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Sew a jeans pocket with cordonnet foot #11

Are you afraid of finishing a jeans with thicker thread for topstitching? Here’s a project as an easy try: sew a jeans pocket with cordonnet foot #11.

This presserfoot is a great help to sew thicker thread like cordonnet or Mettler extra strong. As a first project, I made a cushion with a jeans pocket.. The size of this pocket fits my smartphone when watching TV.

The Cordonnet Foot #11 is the foot of the month for March 2023. Remember there’s a discount on the accessory of the month…

Image of Cordonnet Foot #11.

Cordonnet Foot #11

For sewing and topstitching with cordonnet as the upper thread ✓  Also for sewing sashiko patterns and the like ✓  The groove on the bottom of the sole ensures an even fabric feed ✓  For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

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What do you need to sew a jeans pocket?

  • Leftovers of a heavy weight fabric or jeans
  • Cushion fill
  • Cordonnet foot 11
  • Mettler extra strong thread. Avoid to use the cutting function in the machine. It’s not meant to trim special threads like metallic, nylon or cordonnet.
  • Mettler Seralong sewing thread for the bobbin.
  • A topstitch needle (they have a bigger opening for the thread).
  • You can draft the pattern yourself, or with the software CorelDraw that comes with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9
  • If you like to use the same pattern as I did, you can download the pattern here: Jeans pocket
  • Overlockmachine and sewing machine.
Image of BERNINA Embroidery Software 9.

BERNINA Embroidery Software 9

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Sew a jeans pocket with cordonnet foot #11 Bernina


The pattern for the jeans pocket.

Think of the double topstitching sewing lines when you check the width of the pocket.

This is my pocket:

Print on a standard printer sheet.

Cut the paper on the upper dashed line. Fold along the second dashed line and fold again on the topline of the pocket. Cut along the outline, it includes the seam.

Fold the pattern open again.


Cut the pattern from the fabric.

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut. A short 3mm cut along the dashed line and on the top of the pocket will serve as notches.

Overlock along the outline without cutting fabric. I use the BERNINA L 460.

Image of BERNINA L 460.


The BERNINA overlocker L 460 offers up to 1500 stitches per minute and ensures beautiful and flexible stitches. The BERNINA L 460 is the perfect overlocker/serger for the creative sewer of knitwear.

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Iron all seams (double fold for the top seam). It’s useful to fold the 1cm seam along a cardboard card (think of a cornflakes or pizzabox) to iron straight lines.

Cut away a small triangle on the top left and right side to prevent bulky corners.


Sew the curved decorative lines.

Cut out the pattern on the center line.

Take standard sewing thread for the bobbin. Be sure you have a toptstich needle on the sewing machine.

You can start sewing the top seam with the cordonnet foot. Guide along the inner toe or the side of the presser foot. Guide along the side of the presser foot when sewing the second line.

Set for stitchlength 4 for a nice effect.

Sew along the curved line. The center slit is a help.

Sew an extra line on both sides, parallel to the first one.

When sewing with stitchlength 4, sometimes you would need a ‘half stitch’ to fit in the exact corner where you need to turn. Read the blogpost ‘Tips for collar, darts and topstitching’ for extra tips.


Sew the jeans pocket on the cushion or jeans:

Pin the pocket to the fabric of the cushion or jeans.

Guide along the inside line of the presser foot’s toe.

Sew a jeans pocket with cordonnet foot #11 Bernina

Start sewing a 1,5cm under the top side of the pocket and sew backwards to the top. This is a good way to secure the stitches. Sew around the pocket and sew 2 stitches, then turn back and sew parallel to the outer line on the inside. Sew a zigzag stitch in the corners. I used these settings:

Sew parallel lines.

Sew a jeans pocket with cordonnet foot #11 Bernina

The jeans pocket is ready? Does it look like to sew a jeans pocket with cordonnet foot #11?


For a next project, you can vary as much as you like. Find inspiration on the internet and search for ‘jeans back pocket’.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: heavy weight fabric, Jeans, Mettler extra strong
Used Products:
Cordonnet Foot #11
Cordonnet Foot #11

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