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Pants Dee by La Maison Victor

Pants Dee by La Maison Victor

Pants Dee are elegant with a folded big hem and belt in the same fabric. With the sharp fold in the front, it looks like men’s trousers, very dandy. The high waist and the slightly high-water leg make it very stylish and feminine. Nice to combine with heels or cool boots. I’ve never sewn pants like this before, time to step out of my comfort zone a bit.

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La Maison Victor Nov/Dec 2021

LIESL’s version


The pattern

The pattern can be found in La Maison Victor from Nov/Dec 2021. The instructions were generally easy to follow, but I found the image for inserting the zipper a bit confusing. So I put in the zipper my own way. The zipper from my stock was too long, but that was no problem (the other way around is another story ?). This time I cut the top off and zigzagged across the teeth a few times to create a new stopper.

I made size 40 and adjusted the length of the trouser leg for my height. 7 cm went off the leg and 2 cm of the hem. The hem is folded in half at the bottom of the leg and is neatly finished with the bernette 64 AIRLOCK.

Image of bernette 64 AIRLOCK.

bernette 64 AIRLOCK

The overlocker with an air threader to automatically thread the loopers. It‘s never been so easy to get started. The b64 AIRLOCK has even more to offer: the freearm makes it easy to sew sleeves and cuffs.

Learn more

Neatly finished

With the help of a tailor’s ham


The side pocket consists of one piece that folds back very conveniently. I’ve never made a pocket like this before. See images below.

Pocket in one piece

Folded pocket becomes the side seam

The look

As usual, the inspiration for this outfit comes from Pinterest. When I see a cool combination, I save it on a relevant board and when I select fabrics, I often scroll through these saved images. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the image, it’s my own take on it. Nice to challenge yourself like that. Sew the look

I combine the green pants with these ‘black garlands’ on white sweater fabric, inspired by the middle image. Specially made for my birthday….a birthDEE! ?


Front of the birthday outfit

Back of the birthday outfit

The fabric

The checked fabric used in the example of La Maison Victor is a mixture of 64% polyester, 34% viscose and 2% elastane.

The fabric recommendation is that all fabrics without stretch are suitable. Fabrics with stretch are less suitable, because these fabrics might result in too much room at the waist. The green fabric I used is similar in composition. In retrospect, I think there was a bit more stretch in it, because at my waist it indeed was too roomy. Because of my shape I’m used to adjust a pattern one size smaller at the waist, but this was a bit more than that.


I made the waistband and the top of the pants smaller. I mainly did this at the back by making the darts wider and also stitching the back seam more tapered towards the top. The belt does the rest.

The belt

A nice deatail in this pattern is the matching wide belt of 6 cm that is held in place by long loops. I didn’t have a buckle suitable for this width, so a trip to the thrift shop was planned. I found two options . One fairly heavy buckle that easily accommodates the 6 cm wide belt and one that offers space for a 5 cm wide belt. Both I took home with me.

I decided to go for the heavy buckle. After all, I had already stitched, turned and ironed the belt. However, the large buckle did not fit the rings I wanted to attach to the belt. A dive into the “hardware” stash yielded a new pin for the buckle. With the assistance (read: muscle power) of my hubby, I made a suitable combination.

I placed the rings (rivets) in the belt with 2 cm spacing. I placed an extra loop around the belt, so it stays in place even better.

Hole maker

Rivet for the buckle


This green pants are a nice addition to the wardrobe and easy to combine with existing made and recycled items. Festive and stylish!

Want to see more fun memade outfits? Have a look at my Instagram.






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