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Get ready for a new Sugaridoo BERNINA Quilt Along

It’s time for a brand new Sugaridoo BERNINA quilt along! I am so very excited to finally share everything about the QAL with you. In this blog post I’ll reveal the quilt that we will be making, share what the planning looks like, tell you all about the quilt kits and announce the prizes that you can win. 

There is a lot to talk about, so let’s start right away.

One Two TREE

In this quilt along we will focus on quilting our quilts. But to start quilting, we first need to make a quilt top. I designed a quilt that we can use as a canvas to quilt on. This pattern is called One Two TREE

We will be making 16 tree quilt blocks and assemble them in to a quilt top. We will be quilting a different pattern in each tree. And we quilt one overall design in the background around the trees. 

This project will allow you to practice stitching in the ditch, quilting with rulers and doing free motion quilting. 

Join the Quilt Along

Want to join the QAL? Joining the quilt along is free. During the QAL you will find video tutorials on my YouTube channel and all the blog posts with patterns and information will be published here on the BERNINA blog. There is no need to buy a pattern for this quilt along.

I you want to receive all the information in your inbox you can sign up (also for free) to receive email updates over here

Feel free to share the button below on Instagram of Facebook to let your quilting friends know that you’ve joined the QAL. We’ll be using #onetwoTREEQAL on Instagram. 

Facebook group

If you’d like more, you can join the Facebook group. This is the place where you can connect with other quilters. Last quilt along thousands of quilters from all over the world joined in. I will host live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group so you can ask your questions during the QAL. You can join the Facebook group for €10 (about 11.5USD, 14CAD). Or get free access when you order a quilt kit.

Blog Community Section

BERNINA has set up a section in the community section of this blog for our Quilt-Along:

To the Quilt-Along in the BERNINA Community.

If you don’t participate on Facebook or Instagram, you can still upload pictures here to show how your quilt project is progressing – and enter the raffles this way, too! When uploading your pictures to the blog community, don’t forget to select the “One Two TREE” campaign!


If you followed the first quilt along you’ll know that I love to chat on videos. So if you want to know all the information, but don’t want to read this whole blog post. Here’s a video for you 😉

Quilt kits

There are four different fabric kits available for this quilt along. With the kits you can also order kits for the backing and binding of the quilt, rulers and batting. Everything you need to make you quilt from start to finish. The kits are €90 euro (about 85USD, 105CAD). You can find them in the Sugaridoo Webshop

You can also follow along with fabrics from your own stash. The details about how much of each fabric you’ll need will be in next weeks blog post together with all the needed materials for the quilt along.

There is a Rainbow kit on soft pink and a Rainbow kit on off white

There are also a Green/Teal version and a Pink/Orange version of the quilt. 

All kits that are in stock and ordered before the 18th of November will be shipped out in the week of the 1st of December. This way you will receive your kit in time before the quilt along starts. 

All orders placed after the 18th will be shipped out as soon as possible. But I don’t know when those kits will be ready to ship. It has been harder to get in all the fabrics this last year. 

Quilting basics

How do you set your machine up for quilting?

What needle and thread you can use?

How do you make your stitches look even?

Why do you need a ruler foot?

With this quilt along we will start with the very basics. I will guide you from those first stitches on a practice piece to a fully quilted quilt. If your machine can’t do ruler work, or you’re not feeling ready to try free motion quilting, no problem. I will give options and alternatives for each quilt design.

This quilt along is for every quilter who wants to learn about quilting and have fun making a new quilt, along with quilters from all over the world. I’ll encourage you throughout the QAL to try new things. If you join the Facebook group you can ask me questions during the live Q&A’s.  


The tree blocks are made with foundation paper piecing. You can click here to follow my Foundation Paper Piecing course if you want to dive in right away. But I will also share videos which explain the basics of this technique during the quilt along.

For the quilting of our quilts we will do ruler work and free motion quilting. All materials needed and recommended feet for your sewing machine will be shared in a blog post next week.


11/15 Live Q&A on YouTube, let’s chat about the upcoming QAL
11/19 Next week I will share a complete list of all the fabrics and materials needed for the quilt along.

During the first eight weeks we will sew all the blocks of the quilt and assemble the quilt top. Before we start we will have a live Q&A in the Facebook group. 

01/14 Sewing part 1 ‘Flynn’
01/28 Sewing part 2 ‘Tess and June’
02/11 Sewing part 3 ‘Luke’
02/25 Sewing part 4 ‘Olivia’
03/11 Quilt assembly & basting the quilt + halfway giveaway

Now we have the quilt top ready, we can start quilting our quilt! Every week we will quilt two of our trees. After finishing the top there will be a live Q&A in the Facebook group. 

03/25 Quilting part 1 ‘Straightforward’
04/01 Quilting part 2 ‘Round and round we go’
04/08 Quilting part 3 (patterns that we will be quilting will be revealed during the QAL)
04/15 Quilting part 4

In these four weeks you will have quilted the first half of the quilt. We will take a little break and skip one week to catch up if you missed a week. There will be a live Q&A in the Facebook group where you can ask you questions about the quilting.

04/29 Quilting part 5
05/06 Quilting part 6
05/12 Quilting part 7
05/20 Quilting part 8

After quilting the final trees we will have another break with a live Q&A in the Facebook group. 

06/03 Binding the quilt + final giveaway

We will have a live Q&A a few weeks after the end of the QAL to catch up and help everyone finish their quilts.


And now about the prizes. After finishing the quilt top, you can join the raffle for the halfway giveaway. The prizes you can win are 3 times a Mettler thread box, sponsored by BERNINA. And three times a Sugaridoo curated fabric bundle

At the end of the quit along, after finishing all the quilting and the binding on the quilt we will host the final giveaway. This will again be a raffle, there is no jury involved. You don’t need to make the ‘best’ quilt, you don’t need perfect stitches. You just need to finish your quilt, hopefully learning loads and having a lot of fun along the way.

In the raffle at the end of the QAL you can win 3 times the book Sugaridoo Happy Notes, 3 times a BERNINA ruler set and ….. a BERNINA Q16! Whooah! I just can’t wait to see which quilter we can surprise with this wonderful sit down quilting machine.

Little recap

That was a lot of information! So if you scrolled down, here’s what you need to know:

-> Want to join the FREE quilt along? Sign up over here and I’ll send you all the information and links you need to know about

-> Start of the QAL: 14th of January, end of the QAL mid June ’22. 

-> Get your quilt kit before the 18th of November, then you’re sure to receive it in time for the start of the QAL

-> There is a Facebook group for the QAL, get your access code over here (you’ll get a free access code with a kit)


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  • Margie Crowder

    I have joined the Facebook group and have my fabric and rulers, waiting for the pattern.  I’m very excited to start.  When or how do I receive the instructions.  Thank you, Margie in South Carolina USA 

  • Sharon Griffiths

    Hi, excited to join the QAlong. I have most of the fabrics, but still need to purchase more fat quarters. Can you tell me how much fabric I need for the backing and for the binding. Cheers

  • Cynthia Scherer

    I thought I posted on this blog but don’t see it. I just wanted to thank Bernina and Irene for permitting us to join even if we are not able to purchase a kit. I have plenty of stash soooooo I plan to make two.  One with plain fabric like Irene suggested and one with flower fabric prints that I have had for years. So excited!!!!!

  • MaryBeth Welch

    I ma having shoulder surgery on Dec 29th, and won’t be able to sew until March, but I am going to live vicariously and dream about quilting while I follow the QAL!  Looking forward to watching and eventually make this darling quilt!

  • Beatriz Bocanegra

    Hi Irene so excited to start another QAL with you. The last one was great, learned lots of new techniques.  I already purchased my Kona Fabrics and will doing the Green/Teal one. Am a little scared of the quilting part but with you tutoring, I know I will be able to do it. hope the your family are all doing well.

  • sewhappy43

    I grabbed a screenshot so I could post a picture of my kit choice (still waiting on USps to deliver). so very excited to be joining in ! 

  • ippy

    Thoroughly enjoyed the last QAL, challenging, but learnt a lot.  Now another beautiful quilt and I’m looking forward to making. Free motion is something I really want to learn. .

  • Phyllis Bergh

    I, too, learned a lot from the last quilt-a-long, and am excited to learn about different quilting methods. The only quilting I’ve done so far is straight line and free-motion or meandering quilting, which I absolutely love to do. This will QAL will expand my quilting repertoire!

  • Sue Hilton

    This sounds like a lot of fun.  I’ve never done one of these Quilt Alongs so I hope I can keep up. 

  • Janey Gregory

    I’m so excited  – – I have never been part of a QAL! Looking forward to “meeting” you Irene and other quilters from all over the world! I am in Washington State in the USA. I’m also new to Facebook, but decided I should jump in at 5am next Tuesday! My kit has been ordered snd tracking says it will arrive tomorrow! So fun! 

  • Luann Hirsch

    So great to see you again Irene.  Love the new quilt design.  Can’t wait to start!  I think I will ask Santa for the rulers. 🙂

  • Dianne Kelly

    Looking forward to Sugaridoo One Two Tree QAL.  I had such a great time participating in the first one.  I learned some new techniques and tips from Irene.  I sew and quilt on my domestic sewing machine, and hope to learn more adventurous quilting other than my go to straight line quilting.

  • Vicki Zerfoss

    This is so exciting!! I’m so happy to be part of this QAL!! I missed the first one….but I have a feeling this is the first step towards my future ownership of a Bernina Q16!! 

  • Sharon K

    Hi. I love the kit. However the cost of shipping to the US is a lot. Is there a US source to purchase your kit from? I hope so.☺

  • Casianna Paradis

    I love all of Irene’s designs. All though I am traveling the States right now seeing the National Parks.  I can’t wait to start this quilt along. Having sewing machine will travel. 

  • Judy Mills

    I love that quilt. Can’t wait to start. I did your first quilt along too. I  really enjoyed it  and learned so much! Your QAL’s are the only ones I ever took part in. I’m a Newfie and most of us always pronounce the number three as tree. Lol

  • Shelley Frank

    Can I still take the course if I don’t have a Bernina sewing machine? Or will it be too confusing following the directions?

    • ramonawirth

      Dear Shelley,
      You are welcome to take part with any sewing machine you have at home, you just might have to find alternatives for your machine when Irene uses a certain presser foot or setting. There is always a way around it!

      Kind regards, Ramona from BERNINA International.

  • Deborah Hodge

    Can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to learning more about this Q16 machine. I learned so much in the last QAL. I’m looking forward to learning even more this time!

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