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Accessory Case for Travelling and Storage – Part Three

Best little Binding Joiner Ever!

It really is  …  all in the ‘amazing’ details’ as I mentioned last post … and this little binding technique is actually a biggie!!  Over the years I have been sewing, many different techniques have come my way – and I’ve probably tried them all … however, once you get this one sorted – it’s the ‘go-to binding joiner’ to use –


Step One – Leave about 6” of each end of the binding free from sewing. A 12” space along the edge. (The longer this section, the easier it is to join)  Lap left hand end, over the right hand end and pin onto raw edge about in the middle.  Blue pin was my underneath section, (about where I wanted my join) and yellow pins were the upper section.



Step Two – Measure the cut width of your binding (or just use the end of the piece!), and trim the excess from each end, so that the overlap is now the same as the cut width of your binding strip.  My overlap is now 2 ½” (same as my cut width of binding)


Step Three – Unfold both ends of binding, being careful not to twist them when you place them right sides together – (I place them right over left) – see photo below – mark a 45 degree line across the end.  Place a pin on the line where you are going to sew, open it out to make sure the ends are aligned properly … and stitch together on this line.  Trim seam, press open, refold raw edges together …






And stitch binding into place.  (Love having my awl to hold it just where I want it!)


The more you use this technique, the easier it becomes!

This blog post brings this project almost to a close – the full requirements and instructions will be available to download in a PDF format from Bernina Australia website in a few weeks – Thanks Bernina Australia.


Happy sewing and travels,

Rhonda … The Sewing Gypsy!





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  • Debbie mark sancranti

    Trying to follow along. Will the pdf be available in America too?  I’m trying to figure a way to accesss my ever growing collection of feet

    love yourpattern

  • jillan

    Thanks for the gentle reminder on how wonderful this technique is. happy travels

  • kimzsewing

    Keep them coming Rhonda Love all the posts and love using my number 10 foot for binding . Great Binding technique thanks for that…..

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