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Making a crop top, so easy and quick!

Hello Bernina lovers,

These past months have been quite intensive and busy on my side!

I signed up the making of a pattern’s book. I can not yet talk much about it because it hasn’t yet been published.

What I can tell you is that there will be 7 beautiful patterns and you’ll be able to find it online in Amazon and other merchants and also in the main French bookstores (the book is in French). I am over excited about it!

The Bernina family in my atelier gets bigger

In addition to the book, I welcomed a new member in my team. Juliette joined You Made My Day Patterns back in October, and she has spent the past 7 months learning alongside me a few days per month, when she wasn’t at her school were she is learning all different sewing techniques. She has now finished her internship with me and she will pass her sewing certificate in a few months. It has been great to have her besides me, I got to teach sewing back again from time to time, explaining why this or that, and she also showed me how she learnt to make this project, sleeve, etc or even how to properly call things!


Juliette helped a lot in the making of the book I mentioned above, since we had to sew every single pattern ourselves. From the toile to the final version, and in between there are about 4 to 6 versions of each…. So if you do the maths… 7 patterns and an average of 5 times per pattern… it makes 35 pieces!

We had to sew different types of fabric, which makes it funnier! We were happy to have 2 Bernina as sewing machines…

Once we finished all the makes for the book, Juliette wanted to do something simple, comfy, that she could wear on a daily basis. She was looking for a sponge fabric, and we went to see a fabric store that is super close to our atelier. Mademoiselle Tissus, based in Biarritz, has all kinds of fabric and at really super soft prices 😉


Juliette chose this Terracotta sponge fabric and took my Sunday Sweat shirt pattern in order to hack it. She wanted a crop top. So with just the front, back and neckline pieces, she was able to make this cutie crop top.

The only changes made to it were:

  1. to elongate the sleeves by 11 cm, tracing a straight line from both sides and closing the new hem with a parallel line to the actual short sleeve hem;
  2. to shorten the front and back pieces. 20 cm were cut, but you better shorten as much as you want in order to have the perfect length for your body and desires.
  3. Both sleeves and low hems were just ironed up and top stitched with a double needle

The neckline band was sewn normally. A top stitch can also be done 5 mm from the neckline seam in order to flatten the seam.

I counted how many seams are needed for this version.

And there are 9 in total. Just 9 seams (including hems) to make this hack of the Sunday Sweat Shirt pattern! Isn’t that super cool?


What do you think about it? I love this version, it looks super nice and is super comfy (I wanted to steal it but Juliette is quite strong 😉 )


On my website you can see all the different versions that this Sunday Sweat shirt offers… there are quite a few options, which is perfect to make this pattern over and over again without repeating a single time the same things.

Below just some examples of makes with the Sunday Sweat Shirt pattern.

And in addition, you can now also make this hack!


Happy sewing you all!


Free sewing instructions: Sewing a crop top

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