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Upgrade your B 880 & B 790 with Embroidery Plus and the new BERNINA Midi Hoop!

Dear BERNINA blog readers,

Are you a happy owner of a B 880 or B 790? Then we have great news for you: get to know our new product Embroidery Plus!

Embroidery Plus upgrades your B 880 & B 790 to enhance embroidery functionality. New embroidery features, new embroidery designs and the new BERNINA Midi Hoop are included. Using the product key that comes with the upgrade, easily and quickly you can have the newest of features.


These are your advantages coming with the upgrade

Enhanced Editing Functions

  • Pinpoint Placement: With this new function, you could place your design on the fabric exactly where you want it.– fast and precise. You don’t need to use the template anymore.
Punktgenaue Platzierung

Pinpoint placement

  • Undo & Redo: Simply undo or redo steps while editing or combining designs to return to your initial Position.
Rückgängig machen und Wiederherstellen

Undo & Redo

  • Group & Ungroup: Combine designs to edit all at one time with Group or break apart designs to edit individually with ungroup.
Gruppieren und Gruppierung aufheben

Group & Ungroup

  • Rearrange: Customize the design layer stitch-out sequence. Use rearrange in combination with the group function.
Ebenenreihenfolge ändern


Intuitive & very easy to use

  • Embroidery Consultant: For each embroidery technique the consultant helps you to choose the correct foot, needle, thread and stabilizer according to your fabric to achieve the best results.

Embroidery Consultant

  • Toggle between mm & inches: The embroidery design size and the hoop dimensions can be shown in mm or inches.

Toggle between mm & inches

  • Reads most popular file formats: EXP, DST, PES, JEF, PCS, SEW, XXX. The stitch patterns mustn’t be converted anymore about the embroidery Software.
Kompatibel mit allen gängigen Dateiformaten

Compatible with all file formats

Total Stitch Control

  • Thread Away Mode: Pulls the threads down to the underside for clean embroidery results on the top. Program jump stitch length to manage thread cuts. Subject to design properties.

Thread away mode

  • Invisible & Smart Secure: Securing stitches become invisible as the tie-on/off stitches are sewn in stitch direction. Smart secure adds tie-on/off stitches to a design, if none are preset.
Unsichtbares Vernähen und Vernähstich-Erkennung

Invisible & smart secure

BERNINA Midi Hoop, stitch patterns & new embroidery alphabets

  • BERNINA Midi Hoop: With the new BERNINA Midi Hoop, hooping has never been easier before. Thanks to the ergonomic twist-lock mechanism, easily tighten the hoop with full, even tension on the fabric with just a minimal twist of your fingers, guaranteeing quick and perfect embroidery performance. The size is 265 x 165 mm / 10,5 x 6,5 Inch.


  • Stitch patterns: With the Upgrade you receive a lot of new stitch patterns, included monograms with frames, «In the hoop»-Projects and stitch patterns for special application techniques.
Neue Stickmuster

New stitch patterns

  • Embroidery alphabets: Also new embroidery alphabets are a part of the Upgrade, for example the writings Curly, Happy Times, Deco and Rounded:

New embroidery alphabets

The features of the Embroidery Plus Upgrade are introduced in the following video. The video contains a detailed step by step introduction how to use the pinpoint placement function:

Installation instruction

1. Update: Update your B 880 and B 790 with the latest firmware. During the update process your machine ID will be generated.

2. Register: Go to and fill in your machine ID and the product key from the Embroidery Plus upgrade pack. This will generate the activation key.

3. Upgrade: Enter your activation key into your machine to enable the embroidery features included in this upgrade.


The whole process will be described in the following 2 videos.

Learn how to update your B 880 & B 790:

Learn how to install the Embroidery Plus Upgrade for B 880 & B 790:

The Embroidery Plus Upgrade is now available in India, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and in the USA.

We wish you a lot of fun with our new product!

Kind regards,


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    My machine (B790 Plus) was recently updated with the new software.  How may I obtain a copy of the new instruction book?

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