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Unwrapping the Magic of Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment

Crafting interior Magic with Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment

Santa’s Little Helper for Seamstresses, Unwrapping the Magic of Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment. Today, I have unwrapped a sewing must have, the #50M Walking Foot attachment. If you’ve ever yearned for a touch of festive cheer to your sofa, this attachment is here to help you.

Exploring Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment

Today, I will be delving into the practical aspects of Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot attachment. If you’ve been seeking a reliable addition to your sewing toolkit for a smoother stitching experience, this attachment may be just what you need. ( find my first sewing project using the foot below )

Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment

Its not as complicated as it looks!

Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment

Unboxing the Attachment

Imagine unwrapping the package, and your sewing machine quietly approves. The #50M Walking Foot attachment is designed to enhance the functionality of your sewing machine, providing a practical touch to your stitching endeavours.

It may look a little scary to begin with, but it’s very simple to use. The box contains 3 different soles for sewing, quilting and top-stitching, and a very handy seam guides. I have today only used the sewing foot.

Using the Attachment

Using the #50M is straightforward. Attach it to your Bernina sewing machine, and it functions in sync with your machine’s feed dogs. This ensures that layers of fabric stay aligned, particularly useful for projects where precision is crucial, such as quilting.

attached to my Bernina 480

Bernina’s #50M Walking Foot Attachment

Why Choose the #50M?

 The #50M is versatile, accommodating various fabrics with ease. From delicate silks to sturdy cotton or thick coatings, it maintains order in your stitching process. Quilters will find it beneficial for keeping layers in place, contributing to a more controlled and efficient sewing experience.

Suitable Fabrics for Different Projects: A Practical Overview

– Cotton: This fabric, a staple in many sewing projects, pairs seamlessly with the #50M. Whether you’re working on garments, quilts, or home decor, the walking foot ensures consistent movement of fabric layers, promoting accuracy in your stitching.

– Linen: Known for its unpredictable behaviour, linen benefits from the stabilising influence of the #50M. It acts as a guide, facilitating smoother fabric movement during the sewing process.

– Knits: The #50M addresses the challenges posed by stretchy knits, preventing distortion and ensuring that your stitches remain even. This practical feature eliminates common issues such as uneven hems and puckering seams.

Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a novice exploring the intricacies of sewing, the Bernina Walking Foot #50M offers a pragmatic solution for a more efficient and controlled stitching process.  Happy sewing, and may your projects benefit from the enhanced functionality of the #50M Walking Foot attachment.

Using the #50 for the first time

I used my new little Christmas helper on  a rather stubborn thick Teddy fabric, to create some cute festive scatter cushions. 

Creating my cushions

I cut the Christmas tree shapes out, placed the fabric right sides together, added a few little labels to one edge of the trees, sewed around the outside edge, leaving a small whole at the bottom to add my stuffing!

I love to add a label!

Sewing with the foot was an absolute dream, no more persuading your fabric to go under the foot or tugging from the other side!!! we have all done it with those stubborn fabrics!

I then snipped into the corners, added the contents of an old cushion I had, sewed the bottoms up by hand and am now the proud  of 3 new Christmas Tree shaped cushions!!

A fun little project using a huge helping hand.
Thank you Bernina x

Ps come and check out my makes, and my brand new Sewmebox sewing boxs on @everseme and

PPs Happy Christmas x


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