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bernette FUNLOCK b 42/b48: Binding-Foot, Tips

Dear Reader

Part of my job as educator for overlockers/sergers at BERNINA International includes writing of tips and tricks on how to use our products. Many of these instructions are only developed after a product has been launched as the time prior to launch is not sufficient to try all the possibilities. But some of these tips develop due to an inquiry of a user not getting the results by following the instructions in the manual.

This is one of these examples: How to get a successful and nice result in using the Binder attachement on the bernette FUNLOCK b42 or b48?

bernette Bandeinfasser Funlock Bild1

But from the beginning: Dear Agnes from South Africa – you found an error in the instruction manual.

bernette bandeinfasser 2Two possible errors can be located:

… the graph of the folding of the binding fabric…

bernette bandeinfasser 3

… or the recommended width of the tape.

bernette bandeinfasser 4

I recommend to cut bias tape, or actually cross grain knit, at a width of 40 to 45 mm, depending on the stretchability of the fabric.

Then I find it easier to insert the gut binding fabric into the foot before attaching it to the machine. I.e. my procedure would be as per following description.

The machine I used is a b42 Coverstitch machine (but the same applies to the b48).

bernette Funlock b42 coverstich

Set the machine for coverstitch narrow or wide, as you prefer. I used a narrow one with left and center needle.

bernette coverstich schmal

Set a stitch length between 3 and 4.

bernette coverstich b 42 stichlänge

Testsew to see if the stitch is to your liking. Tip: playing with thread colors adds a personal touch.

bernette b42 coverstich eingefädelt

Raise the (standard) presser foot and remove it, refer to the manual – or the how to video on

It is for example shown in the “Maintenance” Video:


bernette coverstich nähfuss entfernen

Take the Binding attachment presser foot.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser

Take your cut bias tape, in my case I use cross-cut lightweight knit fabric which is not too soft to prevent unnessessary rolling.

Prefold the binding and cut corners off.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser band vorschneiden

Thread the binding into the guide.

bernette bandeinfasser coverstich band einfädeln

Use the tweezers to pull the binding into the guide…

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser band einfädeln 2

… making sure the folding remains the way it should.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser band einfädeln 3

Pull until having enough binding “under” the whole foot.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser 5

Attach the presser foot to the machine. Make sure to have the bias tape all the way under the foot at rear.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser fuss befestigen

Lower the foot and sew a few stitches to stabilize the binding.

bernette coverstich fuss band nähen 1

Cut the needle thread tails (if they are hanging loosely over the foot) to prevent fabric puckering.

Insert the fabric to be bound, making sure its edge is all the way in between the bias. In my case it is a lightweight sweatshirt material… don’t go too thick!

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser stoff einlegen

Sew slowly until it reaches the needles.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser nähen 2

Continue sewing, making sure that: The binding fabric on the upper side always reaches the left edge of the guide. Don’t stretch it too much.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser führen 1

The to be bound fabric should always be to the right as much as possible, in between the binding. Don’t stretch it at all.

bernina bandeinfasser stoff führen

Frequently check the result behind the foot.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser 6

Also check the underside…

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser stiche unterseite

… so that you could adjust your guiding if needed.


Depending on the stretchability of the fabric used for the binding, cut it 45 to 50 mm wide.

Avoid too thick materials for the binding and fabrics being bound. Too thick fabrics are not working with this small foot.

bernette coverstich bandeinfasser shirt ausschnitt

Got you – no picture of the finished shirt – that is another story and not written yet.

… and don’t forget, practice makes perfect – enjoy using the bernette binding attachment!

Kind regards, Doris

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Products:
bernette 42
bernette 42

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  • Linda Sutton

    Please can you tell me where to buy this binder attachment for the b42 coverstitch. I have looked everywhere.  Thank you.

    • Doris Brechbuehl

      Hi Linda. Thanks for your inquiry. You should get the b42 coverstitch binder foot from your authorized bernette dealer. I am sure they will ship to you if you can not pick it up personally. If you want to let me know where you are, I might be able to check with our local representative to where to direct you… Kind regards, Doris

  • Margaret Elmendorp

    Hello, thank you for this tutorial. However I too have misgivings about such a flimsy looking binder. I have the #88 Bernina binder and I have been able to attach it to my Bernette 42 minus the back fabric guide. I figure as it just folds and guides the fabric through to the sewing foot, it is not interfering with the sewing mechanisms. There is a Bernina article saying the binder foot works with the Bernina cover lock machine. I need practise ( lots) but I think this may help others – also spraying aerosol hairspray on slippery bindings and allow it to dry completely, stiffens them up.

    • Doris Brechbuehl

      Hello Margaret. Thanks for the tips and tricks you are sharing with all of us! Kind regards, Doris Brechbuehl.

  • Alicia Thelin

    Can this foot only be used on a serger? Or can it be used on a bernina sewing machine? I have an Activa 130 and an Activa 230. Thanks for any help.

    • Doris Brechbuehl

      Hi Alicia. This foot is designed for the serger, fitting the design of needles, knives and feed dogs. If you want to try the bernette serger binder on your Activas, it is at your own risk… I would recommend to use Binder 88 on your sewing machines. In the accessories catalogue you find the binder / article number compatible for your machines. Kind regards, Doris

  • Heidi Jungwirth

    Hi, I am not finding it easy to use this attachment.  The binding keeps slipping to the right, especially the upper edge.  When I look at other binding attachments, including the Bernina attachment for its sewing machine, they do such a better job.  I think that a redesign is in order, not really what I expect from Bernina.


    • Doris Brechbühl

      Hi Heidi Jungwirth, thanks for your feedback. As different fabrics behave differently, there is no universal solution. With this foot and by the case you describe, I would roughly guess, that may be setting differential feed towards 0.8 or 0.7 could be useful… but no guarantee, just worth a try. However, I take your feedback on proposing a re-design to the people in charge. Kind regards, Doris.

  • Rugaya Sadan

    Please can you upload a video of your process.  This is not working for me,

    • Doris Brechbuehl

      Dear Rugaya Sadan, thanks for your feedback and inquiry. There is currently no video available showing the use of the bernette binding foot, but I have added your inquiry to the wishlist and see what I can do. But don’t get me wrong, it will take some time. Kind regards. Doris

      • Rugaya Sadan

        Hi Doris

        Thank you for your reply. I am still finding that this foot is just not working.  Even the educator at the Bernina store could not get it to work correctly, and she has decades of experience. I find it very disappointing that Bernina have chosen not to address this problem, given that the binder foot is only sold as part of an extremely expensive box set here.  This is also the first time I’ve ever been disappointed by a Bernina product!

        Please add my feedback to your list, as I echo Ms Jungwirth’s recent recommendation that a redesign is in order.
        kind regards


  • Anne Svalland

    Hvor kan jeg få kjøpe denne binding fot for Bernette Funlock 42? mvh Anne

  • Nara Fritch


    Thank you so much for this tutorial…. I looked for about 2 hours to find one with this foot!! So far yours is the only one out there. It is a bit of a shame that  Bernette has not done one.

    regards, Nara

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