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Discovering my new sewing machine feet 52C and 35

Following on from my last blog, I am discovering and learning how to use my new sewing machine feet for my Bernina B480, for the next few months, I will be blogging about how to use them and my thoughts

I have been wanting to sew a new Bias skirt pattern for some time, my fabric of choice is an extremely slippery Viscose Satin and I needed some help! pattern: Fibremood Madeline

my sewing equipment! including Microtex needles, a concealed zip and of cause my new Sewing machine feet

To sew the pattern I will be using the help of 2 new sewing machine feet, firstly the nonstick sole of the No. 52C and for the concealed zip, sewing machine foot No. 35

Zigzag Foot with Non-Stick Sole #52C

Sewing with satin fabric can be a beautiful and elegant experience, but it can also be frustrating when the fabric slips and slides as you work with it. Fortunately, using a nonstick sewing machine foot can make all the difference in the world.

The foot is made from a special non stick material, that allows the fabric to glide smoothly and easily over the surface, preventing snagging, puckering, like a standard sewing machine foot. It is particularly good for top stitching, and hemming. It glides over the fabric like a dream.

Sewing the stabilising lining to side seam

Top stitching the facing at the waistband

Investing in a nonstick foot is worth considering when sewing with satin fabric, also goof for sewing with Leather, Vinyl or plastic. ( perfect for sewing bags!)

My second new foot is:

Invisible Zipper Foot #35

Due to the satin fabric, showing up all sewing mister meaners! I was very nervous to be sewing an invisible zip into the side seam of my skirt. So I used the assistance of my new foot.

The grooves on the sole of the foot that guide the zipper coil when sewing

The foot has 2 grooves acting as a guide, making zip insertion a breeze compared to a standard zipper foot. The grooves are located in the sole of the foot, and the coil of the zipper fits perfectly, which are fed through at the same time as the zipper tape and is guided under and sewn.

Firstly I press the zipper coil open, enabling me to sew even closer to the teeth.

opening out the zip coil and pressing

I then guide the coil into one of the grooves on the sole and sew using a straight stitch.

Using the groove guide

The foot created a perfect result, when worn, you wouldn’t even know where the zip is.. Im so pleased.

It is ideal for inserting zippers invisibly into garment seams. In addition, this presser foot is a reliable helper when sewing home furnishings and accessories.

Im very pleased with the end result, the new sewing feet certainly made the difference. Perfect with a casual t-shirt or a chunky jumper and boots in the winter.



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