarses that you need different feet. I love my Bernina 770QE. And only have a small number of pressure feet.

  • Ruth Clarke

    I would love to enter this raffle. Now the owner of a new Bernina, the feet  from my old Bernina dont fit.  It is going to take  a long time to build up a collection that allows me to be as creative as possible. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Janina Müller

    I would like to finally have a binder feet, and a proper one to use with faux leather and other non slippery stuff

  • rmccann87

    I would love to participate in the raffle.  I don’t currently have a Bernini, but am interested in the benefits of a Bernina.  Maybe I’ll win one in the Sugaridoo QAL!

  • Connie Strickland

    I would love to be included in the raffle for the accessories case from Bernina


  • Nancy Ortlieb

    I would like to take part in the raffle.  I have a 440QE and I love it.  I have gradually been adding feet to my collection, and my case that came with the machine is running out of room.  What a wonderful gift to win, to safely store everything.  I would love to have #35-Invisible zipper foot (I already own one, but I lent it to my friend, and I would really like her to keep it), #87, #88, #95-for attaching bias tape (I have issues with bias tape and need help), and #61-Zigzag hemmer.  Thank you for running the raffle.

  • Elizabeth Bekker

    I would love to take part in this raffle. I am more of a crafter than a sewer so change my presser foot often. This is a lovely accessory case and perfect way of storing them safely

  • Elizabeth Maislen

    I would like to participate in the raffle!  I love to sew and quilt and am sure that the pressor feet would be useful in creating new and magnificent things.  I am really enjoying the Sugaridoo/Bernina QAL.  Just finished row #1, part 2!

  • Robyn Freeman Freeman

    I use my 4 Berninas regularly, being my original 830 purchased in 1980, a Bernina Artista 630, a Bernina 770 QE and a Bernina Q20 quilting machine.  I would use the feet to learn new techniques on the quilts and Christmas place mats I make for women and their children. resident in one of the Women’s refuges in my city.

  • Hilary Peberdy

    I have been using my Bernina530 a lot over Christmas making bat wraps and Joey pouches for the injured and bushfire affected wildlife in Australia. It really makes the job so easy, it sews perfectly all the time.

  • Megan Ruch

    I am participating in the contest!

    I would use the feet to improve my quilting. I am new and I love my Bernina. She has really helped me be less afraid of sewing and more adventurous! So these feet would help me keep improving.

  • Darlene Castle

    I would love to be entered in the raffle for the wonderful Bernina accessory case.  I have had my Bernina for less than a year but I absolutely love it!  I am finding new projects all the time.  I enjoy the classes I take to learn new techniques.

    I think an animated Easter video would be adorable!  Great job on the Christmas video!





  • Michele Ruch

    I would love to enter the raffle. Sewing is my passion especially quilting! I have been sewing since I was 7 years old. I now am the proud owner of 3 Bernina machines my first is my 830 (named Mildred after my grandma) and a 350SE (Summer because of her cheery faceplate) and my newest my Q20 Standup (Ruby). I will use the feet for either my 350 or 830!

  • Nancy Williams

    I would love to enter the  raffle for the accessories case and presser feet.  I have learnt so much about my B770 QE from watching the bernina videos. I learnt how to use the presser feet and make an easy mitered corner. Fantastic!

  • Judy Lightfoot

    What a sweet foot video! I just upgraded from a Bernina Artista 170 to a770QE, will be mostly quilting, so want to add more feet that would be helpful to quilting, such as #71 and # 72. Excited to get to know my new machine better.


  • Cindy Quinn

    I would love a chance in the foot raffle. I love both of my Bernina machines.  I love having good quality equipment to work with.

  • Wilma van der Merwe

    Hi to all Bernina fans. I live in South-Africa and enjoyed the feet playing in the snow, and would love to win the 5 free feet and storage bag. What a wonderful prize! I quilt, and sew crafty items on my Bernina Activa 220. Well done Bernina and hope to win the prize.

  • Gilda Stevens

    I would like to be entered into the raffle. As I will be just starting out with a new Bernina I would welcome any feet. I love to quilt so a quarter inch foot would be my first choice then a free motion foot. Your video was so cute how about a Welcome Spring video next.

  • Maureen Cole

    I would like to participate in the raffle as I would love to have five additional presser feet for my new bernina machine. I am gradually beginning to get the feet I had on my old bernina. I miss my cording foot and I loved the overlock foot. Also reading the bernina website and blog I can see I would find it really useful to have the edge stitch foot, patchwork foot and ruffler foot


    now I am retired I am loving my new sewing room and sewing properly after a 20 year gap. This prize would be a great boost to my New Years resolution of sewing more in 2020.


    thanks bernina

  • Magda Van Zyl

    I live in sunny South Africa.  No snow here. I had a Bernina 1090 for 25 years. Bought a Bernina 560 last year and as the feet does not fit on my new machine I need to replace them all.  So any foot will be welcome.

  • Donna Farley

    I love the look of the new presser foot storage accessory case.  I know the right foot for the right job is really important and I would love to add these to my collection:  #4 zipper foot, the narrow width is so useful;  #30 pintuck foot – I already own 2 other pintuck feet but would love to add this one; #53 non-stick straight stitch foot perfect for sewing my vinyl projects; #51 roller foot again to aid in sewing on difficult fabrics and finally #55 Leather Roller foot which is great for quilting wonderful free form curves,  Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to me!

  • Alexandra Galvão

    I wish to participate in the raffle! What a cute video. The feet that I would love to win are:

    # 12 because it sews beads and sequins; # 39 because it is ideal for making apppliqué;
    # 52 doesn’t stick to the plastic;
    # 70 to make reversible clothes and finally # 73 because I love free motion!

  • Lynda Snart

    I would love to be part of the raffle contest my machine is an important part of my day

    I have a b790 that I use constantly for my quilting and crafts everyday  the more feet the better to do my work with style and creativity

  • Lisa Minton

    Hi I would love to be in the raffle. I would like to use my feet for quilting and garment sewing. Love the fantastic videos and opening the advent calendar every day. Thanks

  • rosiezmum

    Definitely wish to participate in the raffle. What a cute video. The feet that I would love to win are: Reverse pattern foot no34, Applique foot no23,Embroidery foot no15, Edgestitch foot no10, and Gathering foot no16. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Diane Fawcett

    L love using the different feet. Looking forward to acquiring the foot and accessories needed for bias binding as this would really be a time saver.

  • Lee Jolliffe

    I’d love to win the presser feet prize. Your video is awesome – what would I do with them……experiment and play like them because they are new to me.

  • Dora Melnik

    Very creative video! Stop motion is very time consuming…as are most novel adventures in sewing. I have 2 quilts and an embroidery project waiting for me in the new year. The new presser feet would  be fast friends with the ones I have already. I love my 820!! Happy New Year to you all!

  • Lorraine Harrison-Rogers

    Please enter me in the draw for additional presser feet.
    What a fabulous video-well done and Happy Christmas to you all.
    i would like additional feet for my Bernina to help me improve my general seeing, to learn free motion quilting and embroidery so a quarter inch foot, satin stitch foot and an additional foot for FMQ would be my choices-thank you.

  • chris Guest

    Please enter me in the completion. The feet go to bed when it gets dark.

    I would like any feet I don’t already have, too many to choose just five.

    good luck to me.


  • Vivian Cooper

    I’m a longtime Bernina owner, currently I have a 820. I would be enchanted to win the feet – I love quilting most of all, but often make small cosmetic bags, grocery totes, and other small items. The feet would help me bring my techniques to the next level. The tote’s cute also!

  • Diane Parisi

    I sure could use this for all my quilting projects…personal,charitable and just for fun ones

  • Kerstin Johansson

    Please enter me in the raffle! I have spent many hours hand sewing a stocking from a kit for my niece, if I win the raffle I’d like 5 feet to make a custom stocking for her brother using my sewing machine. There are several Bernina sewing accessories for my 580 machine that would make this task achievable with a beauty matching the hand stitched stocking.  The accessory case alone would be welcome.

  • Colleen Swords

    Please enter me in the raffle.  Enjoyed the video.  For next Christmas, how about 12 presser feet portraying Santa’s 12 reindeer.   Pick the 12 most useful presser feet: my suggestions: 1, 2,3,4,  8, 10, 12,  18,20, 63/64, 34, and 35.   Not in any particular order.  The walking foot could be Santa.

  • Vicki Koshliek

    Please enter me in the raffle! I am a new Bernina owner. I would love to have additional feet so that I could learn all the techniques  my machine has to offer. The case would be such a great storage and traveling options.

  • Karen O'Brien

    Have really enjoyed this year’s advent calendar.  Some very creative ideas!

  • Kirsten Chapman

    The storage case would be very nice to have, as it holds all the parts together, so I can take my Bernina 770QE and all its accessories with me when I go to my quilt club and to retreats, and all will be safely stored.

  • Vonda Christians

    Loved the video.  I would like to see another one – i.e. jeans foot hopping over to jeans, BSR whizzing around, zipper foot zipping, embroidering foot embroidering and then having a get together… I have a 750QE.

  • Diane Lyons

    Can’t believe your generous offer. I would love to participate. I would give the feet to my daughter who we have just bought a second hand Bernina for. It didn’t come with many feet. As for a suggestion for your next delightful video, maybe something to illustrate one of my favourite sayings: a stitch in time saves nine.

  • Monica Hayden

    I’d like to participate in the raffle please. I am a Quilter and own a Bernina 530 and an old 830, both of which I use all the time. I would love the extra feet to use in my quilting. Thanks!

  • Kathie Tate

    I wish to participate in your raffle. I love your Christmas video – I watched it on Christmas day and it greatly added to my Christmas spirit.

    I just switched from another sewing machine brand and  purchased my first Bernina – the 125 Anniversary Edition 790Plus – I am just getting to know my machine but already am in love with it!! I can’t wait to try out the Embroidery module and am planning on incorporating embrodery into my New Year’s quilting project.  I would love to win the raffle so I could add to my presser feet collection and the storage case would be so handy to keep all my accessories together in one place.

  • Sharon Bottini

    Love my Bernina.  It started 49 years ago with the original 830, the work horse.  It is still going strong.  Then came a 185 artista…I have nearly worn it out…but continue to use it as my carry machine.  Finally, my husband spoiled me with a Bernina 880. Yes it can be temperamental but I looovvveeee it.  Even I can learn to embroider on it. AND the size of the bobbins is AMAZING……all the pressor feet will only enhance my ability to create innovative clothing, and original art quilts. The case would help so much so I am not moving feet from one machine to the next….NOTHING sews like a BERNINA!!

    • Monica Hayden

      Hi. I noticed you too own an old 830. I just acquired mine, but it’s missing the extension table. Do you have any suggestions for finding one that wont break the bank? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • Susan Clumm

    Loved the video, made my Christmas day. Am using denim in a quilt and feet come in handy.

  • kjstewart

    Love the videos — I want all of my feet organized to use in garment making and for quilting.  Love the accuracies and ease if use of the feet.


  • Leslie Jones

    Sweet video! I would love to have all my presser feet so organized. I would use the jeans foot to make a pair of denim jeans and an edgefoot to have more accurate stitching.

  • Sandra Harrington

    The bernina feet case looks compact and wonderful.  It would help me as I have to haul all my feet to our Threads class monthly, and weekly to my quilting class.  I just use a freezer bag at present, and the case would be a welcome addition and organized.  Less bulk to carry!   The video was great and very creative!

  • Katherine Grishaber

    Such creativity in this video – loved it.  I’m starting a jean jacket so would love the jean D foot as my priority.  The case that keeps my feet now is not big enough for all my Bernina feet so this accessory case would be great.  Thank you & Merry Christmas.

  • Barbara Ashdown

    I would love to participate in your competition to keep all my lovely BERNINA 380 feet in a good home 🏠 I’m thinking the next video should be Easter Egg hunt and let Pin cushion have a starring role as I feel sorry for him 🤔🎄😘🎅🏼⛄️👏🏼 AND I look forward to making baby quilt for new granddaughter MillieRose and dresses for other three granddaughters SophiaGrace and BellaBow and EdieJade 💖💖💖💖and I would like to participate on this wonderful competion thank you for the opportunity Bernina380 makers 🙋🏻🎅🏼🎄

  • Barbara Ashdown

    I would love to participate in your competition to keep all my lovely BERNINA 380 feet in a good home 🏠 I’m thinking the next video should be Easter Egg hunt and let Pin cushion have a starring role as I feel sorry for him 🤔🎄😘🎅🏼⛄️👏🏼 AND I look forward to making baby quilt for new granddaughter MillieRose and dresses for other three granddaughters SophiaGrace and BellaBow and EdieJade 💖💖💖💖

  • Barbara Ashdown

    I would love to participate in your competition to keep all my lovely BERNINA 380 feet in a good home 🏠 I’m thinking the next video should be Easter Egg hunt and let Pin cushion have a starring role as I feel sorry for him 🤔🎄😘🎅🏼⛄️👏🏼

  • Barbara Ashdown

    Next feet film could be Easter Egg Hunt but let the little pin-minder join in a bit more as I feel sorry for the pin cushion xx🤪🎄🎅🏼⛄️

  • kimberly kastner

    I would like to participate in the raffle.

    The case looks lovely and I am sure I will enjoy sewing and learning how to use the feet included.

  • Tami Ellis

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fantastic prize!  Merry Christmas to all of you!

  • cath isherwood

    My next project will be a quilt for my granddaughter. It will be appliqued and pieced and embroidered and quilted and feature her favourite animal – dogs. The feet will be handy for this so I would like to participate in the raffle


  • Michele Peckham

    I was hoping the prize would be a new sewing machine.  My 160 is still going strong but a new one to use these feet would have been wonderful

  • Janet Gahan

    Loved the video. I want to participate in the raffle. I am a keen quilter and sewer and also make and repair outdoor equipment for my husband and his friends. A variety of feet would be very, very useful for my my sewing endeavours. It was interesting to review all the feet that are available for my Bernina B570QE – I especially liked the #52D to use with sticky outdoor fabrics, the Binder foot #95 and its attachments #87/#88 for quilting and #71 Lap seam for sewing.

  • Melanie Middleton

    I would like to take part in the raffle as I enjoy using my Bernina for all types of projects and I am slowly increasing my knowledge of the feet and their use. I am hoping to get the 37D next to help with my patchwork. One of the best things about it is the easily changeable feet and I love the BSR for quilting.

  • Sharon Albrecht

    I would love to take part in the raffle.Got my bernina in the 80’s and  it is a Matic 910 and still going strong. Because of such a high unemployment rate in south africa I started sewing to make some money, cot bumpers and baby quilts, clothing, curtains you name it I make it so new feet and accessories will be very helpful. Thank you Sharon

  • Anne Thorpe

    I want to go in the raffle and will use the new feet to start sewing clothes for myself. I’ve been doing quilting and clothing repairs on my Bernina Activa 220  but want to move to more complicated sewing.

  • Fiona Sherwood

    loved the christmas video.   I would like the foot for using the westalee rulers,  I have a 1230 model

  • Catherine McDonald

    love the Bernina feet and would like a circle attachment at some point. Have two Berninas which I love and enjoying starting to experiment with other feet

  • Kathy Blacklock

    My Bernina 570QE is the newest of the three Bernina machines I’ve owned since the 1980s. Please enter my name in the raffle for the feet. I’m excited to be attending my first Bernina Academy next month, and would love to be able to practice my new skills with new feet. The stop motion video was adorable!

  • Ann Sam

    I would love to win the accessory bag! I would choose the 73 foot for quilting. I just purchased L450 so I would choose feet for it.

  • Iris Naderi

    I love the video! so adorable! – if only I could have that much fun at work! You are lucky! I would love to win the case and 5 feet. I would love to have the walking foot for quilting layers and I really like foot 18 for button sewing – i love the versatility of #18. I would also like Foot #34 because I like the clear foot – really helpful when turning corners. I would love the gathering foot #18 to finish a pillow with gathered ruffle edges! I would also love straight stitch feet #13 or #53 for straight stitching and finally #64 for narrow hemming. Thank you! Merry Christmas to all!

  • Patricia Sharkey

    I would love to win the Bernina feet pack.

    i have yet to purchase one if these beautiful machines but it is very high on my wish list.

  • Margaret Elmendorp

    Thank you Bernina for the cute little video. It was a moment of Ahhhh!, on such a busy day. It’s hot here in South Australia, so the ‘image’ of snow is blissful. I would like to enter the raffle for the accessories case as I’m collecting quite a few different feet. Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year!


  • Lynette Pike

    Hi I would love to enter the raffle and win extra feet for my 720. I mainly use the machine for quilting and sometimes for making clothes.

  • Rose Doherty

    I would love to participate in the raffle, I would use the feet to sew my clothes on my  Bernina  Activa 145 👖👗👚👛🎒🧵

  • Pam Brown

    Please enter me in the raffle. I’d love to have some new feet to try some things that I’ve not tried before. I also love the travel case. Great way to keep them organized.

  • lena mcqueen

    Thank you for such a beautiful Raffle Price

    If I was lucky to win I would be sewing up a storm, I have Just bought my brand new Bernina B 475 Brilliant Machine

  • Candice Place

    The video was sweet & made me smile.  I can just imagine how much fun they had making it.  I would like to participate in the raffle.  My plan is to make a stitch bible showing the highlights of what each foot is capable of on both my 790 & 440.  Nothing better than being able to share feet between machines.

  • Michelle Wallace

    Please enter me for the raffle. The extra presser feet could join the rest of my collection for a New Years party because celebrations are more fun with new friends!

  • Seren Belle

    Thank you! So nice to be offered a chance for Bernina goodies.

    I’m a cloth dollmaker, dolly dressmaker, and quilter.  if I’m the lucky winner I will have a lot of fun experimenting with ways to use the feet in my crafty endeavours

    I’m a hardcore longtime Bernina lover and user. And currently participating in the SugaridooBerninaQAL. So exciting. Only one more sleep!

    Fingers and toes crossed. Thanks again

  • Laura Renfro

    I want to join the raffle. I’d use the presser feet to make baby quilts and gifts! Also to sew for my family as well.

  • Sharon A. Rocha Rocha

    I would like to participate  in the raffle. I would like to use the  presser  feet to make baby blankets, quilts  & bibs.

  • Kathleen White White

    I would love to be a part of this raffle, the accessory box is awesome and who doesn’t love new feet.  Happy New Yesr to everyone at Bernina!


    I would love to enter the  giveaway raffle of the Bernina feet.. I would be grateful for any feet that arent in the kit that came with my 830…thanks

  • Wendy Munson

    Please let me participate in the Bernina raffle.  The feet I would love to win are the Jeans foot #8 for mending and hemming my families jeans, the Quilting foot #29C to help with all my piecing and quilting, the Embroidery foot with clear sole #39C to aide me with my love of all things applique, the Adjustable ruler foot #72 so I can begin a new journey with rulerwork and last but not least the amazing Adjustable Stippling foot #73 to help me improve on my free motion quilting.  THANK YOU for this great opportunity!

  • Margie Dewitt

    Well, my thoughts would be to practice with each foot to create gift giving surprises for my large family.  I don’t have a BERNINA but that is going to be my next sewing machine.  I have  a Pfaff, Singer, Brother and Kenmore which all have given me years of fun . I’m not a seamstress but a necessary  sewer. I have tried it all from prom dresses to upholstery projects. I have not mastered the art of making bras yet.My friend with special needs wants me to try…. with new feet that might be accomplished.

  • Vicki Bingley

    I wish to enter the raffle for the presser feet and case.  Presser feet?  yes please. any will do.  I love the video it makes me as happy as my bernina 750 and 720 do every time I sit down to sew a new creation or just to have some time for me.  Merry Christmas.

  • Rosalind Pollock

    I would love to enter in this raffle. The 5 feet I would love to add to my collection would be 7D, 8D and that fabulous new adjustable stippling foot would be worth 3 feet to me! 🙂 I really enjoy free motion work and also experimenting with new techniques!

    Maybe the feet can go on a summer holiday next time? Lying on deckchairs with parasols, coming down the slide into the pool and building sandcastles or roping together to go climbing. They certainly seem to have a life of their own.

    The accessory case looks really well thought out and I would love to keep my stuff all together! I have an 830e and apart from doing everything I have ever attempted with it , it has done it beautifully.

  • Karen Gerstner

    I really want to enter this foot raffle! Wow!  I could so use a few more feet…another zipper foot, a couching foot, the possibilities with Bernina feet are endless!

  • Joy Woodworth Woodworth

    I would like to enter the raffle for the accessory case. I have a 1230, a 770 and my new Q24. Lots of stuff to store!  The presser feet should make snow Angel’s, ice skate, sip cocoa in front of the fireplace hung with stockings. They need to enjoy the holidays!

  • Cynthia Yorberry

    I have had Berninas since the 1990s. The machines are a dream come true. And the Bernina staff that have helped me over the years have been outstanding. My projects have ranged from clothing, household objects, and most recently art projects.

    The organizer bag would help machine feet and other better organized.

  • Bernadette Mason

    hi, I would like to be included in the raffle.  I have a Bernina 440 QE, and I love using it  for craftwork with my grandchildren,  patchwork and dress making. My wish list for the machine feet is:

    Braiding Foot  21V

    Wide Gathering Foot 16V

    Chording Foot 3 Groove 21V

    Pintuck 5 Groove 31V

    Piping Foot 38V

    Invisible Zip Foot 35V

    Zip Foot with Teflon  54V

    Cordonnet Foot  1


    I know I have mentioned several machine feet but would love anything from the list.




  • Carrie Mannes

    Thanks for allowing me to participate in this raffle.  I will keep my fingers crossed because I need this organizational item to add to my new Bernina my sweet hubby purchased for me.  Prior to that I had a 1991 Bernina that I used for everything and loved it so much that he decided I needed a Dual Feed model.  Hope your Holidays were filled with joy that you could shout from the mountain tops of Switzerland over!    Thanks again!

  • Barbara McEwen McEwen

    I am keen to learn elaborate applique techniques.  I want to make a fabric art wall hanging of the mountain scene where I got married–Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies!  A whole new set of Bernina presser feet for my Bernina 590 will be the icing on the cake–oops, I mean the snow on the mountain tops!

  • Janie Jones

    I’d love to be entered in the drawing…thank you! What a fun video!!!! Brought a big smile to my face! I love the standing embroidered trees and gingerbread house! I have three Bernina feet on my list at this very moment…two piping feet and a cording foot. I sew home decor items, toys for my grandkids, quilts, and shirts and jackets for myself. The feet would be much appreciated and well used!! As for ideas for next year’s video, what about the little presser feet decorating their Christmas tree and waking in the morning to find a new Bernina under the tree.

  • Ila Barnes

    My lovely 1120 has dressed my family, added soft furnishings around the home and made so many things for friends too. I found a used 1005 for a friend…she’s delighted and looks forward to sewing adventures together. My trusty Bernina is first thing I would save in an emergency after the children and the animals.

  • Carol McClelland McClelland

    Wow what an awesome gift to receive. Hmm, pressure feet. I would like to start adding more texture to my quilts and fabric art and I think the following pressure feet could help me accomplish that. Here is my wish list:

    1. Cordonnet foot #1 ; love that it aids with topstitch and Sashiko!

    2. Applique foot #23; I could use this for my appliqued fabric art

    3. Echo quilting /Cutwork #44C; lots of texture creation here!

    4. Sideways motion foot # 40C; I could use some free motion support.

    5. Patchwork #97D; any foot to help with the smaller seams would be awesome!


  • Holly Wotton

    I want to participate in this raffle. I would love to have more code D presser feet for my new 770 QE. While I have many for my wonderful 440, I would like the D feet so I can use the Dual feed feature. And the Accessory Case would be great!!

  • Paulette Bouvier

    I just purchased my BERNINA and am excited to try out different feet and sewing projects! I love quilting and being creative with colour. I didn’t realize how multi functional my machine is till I looked up all the accessories! Thank you BERNINA!

  • Sue Redifer

    I do not have a Bernina but plan to make that my next machine.  Hopefully these will fit my current machine since I have at least 5 quilts to make before next year at this time.

    Sue Redifer

  • Sharon Vosloo

    I would love to use the pressure feet for the new B535 I have just bought. I sew patchwork quilts and bags and my new B535 uses different accessories to my old 1230 which was my baby for 30 years.

  • Sue Batterham

    A couple of years ago I purchased a new Bernina. The feet from my other Bernina 1130 did not fit and I had almost all of them. I really miss not having, in particular, pintuck , gathering, cording and many others. It would be wonderful to have them for my newer machine.

  • bunteblume

    I want to participate in the raffle. I would use the presser feet for some new seam varities and tucks. More over I want to use some of the feet for quilting, the new quilting foot looks very interesting.

  • Jane Biddulph

    I would like to participate in the raffle.  I love my Bernina 770QE, B790 plus and Q24 on 12 ft frame – they are amazing machines!  I would like to make some quilts for hospice with the feet, some with appliqué using cottons my late mother gifted to me.  What about an Easter time video?

  • Carolyn Vaughan

    I would like to enter the raffle. I would save the presser feet until next December with the hope that I will be a lucky winner of the Sugaridoo Quilt along AND if by some chance I do not win the new Bernina  quilting machine- I would trade the feet for feet that would fit my current Bernina inspiration  1530. It is elderly but still a wonderful fine working machine that I am delighted to own. It is the queen of free motion quilting.

  • Penny Kendall-Lawrence

    Thanks for letting me participate in this raffle.  I love my 790+ and would love some more D feet.

  • Elizabeth Farrant

    I would like to participate in the raffle. I would use the presser feet to further enhance my use of my wonderful Bernina machine. Another video could be made for Easter – perhaps an Easter egg hunt.

  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Parr

    Cute video🥰

    Just got my “Tink” (Tula Pink 770 QEE),

    LOVE, Love 💕, 💗 LOVE IT!!

    sews like a dream, embroidery is flawless…

    I would love the feet,accessory bag so I may discover even more of its capabilities…

    my older Bernina and years worth of accessories and “stash” were completely destroyed in the Camp Fire 🔥 last year

    and I’m just starting to re-build as it were … thank you for the opportunity 😎

  • Julie

    I’m so excited for the possibility of winning this raffle! At present, I am saving up to buy my first Bernina sewing machine–it is my dream machine! Julie Bosdachin

  • Pamela Gordon

    Love, love, loved the video of the Christmas presser feet. I would love to see a Valentines Day presser feet video. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and all the effort that went into making it. What wonderful imaginations.

    I own a Bernina 820 and 830 and they are the best sewing machines I have ever owned. The accessory case would be a fabulous way of storing my presser feet and all the accessories I have purchased.

  • Chris Cole

    What a wonderful video clip. Those busy little pressure feet just keep walking! I would be grateful for the new pressure foot as I am just starting to build my resources for my Quilting & Embroidery. And the storage box looks Devine. Maybe next year  the little pressure feet could go on a journey and help Santa with his sacks !!

  • Jo Burling

    Great raffle, having all my Bernina feet in one place would be awesome


    I can’t se in a straight line. These presser feet might save me!

  • Kathy Mellinger

    The video is one of THE CUTEST videos I have ever seen!   It really brought back the sheer childish delight in me!   But, I am happy to be grown now so I can play with my beloved Bernina!    The feet would really compliment all of my sewing needs, as I have 13 little ones to sew for!!!   And the new & improved case would be delightful to take with me on my many road travels along with my little machine.  Thanks for allowing me to join in on the raffle.   I wish EVERYONE a Very Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year full of many sewing adventures!!!

  • Claire Pullman Pullman

    I want to participate in the raffle. I would use the feet on my not very old Bernina 570QE as I don’t have many feet yet. I will be making clothes for my grandchildren this year.

  • joseed

    Please enter me in the raffle. I’m a winter snowbird and bring with me my

    B770QE. I would love to have the Bernina case to travel with my Bernina feet.

  • Nancy Wichtendahl

    I want to participate in the raffle!  My Ninas (790+AE, 570TP, 630, 350SE and 1008) live the ease of these amazing feet and the added creativity between garment making bags and quilting!

  • Terry Harper

    I definitely want to participate in the raffle. After the New Year, I have less than three months to make a very special quilt for my brother. He is retiring from the military after thirty- eight years. There are several things I would like to do for this quilt and five new feet for my 880 and 770 would be great.

  • Michelle Park Park

    I want to participate in the raffle. I would use the feet on Nina (my Bernina 550QE) to create items for family and friends.

  • Patricia Wilson Wilson

    Yes, I would like to be included in the raffle.  I have loved Bernina for years and just got my new B590.  I plan on sewing clothes for myself and doll clothes for my grandkids this year.  I could really use a few feet to compliment the ones that came with my B590.  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

  • Emma Patricia Limber

    Raffle, yes please I would like to be included.  Sewing with shiny new feet would make my garment sewing oh so delightful.  Thank you for the most wonderful Advent Calendar this year.  Looking forward to 2020 and all the inspiration to come.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bernina community.

  • Donna L Johnson

    I loved the happy presser feet video. I’d like to participate in the giveaway. I’ve been a Bernina girl for 40 years! My Dad bought an 830 Record for me, still have it. I purchased a 770QE and a 350QE (for classes/travel) last year and I like both. The 770QE does remarkable sewing. Dream feet for me include #9 darning foot for free motion embroidery and quilting. The #15 for applique, the embroidery foot 39C, the #40C for sideways motion, and the #83 circular embroidery attachment would be fantastic.

  • Bev Hunt

    I am an avid sewer of all kinds.  I quilt, sew clothes and embroidery.  I love my bernina and use it every day.  My family know they can ask me to sew anything because bernina has a presser foot for all occasions including sewing  leather, quilting, gathering, etc. my dual feed is a staple whenever tricky fabrics are used.  I would love to add the presser feet to my stash. The zipper foot can be used for much more than sewing zippers.  The container to store and protect all my feet would be the icing on the cake

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate and yes I would like to enter.  A blessed Christmas to all Berninanites around the world.

  • Leah Mccray

    Please enter me in the raffle. The foot case looks great to take to classes. I love that BERNINA feet are interchangeable between machines. I would love to expand my collection of feet. Just like shoes, you can’t have too many. Loved the cute video.

  • Judy Kirkham

    Please include me in the raffle.  A quilt shop here in northeast Louisiana carries the Bernina line, and I drool over the machines whenever I go there.  My great hope is to one day have a sewing machine with dual feed–no more hand-basting seams or making do with a rickety “even-feed foot”  that is so hard to control precisely.  I’d love to win these feet and organizer case, and then I’d have even more incentive to add a new Bernina machine to my sewing  room!  I’d especially use the feet for sewing 1/4″ seams, cording, applique, and free-motion quilting.  Thanks for the cute video of the Bernina feet playing in the snow.  I think they should tour the great capital cities of Europe next, maybe by train.

  • Carol Smead

    Please include me in the raffle. Here’s my secret wish…to buy the Big Book of Feet and just go crazy. I live in a rural area and classes are few and far away. I have continually found that my machine and I are far more capable (to complete more projects)…beyond clothes and curtains. I find that each piece of equipment has an extensive variety of uses! A zipper foot is for more than zippers, etc. Let’s bring in 2020, promise ourselves to step beyond conventional!

  • Cindy Riggins

    I would like to participate and would really appreciate receiving this gift.  I have made dresses for children that are placed in Christmas Shoe Boxes sent overseas and also I make items for myself, family and friends.  I don’t spend money on pressure feet, but would really like more to be able to improve the things I sew.

  • Nancy Horsley

    I want to participate.  I would love the roller foot 55 to use for echo quilting, the 83 circle embroidery attachment to  create new circle quilts using the decorative stitches on my machine, the 15 embroidery foot as a new foot for my embroidery experience, the 8D jeans foot for the canvas bags I am making and the 52D non-stick zigzag foot for project bags with vinyl fronts.

    I think the next videos should be a love story for Valentine’s Day and an easter egg hunt for the spring.

  • Jackie Pelletier

    Wow love my berninas! I would have the feet chasing around puppies!I am a sewer and quilter, use my machines everyday.20c 37  1C  walking foot and26 are my favourites right now. The storage box would be very handy to keep some of my goodies in.

  • Catherine Carr

    I would love to win this amazing prize to challenge and expand my sewing skills! Thank you for doing this😍. Merry Christmas to you all! The video was charming!

  • Debbie Becker Matthie

    Please include me in the contest. My feet are never where I left them and this bag will make it easy to locate. I love my 790e plus and have been using it a lot. I use the BSR for all free motion work and have started using Bernina rulers. I make a lot of bags and the 4D is awesome to make zippers easier. I recently purchased a #63 hammer foot to hem a bridesmaid dress.  In my experience there is nothing my Bernina feet can’t accomplish.

  • Sobana Sundar Sundar

    Oh I enjoyed the video but more importantly the making of it. I  would love to participate in the raffle. The  storage/carry case looks handsome. It may be the first of my Bernina acquisition.

  • Katherine Ettinger

    The Christmas video is just darling.  I enjoyed it.  I am a 30 year BERNINA person and just love all of my machines.  It has been so exciting embroidering Christmas towels and other presents for the family.  I’d rather be embroidering than almost anything else!!!  I have the following:  830 Record, 440, 730, 780, 830 and the 700.  I love them all.  I’m not a person that’s lucky in raffles and contests, but my 5 favorite feet would be:  #73, #9, #34D, 20C and #26 in case mine gets worn or scratched from so much use.   Thank you.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to ALL!!


    I want to participate in the raffle. I would love to have a case to organize my Bernina feet.  Making draperies is first on my list of projects.

  • Charlotte Cook

    I would use the pin tuck presser feet set to make some stylish clothes for dolls for Christmas Cheer Toy Shop charity as well as clothes for myself. I would like to see the presser feet go to the beach for the summer fun. Maybe go surfing, fishing n sunbathe.

  • Elaine Houghton

    I’d like to be in the raffle. You can never have enough feet for your Bernina and my ‘feet family’ would love some new friends to share their quilting adventures on my B590.   Happy Christmas Bernina!

  • jeanettesmit

    I want to participate in the raffle. i suggets the pressure feet need to dance and deliver something according to their funtion, example, adjustable ruler foot #72, dance along the ruler in the manner of producing beautiful quilted work. I just bought a 770 QE and would like to use the following feet. Ruffler, #86 for pleats, sideways motion foot #40c for decorative stiches in different directions, applique foot #23 for art quilts applique, gathering foot #16 for delicate material gathering and button foot #18 to sew on buttons and I still want more of the other feet to enable me to use my sewing computer according to the allit’s possibilities. Looking forward to the dance video.

  • kwiecki

    I’d like to participate in the raffle. I have the basic feet and would love to try appliqué and ruler work.
    As for the presser foot movie, LOVE IT!!   They remind me of puppies.

  • Ruth Frank

    I am brand new to Bernina sewing machines and I love them. I bought the Tula Pink 770 and decided to get a 350 to take to classes.  Needless to say I don’t have many feet for my machine and will have a difficult time picking which feet to get. I am up for the challenge!!  How about a video of the feet prepping for Easter. They could be hiding eggs.

  • Phyllis Arechuk Arechuk

    I would love to win this raffle as I am new to Bernina.  I would use these 5 feet to sew my self a quilted purse.

  • Eileen Hood

    I would like to participate in the raffle! I have the 200E, the 830 (new one), and the 710. I would not  give up any one of the them! Can a person ever have too many feet? Absolutely not! And with those feet, the learning continues! Would love to add to my Bernina collection!

  • Martha Knoll Knoll

    This year I have acquired, so to speak, Five great great nieces and nephews and one great niece

    I want to make lots of fun clothing and toys for them and their parents and thier parent

    I am looking forward to creating with these feet.

    My Bernina is my go to machine for fun and fancy stitching


  • Colleen Brakob

    I do not own a Bernini but may check you out in the future.  I like the things I have seen online at various times.  My sister and a friend of mine own Betnina’s and love them.  Thanks

  • Diane Parisi

    Happy New YeaR

    I so need to be organized and this sure would help


  • Theresa Casteel

    I love my Bernina 1090S so much that it is still my main ‘go to’ machine.

  • Michelle Myers

    I want to participate in the raffle.  Thank you for giving me a change to win!  I’ve been saving up for my first Bernina.  It will take me a little longer to make that purchase since my hubby was disabled almost 3 years ago, but I have my savings stash for the new machine.

    I love to quilt and do applique.  I would love to get better at free motion quilting.  I’d use all the feet to make myself a better quilter.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


  • Connie Ploch

    Merry Christmas and what a wonderful gift to be in the raffle along with many around the world!  I am in a cozy little world of a small collection of presser feet and would welcome more to expand my Bernina techniques and grow my knowledge! Thank you for sharing so many great ideas, products, and cute videos! Happy New Bernina Year!

  • Joy Grigsby

    Please enter me in the raffle!  I purchased the Bernina B770QE machine last year.  I have been enjoying the Bernina classes offered at the Sew Yeah Quilting store.  So much to learn and I’d love to win the 5 presser feet & box.




  • Kathy Petersen

    I want to participate in the raffle. I love my Berninas and the feet are wonderful. I would like to have more feet to add to my collection for sewing and the Accessory Case would be beautiful to store them in.

  • Denise Funk

    I want to participate in the raffle, please.
    Video idea: bring the fantastic Holiday Train and have the presser feet go on a Mighty Train trip to visit Papa Noel… The Pin Cushion will fit in either the coal cart. On their way to their final destination, the train moves through the Christmas Village.
    My presser feet are being used to embellish, piece and finish my quilts.

  • Cindy Yamane

    There is nothing that compares to a BERNINA. I learned on one in 1971 and have had them ever since. The case looks amazing and would love to up my game with a few new feet. Look out appliqué, cording and edge stitching. Thank you BERNINA

  • Johanna Erasmus

    I would love to participate in the raffle!  What a lovely prize!  The more you learn to use your Bernina the more you realise that the presser feet are there to make life so much easier! It would be great to learn how to use the presser feet and apply their uses to my sewing and quilting! Thank you for a wonderful Bernina advent calendar and a super video!  Guess I will have to make some beds for my hardworking presser feet!

  • michelle mishaan

    I want to participate in the raffle! I want to use the presser feet for quilting and making plush toys for my son and nieces and nephews. I enjoy sewing multiple hours everyday and look forward to pushing my creativity further with Bernina!

  • Andrea Letourneau Letourneau

    I want to enter the raffle. I’d love to have more presser feet, they’re very helpful for making various things. You could create a new presser foot video starring the 5 presser feet as superheros – the “super sentai” of presser feet! Could be interesting. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • linden brady

    What a lovely gift for whoever wins.

    i have just purchased a Bernina 770Q and am thoroughly enjoying the learning curve with this machine. ( nicknamed Brutus ) 😂😂😍


  • Jacqueline Rock

    i would love to be entered in this draw I have a BERNINA B590 would love to learn more about quilting and embroidery

  • Phyllis Bergh

    The pressure feet videos are so cute! I’d love to win this, even though I don’t have my Bernina yet. I’ve picked out the 770QE, my dream machine, and actually chosen a few feet I’d love, including the 1/4” foot-a necessity for piecing and quilting.

  • Caryn Sakaguchi

    I would like to participate in the raffle. I think that a summer surfing video would be fun. They would go to the beach, bring their surfing gear, or even go parasailing.

  • Colette Naude

    I want to enter the raffle. I bought a Bernina 720 this year and like your feet in the video dream of sewing all day long. I would like to see a Easter video next.Please enter me for raffle as I have very few feet.


  • Carolyn B. Fairless

    Add to my other reply – yes, please enter me in the raffle so I can learn about all the presser feet for the new B770QE I just ordered. I look forward to using the walking foot and the cord foot, but think it’s so cool there are so many feet made!

  • Lisa Cohn

    I love my 1981 Bernina 830. Can’t believe I have been sewing with it for nearly 39 years! I would love some new feet! I recently bought the Bernina walking foot. I love it so much!!!! Happy New Year and Happy sewing everyone!!💖

  • Sharon Fields

    Would love an accessory case to take to classes. I would love to see these guys do a “ Summers here” video. Maybe little presser feet skiing across a lake and playing in the summer sun. Or presser feet all decked out for Halloween would be another and maybe they could scare the little pin cushion?

    I would like a 1/4 foot to better help my quilting seams. Any other feet that I can learn new sewing techniques with would be super.


  • Laila Strain

    A very Merry Christmas to the talented folk at Bernina!  I am a new Bernina owner, a B530, and oh it is lovely to sit at a machine that sews beautifully from the first moment!  This is after 60+ years of sewing!  I may one day branch out and attempt embroidery.  And I can’t help but think how my mom would have loved to sew on a Bernina.

  • Catherine Fisher

    Please include me in the draw. I’d love some new feet to add to creativity and stabilizing in quilting and bag making on my 770QE. Things like: a free motion couching foot, adjustable ruler foot with couching inserts and echo clips, and a 3 sole walking foot.

  • Linda Harper

    Would love to win the raffle!   Have enjoyed my Berninas from the first 830 electronic to my new 790 plus!

  • Susan Holland

    I wish to participate in the raffle. I would use those feet to make gifts for others. I love showing and sharing the love of sewing and quilting. I love Bernina.

  • Nancy Anderson


    Love the video!  i dont know yet which presser feet i would choose.  i have several and love them all.  keep up the good work!

  • Leanne Paetkau

    Oh I’d love to see these cuties make a Valentine’s Day card, thanks for the raffle – I’d like to be entered. I love my 830 quilters edition, embroidery module, my 350 is a great traveller for lessons and when I’m nostalgic I whip out my old Bernina record.

  • Anne Hone

    Hello. I would like to participate in the raffle. I have a BERNINA Activa 220 which both my daughter and I use. I would like a foot to better help with a quarter inch seam and a rolled hem.  Would love to expand my sewing with additional feet. Thank you

  • Donna Essex

    I would love to win the accessories kit.  I have been racing through christmas presents with my Bernina 790 Plus and would love to see a video on using the Bernina rolled hem foot.  I always have troubles getting neat corners on napkins.

    • Carolyn B. Fairless

      I await the B770 QE I just ordered! I would love to learn more about the applications and nuisances of every foot, but the first foot I’ll buy is the walking foot. I enjoy general sewing and quilting in a small town in northeast Oklahoma USA

  • Pamela Soper

    I would really love to participate in the raffle. I love sewing with my Bernina and appreciate that it helps me be more creative with my projects. The would just be an extra special present

  • Sharon Johnson

    I Want to participate in the raffle!  I love my 3 Bernina’s, I want to learn to quilt with rulers and embroider more than just letters.  I love my 97D foot and want to explore more dual feed feet!  Thanks for a great product!

  • paulajane44

    Yes, I would love to enter the raffle. Ive had my Bernina 770qe a few years now, but am finally able to really dig in and learn everything she can do! Merry Christmas and Thanks!

  • Hannah Wisdom

    Please enter me in the raffle! I am excitedly expecting my new Bernina next week! I would love one of the pintuck feet, a freemotion foot, jeans, couching and bias binding to help my creativity flow!
    surely we need a valentine edition of your presser feet video 💖

  • Jill Siddons

    Any feet would be more than welcomed by my poorly used Bernina.  I have spent several months caring for my mum who has now gone into a home.  During that period I was told on several occasions to make sure I had ‘me time’.  Well now I want to put that into effect and take up sewing again.  I am sure there will be several references to my machine’s instructions, but I am going to really enjoy getting creative with the help on Bernina.  Thank you.

  • Hannah Wisdom

    Please enter me in the raffle! I am earthly expecting my new Bernina next week! I would love one if the pub tick feet, a freemotion foot, jeans, couching and bias binding to help my creativity flow!
    surely we need a valentine edition of your presser feet video 💖

  • Diane Collins Collins

    Yes please include me in the raffle. I would love the couching foot; I can only dream of what I would create. And, the accessory box would keep me organized. Which is so important.

  • Carrie Muetzel

    Merry Christmas Bernina clan…🎄I would love to win the presser feet to add to my sewing room. I make charity quilts, dresses for third world children and intend to make some fidget lap quilts for senior citizens.  Making guinea pig blankets and potty pads were difficult because of their thickness and having the right foot would enable me to make more for my granddaughters piggie condos.

    I just watched a video on couching and I would love to make some art quilts using the proper foot for this technique. Free motion quilting is another technique I would love to conquer with the right type of press or foot.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Penelope Spacie

    Such a cute video!  Bernina make the best sewing machines.  My 770QEE is an amazing reliable queen of my sewing room.  Every project, quilt, bag, or garment that I have asked her to sew she has breezed through then just a week ago I asked her to sew some freestanding lace ornaments and she sewed for 10 hours with only breaks for bobbin thread.  Everything came out perfectly.  I was beyond impressed.  Please may I participate in your raffle. The feet that would add to my collection are the Ruffler foot, the couching rings, rolled hem foot, bias tape maker foot.

  • Paula Anderson

    Yes, I want to participate in this raffle.  My Bernina feet need a few more friends stored neatly in this case so THEY can find each other.  I would use more feet to couch, sew decorative stitches, quilt and hem.  Thank you, Bernina, for such great products!

  • Marjorie Kenney

    Please enter me in the raffle I would love the piping foot to give a lovely finish to some cushions I need to do Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at Bernina

  • Marie Quon

    I love all things sewing, quilting and making blankets for my upcoming grandchild. This will allow me to expand my creativity. The possibilities are endless!

  • Karen Watt

    I would love to be in the raffle, theft I would like are invisible zipper 35 for invisible zips, roller foot 57 for difficult materials, cording foot 25 for decorative stitches, adjustable ruler 72 for ruler quilting work, and especially the BSR foot for even stitches.  P.s. loved the video


  • Sandra Bond

    This video is so cute, and I will show it to my grandson tomorrow. I have some feet for my Bernina but my daughter wants me to make a tepee for my grandson. I think it will need some extra feet to make that. Merry Christmas to all.

  • Christina A Russell Russell

    Please enter me in the raffle.  I am a quilter and found my #8 foot to be a foot that I cannot get along without for making quilts.  My blocks are very accurate and require little trimming when using this little gem of a foot.

  • victoria sharp

    I would like to participate in the raffle.  If I were to win the five presser feet I would use them to learn new skills.  I recently purchased another Bernina -I upgraded to the 770QEE.  I would like to get some dual feed feet to take my projects to the next level!  Merry Christmas to my Bernina family!

  • Starla Beard

    Merry Christmas and thank you for building such wonderful machines. I have 3 and love them all.

  • Terri Lloyd

    Merry Christmas!! I would use the presser feet to make better quilts. Would love to have the binding foot for finishing my quilts with ease.😉

    • Joyce Hermans

      I want to participate in the raffle. I just bought a Tula Pink Bernina 770QE and am learning all about it and what it can do. I got a few presser feet with it but it would be nice to have more. I don’t really know which ones yet, I’m still figuring things out.I sew mostly quilts but am eager to try making bags so a zipper foot would be great. The video you made was so cute. I think their next non Christmas adventure would be water skiing or skateboarding. Too much fun!

  • Rosemary Esquerra

    love all my Bernina  never trade one in as they become  family give to my kids  have a great dealer who keeps my machine going would love to win in raffle

  • Nancy McRoberts

    I bought my first Bernina Record as a rookie teacher, and celebrated retirement last year with a Bernina 770 QEE.  Learning to free motion quilt on my quilts for loved ones, then adding machine embroidered quilt labels has been pure joy. With each new presser foot accessory, I’ve expanded what is possible.

  • Lisa Mace

    I would love to win five more presser feet! I’d add them to my current collection and try fun new techniques like pintucks and couching!

  • Mary Lawrence

    Merry Christmas and thank you for the happy start to my day with your video. The giggles from the feet made me giggle. I would love to win the case for storing my bernina feet. I have the big book of feet that I refer to often when using my 750QE. I enjoy all types of sewing, it is my stress reliever and I love the bsr for my free motion quilting .

  • Irina Posternak

    I would love to win the five feet for my Bernina to finally retire my old Pfaff (better yet to find a new home for it)! I keep it around for the invisible zipper works only 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  • Lisa Jones

    This video is adorable.  What creativity!!  I have had my 790 plus for a year and love it.  Still so much to learn….  still using my 1130 workhorse, also.   I would use the feet for garment sewing, quilting.  I try to sew every day- it brings me much JOY.  Happy Holiday!!

  • Becki Bushong

    I would like to participate in the raffle.

    I own a Bernina 830 and a 590 and love both!

    I have a summer cabin in the North Carolina mountains and would love to easily transport my feet back and forth or, better yet, be able to leave a few feet there so I don’t have to transport them at all!

    The video is so cute! I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice!

  • Janet Colvin

    Yes I want to participate in the raffle. I would love to continue to learn more and sew more and create textile art with my Bernina 830.  I need more storage for feet and accessories so I can be better organized. The more I learn on my Bernina, the more I love my Bernina.

  • Carole Coley

    I’ve purchased a Bernina Tula Pink Unicorn 770QE and I would love to have a Walking Foot, some extra quilting / Free Motion feet and I’m sure I could fill in a few sewing feet to make up the five. Your Christmas video was wonderful and I’m looking forward to another soon! I’ve just joined the Bernina Family (previously Husqvarna) and I am loving the changes! GO BERNINA!!

  • Shani Ainsley

    I would love to enter this raffle.  I would especially like to win the embroidery eyelet foot as I am interested in embellishing some of my projects, but any feet which could help me would be fantastic.  Cute video by the way!

  • Val Fisher

    Please include me in the raffle! Merry Christmas to all!  I would select feet that I wouldn’t have considered before to expand my sewing skills and to help teach others the JOY of sewing with Bernina!

  • Sarah Smith


    I would like to take part in the raffle.

    I have just purchased the Q20 and would be very grateful for any additional foot that fits. I currently only have the standard one. The video is brilliant,  really cheered me up.

    Merry Xmas all.



  • Paula Floyd

    Thanks to Bernina for all of the super feet. There are still a few I don’t have. The case is very nice. Wish I had one of those.

  • Eileen Coleman

    This video was very cute, loved the Christmas trees. I would store my feet, needles, thread, and scissors to take with me to sew away from home and add to my feet collection to sew quilts, embroidery, and crafts.

  • Ruth Allsop

    That little video started my day with a smile on my face.  Love to fill my Bernina accessory case with more feet to experiment with.  Speaking of love – Valentine’s day is next and maybe the adventure of the pressure feet will be showing some love

  • jeannine Muir Muir

    I love playing with new feet for my bernina.  My machine had been a dream of mine for many years, and was finally able to afford the aurora 430.  I am in love with it and all the feet that come with it.  Hope to win so I can have a new adventure in 2020

  • Sonia Smith

    Yes I want to participate in the raffle.  I use BERNINA feet for Zips, straight stitching, buttonholes, buttons, tucks etc.
    My last project was a shirt with collar, buttonholes/buttons and cuffs.  My new BERNINA S530 sewed beautifully and has rekindled my interest in dressmaking.
    I would like 5 more feet to go in my accessory box.

  • Valerie Fisher

    Please include me in the raffle! I would give the presser feet  to my grand daughter  when I teach her to sew on her first Bernina! Can’t wait to share the joy of sewing on a Bernina!
    Merry Christmas to Christmas to Bernina who bring the joy of sewing to me all year round!

  • Sandy Foster

    I’m a quilter, so I’d love to get the five presser feet and storage box to use in my quilting: free-motion, ruler work, appliqué, thread painting, etc., as well as embroidery and quick projects like bags and totes.

  • Billie Meents

    Yes, I want to participate in the raffle.

    I would like five more feet to go in my collection.  I do every kind of sewing on my Bernina machines (quilting, clothing, home dec, embroidery), and you can never have too many feet.

  • Carole Francke-Goss

    I would love to enter and win the storage box and five feet. I have the Big Book of Feet, that I use to reference back on how to use the different feet. One of my favorite foot is the 10D.  Good luck to everyone.

    • Terry Birdsell

      I am a quilter and enjoy the embroidery on my 880!  I just purchased my 790 and could very much use that beautiful case with feet!!

      Thank you!

    • Ruth Allsop

      That little video started my day with a smile on my face.  Love to fill my Bernina accessory case with more feet to experiment with.  Speaking of love – Valentine’s day is next and maybe the adventure of the pressure feet will be showing some love

  • Wendy Moore

    Wow!  What a cute video.  I would like to see these feet go traveling, enjoying the beach, the mountains ( hiking, they are feet after all!)

    I would use these feet to continue to make quilts for those warriors fighting breast cancer.

  • Zianeshka Sparen

    Yes I want to participate for the raffle.

    I just bought my Bernina B335 this year and are trying to acquire all the presser feet to do all kind of projects. Will be saving for the 7 series also. 2020 will be the overlocker. My first project was a decorative pillowcase that now I need to quilt to finish it. I am participating in the Sugaridoo QAL. But most of all I will use those presser feet to make my pillowcases,  sewing my own clothes, Decorative stitches on hems and collars, appliqueing, and all the uses I can get out of them. I am seeing my projects and Ideas blooming already.

  • Gail van Dyk

    I would love nothing more than to win this prize.  My husband bought me the Bernina 350, M1150 overlocer and the new deco b70 before he retired now this year.  Kimberley bernina has such an awesome team that offers workshops and courses that I would love to attend. Being able to win such an amazing gift I would be able to attend many of the workshops, as many different feet are required. Here’s holding thumbs for an awesome beginning to 2020 with Bernina!!!

  • Lesley Warren

    Oh wow five feet? Rolled hem feet 3 sizes to update all the napkins in the house and make tea towels of mums old recipes.   I’d also love the quilting foot.. I’m currently using my D feet but I know I really shouldn’t for quilting those straight lines and finally the button foot.. an extravaganza I know, but it’s Christmas and I deserve it!!!


    Loved the video but not not as much as I love my 570qe.. thank you for being there and creating!

  • jean Pitman

    I would like to participate in the raffle. I have had the Artista 630 since it came out complete with BSR it is a real workhorse  I would never sell it. It is the most reliable machine ever also I have the 770 which is my dream machine.

    My favourite feet are 37d and 97d I am a quilter and on these machines I have made miniatures up to king size quilts

  • Carol Dye

    I would like to participate in the raffle. I just got a Tula Pink 770. Love my Bernina !!

  • Joan Fougere

    I would love to participate.  I don’t have a BERNINA but I’m sure I could figure out a way to use those feet on bag making a quilting or almost anything as sewing is my passion.  Might use it on the Sugariedoo QAL.

  • Jan Conti

    I want to participate in the raffle. I would use the new feet to improve my sewing skills. I have a 1001 and purchased a 740 two years ago whenI took up quilting. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  • Lynette Beal

    Yes, I would love to partake in the Raffle.  What a wonderful beginning to 2020! I have a Artista 730 and love  my machine and take good care of it.  I have limited feet and would love to use more feet to make my projects unique with extra features and embelishments.  I love to do crafts and decorative stitches are my all time favourite.  I am a quilter and love making bags and sewing for my new grandchild.

    Reply ↓

  • Tamara Greathouse

    I would like to take part in the raffle.  I’ve had a Bernina for years and I have taken advantage of all the many things it can do for me. A set of additional feet will help me expand the crafting I know Bernina offers.   Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Lynette Beal

    Yes, I would love to partake in the Raffle.  What a wonderful beginning to 2020! I have a Artista 730 and love  my machine and take good care of it.  I have limited feet and would love to use more feet to make my projects unique with extra features and embelishments.  I love to do crafts and decorative stitches are my all time favourite.  I am a quilter and love making bags and sewing for my new grandchild.

    • Lynette Beal

      The above email in incorrect,  sorry I could not fix it.  See top one for entry.

  • Beatrice Long

    I would love to participate in the contest.  I have a Bernina 770QE and I absolutely love it.  I would expand my skills with more feet.

  • Deb Cansdell

    I would love to enter this competition. I think for the next video, the feet should enter the 2020 Olympics. The bobbins would be good at the marathon..they go such a long way.
    The spool discs would be great for discus throws,and the gold bobbins would be lovely medals, plus the feet would do well in the 100 sprint to see if the 1c was faster than the 97.. or them all lined up for the relay…ah! So fit and adaptive.

  • T Dufty

    I would like to participate in the raffle! I’ve been learning how to do applique, and would love to get some presser feet to support this new adventure!

  • Lesley Bradley

    I would like to participate in the raffle.  I am new to Bernina, having purchased my 570QE in November after using my Tutor’s machine and loving it.   I would love to increase my sewing skills with additional feet (although my 570QE came with the brilliant BSR and patchwork foot) a sewist can never have enough of the correct feet for their projects.   I am planning to use this machine for my Creative Stitch course work and am absolutely confident that I will produce great pieces of work for my graduation in July 2020.  I am slowly gathering feet my newest one being for cutwork and any additional feet will be eagerly accepted.

  • lucie Desnoyers

    Yes I would like to  participate.  I purchased a Bernina last Christmas and this prize would be a perfect addition. I have been eyeing a few feet to help make my projects more professional. I love to recycle/upcycle clothing into useful household items for all my Christmas gifts. Everyone is amazed and love their personal gift. Wishing everyone a healthy 2020.


    • Lucie Desnoyers

      Forgot to mention that I purchased the B350 model after being a lucky Bernina $250.00 winner. Thank you Bernina. Love my machine.

  • Joan McClellan

    I want to participate!  I am the proud owner of 2 Berninas, 590 and  790/790 plus.  I enjoy embroidery and quilting and would like to increase my pressure feet!

  • Nancy Willits

    I want to participate in this raffle.  Loved the video.  BERNINA feet are amazing, I knew they helped make my sewing projects easier but I never knew they could do those things in the snow!

  • Fiona Day

    I have so many projects to finish and using these would be amazing!

  • Yvonne Penney

    I would love to be the proud owner of this beautiful gift set♥️ I was a good girl this year

  • kathryn Childs

    I would like to take part in the raffle. I have two Bernina machines, a 801 and an artista 630. I enjoy classes at Hamble with Carolyn. I would use the presser feet to make more things with sustainable materials. I would like to see the next video of the feet finding the ideal material in the rubbish bin or the charity shop.

  • Sibylle Robert-Grandpierre

    Bonjour je voudrais participer. Mes Bernina sont ma soupape de sécurité. Quand je couds, plus rien ne compte 😅

  • Marion Werner

    Yes I want to participate. I am a new Bernina owner and would like to add up on the feet, using it for quilting and garment sewing.
    Ideas for Feet videos: Let them travel around the world, make how to videos and let the foot show what it does and how, Easter video….
    Have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2020

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