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Time to Shine – Sew clutch for the party outfit

Claudia from Il Coccolino and author for the German BERNINA blog is your guide for this fantastic sewing project. Together, you will sew a glitter clutch and we are delighted that you join this glamorous project.

My glitter dress is ready… but now I really want to sew a matching clutch – the perfect icing on the cake for the party outfit!

Material requirements to sew a clutch

  • Remnants of the clothing fabric or a piece of black dress fabric
  • Zipper 30 cm
  • Polysheen embroidery thread
  • Bobbin thread
  • Interfacing and embroidery stabilizer
  • Mettler denim thread in black
  • Magnetic closure
  • Decovil light
  • Transfil (transparent yarn)
  • Fabric for the pocket lining

Cutting outer parts

For the clutch I cut an outer part made of leather and one made of fabric with these dimensions here. The seam additions are included.

I ironed both parts with a soft but sturdy fleece (Decovil light), leaving the seam allowances without stabilizer. My leather is very soft and fine, which is why the use of an inlay makes sense. For thicker leather, this may be omitted.


Now the embroidery is placed on the fabric part in the desired place. By the way, you can find the free embroidery file HERE.

Clutch Sewing

After finishing the embroidery work, we start sewing the clutch. Both outer parts are sewn to the zipper as shown. 1 cm seam addition is folded to the wrong side.

I use the thread called Denim from Mettler for the sewing. This thread is thicker than a normal universal yarn and this ensures a beautiful, quilted seam next to the zipper. 

So that I can later sew the crystals more easily by hand or attach the magnetic closure, I do not yet catch the lining in this step. It is later fixed in the clutch with a few stitches by hand.

Now place both outer parts on the right to the right and close the side and floor seams with the zipper open. So that nothing slips, I use the Walking Foot #50.

Image of Three-Sole Walking Foot with Seam Guide #50.

Three-Sole Walking Foot with Seam Guide #50

With three soles for sewing, quilting and topstitching ✓  Perfect fabric feed and even stitch formation ✓  Seam guides help you sew with precision ✓  Materials that are stretchy or tend to stick ✓ 

Learn more

Magnetic closure & Swarovski crystals

After turning, I attach the magnetic closures to the desired position. So that the corners of the sewn clutch sit flat, I opted for two of them in the respective corners, instead of one in the middle.

The small Swarovski crystals are ironed on or attached with an applicator. I sew the large triangle crystals by hand with the transparent yarn.

I found a very suitable design for the cotton lining in my fabric basket.

So that my smartphone does not wander wildly in the bag, I have added a small pocket for this.

After the side and bottom seams of the lining bag are closed, I fold the seam allowance of the upper edge to the wrong side. Now the lining can be sewn to the zipper by hand with small stitches.

I’m done sewing the clutch – my dress, clutch and I are ready for a wonderful time-to-shine moment!

Do you feel like sewing such a sparkling Clutch?

Greetings and see you soon

Free sewing instructions: Festive Clutch

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