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One Two Tree QAL Quilting part 5: “Flower power”

After a short break we are getting ready for four more weeks of quilting. How is it going for your? Are you having fun trying out new quilting patterns and techniques?

Seeing all your quilted blocks makes me so happy! It does take courage to try something new, to get started with something that looks hard. So do a little happy dance with me to celebrate that you’re here, that you’re following along, practicing and making progress!

Flower Power

This week we’re quilting trees 9a, 9b, 10a and 10b. Four little trees this week! The theme is flower power, so let’s quilt some flowers!

Here is the overview of the One Two Tree Quilt to see where we are going to quilt. 

Video instructions

In this weeks video you will find two free motion patterns, one ruler design and one combination of rulers and free motion. I’ll be using a straight ruler and the Taj ruler.

Quilting Tree 9a

There we go, our first tree of this week. We are going to free motion quilt leaves on a meandered line. 

The schematic below shows you how I quilt the leaves. Maybe you can first practice with a pen and paper to get the hang of the movements you need to make this design. 

You can take it very slow. Just stop after each step in the quilting design. Take a look at the video to see how I’m putting this design on the tree.

Feel free to make the design bigger, and make less leaves then I’m making. Or make it easier by making wavy lines up and down and adding leaves to those lines. That way you don’t have to worry about where your meandering should go next. You can do it!

Quilting Tree 9b

In this little tree we will make a spiral with the straight ruler. 

Pick a point to start from, this doesn’t have to be centered. Use your straight ruler to make a short line down, stop, turn the ruler 90 degree and quilt a short line to the left, stop, turn the ruler 90 degrees and quilt a short line up, and so on and so on. 

I did not make my lines completely parallel for a more playful look.


You can achieve this pattern with a normal straight line quilting foot or walking foot, but you will need to turn your quilt a lot for that. If you are looking for a free motion alternative you could try quilting a organic spiral. 

Quilting Tree 10a

In this tree we will make a combination with the Taj ruler, straight ruler and a little bit free motion. We are starting with the Taj flowers.

Use the inside of the Taj ruler to make the leaves of the flower. There are markings on the ruler to help  you position the next leave. Take a look at the video to see how I’m turning and positioning the ruler.

When you have make one or two flowers (or three, I couldn’t get enough haha..) it’s time to fill up the space in between the flowers.

I’m using the straight ruler to make horizontal lines. I decided to not let them run into the flower, but make tiny free motion quilted curve to the next line. Leaving a little bit of room around the flower makes them pop out more. 

In the illustrations you see the lines run into the flowers, that is also an option. Then you will travel over the edge of the flower to the starting point of the next flower.


As an alternative for the Taj ruler you could make a flower with a circle ruler. Take a bit bigger circle ruler, and quilt a small part of the circle.

Then you move the ruler to quilt back down to the point where you started.

Move your ruler and repeat the steps to make the next petal. Continue till you have a lovely quilted flower.

Quilting Tree 10b

For the last tree of this week we are going to make a free motion quilted flower. I love this pattern, but I’m still a little intimidated by it to quilt is as a a all over design on a quilt. (If you google ‘all over quilting flower’ you will find some examples of what I mean in the image section) So let’s start by making it as just one flower in a small tree.

Quilt straight up from the trunk of the tree. 

Make a partial circle as the center of our flower. 

Now you wil quilt around the center with small scallops, all the way around to the other side.

When you get to the other side you stop and quilt down a little bit. Then make a second line of scallops in the other direction. 

Go back and forth around your flower until you have filled up the whole tree.

Next week

And there we have it, four new designs in blocks 9 and 10. I hope you’ll have fun trying out these designs. Next week we’ll continue with blocks 11 and 12 in a fruity theme!

See you next week!

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