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One Two TREE Quilt Along, Part 2: Tess and June

Hi there! How did it go? Did you finish the first trees for the One Two TREE Quilt Along? So fun to see all the trees on Facebook and Instagram. Such a pretty forest we’re creating together!

I have two new tree friends I’d like to introduce to you today.

Tess and June

Today we will make our two tree buddies Tess and June. Tess and June have been together since they popped out of their little seeds on a beautiful spring morning. They know each other so well, they even finish each others sentences. Tess is the tallest of the two, but that doesn’t bother June a bit. Always nice to have a big friend around that keep you sheltered from the wind.

In this blog post

In this blog post you’ll find the foundation paper piecing pattern for Tess and June. You can find the instructions for this technique in the blog posts about our first block Flynn

Besides the pattern you’ll also find the fabric requirements and the placement of the Tess and June blocks in a overview of the quilt. 

New here? Welcome!

This blog post is part of the One Two TREE Quilt Along. This is a free QAL where you will learn to confidently quilt your quilts yourself with free motion quilting and rulerwork quilting.

First we will sew 16 trees and those trees we will use as a canvas to quilt a different pattern in each of them. We’ll take it slow and start with the very basics. Want to join in? Start here and read more about the Quilt Along and the Fabrics and Materials

Fabric requirements

You will need the following amount of fabric to make one Tess and June block. This block measures 11 x 15 inch, 11.5 x 15.5 inch including seam allowance.

  • Tree 10 x 15 inch (25 x 37.5 cm) 
  • Tree trunk 4 x 4 inch (10 x 10 cm) 
  • Background fabric 8 x 15 inch (20 x 37.5 cm) 
Fabric kits

When you’re working with a rainbow fabric kit for the QAL you will make Tess and June with the following fabrics: Ice Frappe, Chartreuse, Tangerine and Azalea.

When you’re working with the Green/Teal you will make Tess and June with the following fabrics: Candy Green, Jade Green, Honey Dew and Parrot.

For the Orange/Pink kit you will use: Buttercup, Orange, Bubble gum and Azalea.

Make sure to use only half of each piece of fabric, since you’ll need to make two trees in each color.

Quilt overview

This is where Tess and June will be placed in the quilt. 


Here is the link to download the pattern for Tess and Junes. Go ahead and print it true to size. Select ‘do not scale’, or set your printer settings to ‘scaling: 100%’. To check if you printed the pattern the correct size you can measure the one inch square. 

The finished block measures 11 x 15 inch, 11.5  x 15.5 inch including seam allowance.

Let’s start sewing

You can now start making the sections of the Tess and June blocks just like you did with the Flynn block. There are also three sections for this block. Make sure to past all the pieces of the pattern together before you trace your pattern to freezer paper. All three sections are in two pieces on the pattern.

Putting the block together

Now you’ve finished all the sections you can put the blocks together. First sew the tree tops together, sections A and B. Then sew section C to section AB.


And there your Tess and June block is finished! Don’t they look cute together?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. You can share your trees with the hashtag #onetwotreeQAL on Instagram of share them in the Facebook group. I’d love to see how your Tess and June trees are turning out.

I’ll be back in two weeks with our next tree friend!

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  • Deborah Hodge

    I am just now cutting fabric for Tess and June in the green/teal fabric. By looking at the colors used on Flynn and Tess and June it looks like two of the same fabrics is used for both parts.  Counting numbers 1-8 down from the top I used 1,2,5, and 8 for Flynn. On Tess and June it shows 2,3,6, and 8. So 2 and 8 are used on both parts of I am looking at the color chart correctly. Can someone tell me if I am correct?Thank you!

  • Barbara Duvall

    Can you tell me how many strips to cut for the sashing on the top and the width of the strips, so I can cut it and not run short? Thank you so much, I am grateful for your help.

  • cathryndowd

    Here are my blocks! I really like Irene’s freezer paper technique. I’m also doing a block swap as part of another group and it requires leaving the papers on so have to do the other technique of sewing through the papers which requires printing all the papers and then using glue instead of an iron to stick the fabric and now feels so much more difficult than this. 

  • janmccann

    I’m having a problem cutting out the colored fabric – can only fit 4 Tess’s & 2 Junes – does anyone have a layout plan that works?

      • janmccann

        No reply needed – I figured out that when I cut the background 4x, I was ready to cut the trees 4x each color – oops! Guess I wanted to make 16 Tess & Junes! Too funny!

  • Gloria Val Verde

    I really can’t wait to start on these cutie pies, but I’m confused because on the smaller tree, your sewn piece shows the A14 sewn on the left of the partial block and the pattern has it on the right, please explain. 

    • ippy

      Hello Gloria, I know what you mean a little confusing.
      I’ve completed one of the new blocks.
      Looking at the freezer paper it’s on the right but then all your fabric you’re putting together is on the other side, so when you remove the freezer paper, turn fabric correct way, it’s on the left and then the A14 joins the larger tree.  Does that make sense!

  • Tracy Jolivette

    I am excited too!  This is my first attempt at paper piecing, and I have struggled.  The nice thing is that it gets easier each time, and they look great! They are soooo cute!

    • Linda Fouquet

      I have the same question as Gloria. It seems that the smaller tree is A on the pattern and B in the design. A clarification would be helpful.

  • Angelita Karlsson

    I’m so excited to start the next two trees, will begin today.  I have been patiently waiting for the pattern to post.  I had so much fun with Flynn.    

  • ippy

    2 lovely trees, will make a start today. Could I just double check the fabric names for the Green/Teal version please.

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