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Sugaridoo Bernina Quilt Along – Are you in?

Are you ready?

Whoohoo! The Sugaridoo BERNINA Quilt Along is going to start on the 28th of November. Are you ready?

Hi there!

How awesome that you’re here. My name is Irene from Sugaridoo. I love to design quilts and make video tutorials for my YouTube channel. I’m going to be your host for the next 12 months in the Sugaridoo BERNINA Quilt Along. It’s going to be a modern, fresh, fun and free quilt along. I’m so super excited! 

Today I’m giving you all the information about what we are going to make, techniques we are going to use and when and where it’s happening, And at the end of this blog post I’ll share the amazing prizes that you can win during this quilt along. I’m not kidding, it’s so exciting.

(Did you scroll down? You did, didn’t you. Can you believe it? I’m SO excited!) 

What are we going to make?

Most important question for today is I guess: What are we going to make? Well. It is going to be a mystery quilt along, so I can’t show a picture of the finished quilt. BUT, of course I can tell you a little bit more about it.

It is a row along quilt along. Every four weeks we will make one of the twelve rows for the quilt. The rows have different heights, so the elements in the rows also vary in size. Some of the rows are made out of blocks, some of them are more like a continuous pattern.

All patterns will be in inches. The finished size of the quilt will be 70 x 90 inch. If you want to go bigger you can add a border around the quilt when it’s finished. 

The button below gives some sneak peeks to what the quilt is going to look like. You can share the button on your blog, on your Instagram or Facebook account to tell all your quilting friends that you’re joining the quilt along! (click to download full size)


As you can see in the button above, we are going to make a modern quilt with geometric shapes. Using solid fabrics will accentuate the modern feel of the quilt. A finished all solid quilt top is a perfect canvas for quilting it with rulers. After the quilt along I’ll do a mini series on using rulers to quilt this quilt.

Using fabrics with a print would also work perfectly in this quilt. Next week I will share all the information you need to select your own fabrics. In the meantime you can already check out the fabric kits for this quilt on

Quilt along Schedule

Every four weeks you will find the pattern for a new row in the quilt on the BERNINA blog. All blog posts will appear in an overview on this page.

Here is a list of what is going to happen during the quilt along.

  • 28th of November 2019: release of the first row pattern
  • 14th of May 2020: half way giveaway to celebrate finishing the first half of your quilt
  • 1st of October 2020: release of the last row pattern
  • 29th of October 2020: instructions to assemble the quilt
  • 26th of November: celebrating finishing our quilt tops with a BIG giveaway

Learning new techniques, everyone can join

We are going to use different techniques in this quilt. Every four weeks we will focus on one technique. We are going to cut and sew with strips of fabric, use foundation paper piecing, some traditional piecing and use a super easy method for curves.

What I would love for this quilt along to be, is a safe space where you can confidently try and learn new things. Therefore I’m going to quilt along with you.

All of the patterns and instructions will be released in three languages, English, Dutch and German here on the BERNINA blog. For every row, you will find written instruction on the BERNINA blog and for every row I will make a video on the Sugaridoo YouTube channel. So you will see me make each row step by step, going over all the details of the techniques that we use. Here is the video with the announcement of the quilt along:

That way it will be a beginner-friendly, but still challenging quilt along. If you’re excited and you want to join, but you feel like you’re not experienced enough, please just listen to the excitement you feel. This quilt along is for every quilting level. It is going to be such a fun adventure, and you have me as your personal quilt instructor with you along the way. You can do this, I know you can.

Quilt along updates in your inbox

Now before I continue: have you already signed up for the BERNINA Blog-Newsletter? This newsletter informs you on a regular basis about all the new and interesting projects available there.

Furthermore, please go to to sign up for the quilt along email updates. This QAL is completely free and you can find all the information right here on the BERNINA blog. But when you sign up through the I will send you an email every four weeks when the new pattern is up and links to where you can find all the instructions. 

maybe you’re getting married, you’re cat is about to have kittens or you first need to finish watching the last season of the Great British Bake Off…

OK, so now you’ve signed up, you downloaded your ‘I’m in!’ button, you’re all set. You did sign up right? Even when you can’t work on the quilt right now, maybe you’re getting married, you’re cat is about to have kittens or you first need to finish watching the last season of the Great British Bake Off, that’s perfectly understandable. I just wanted to let you know that you can sign up and save the emails as a library of patterns with video tutorials in your inbox. That way you can start any time you want in the future. They will stay online and free forever.

These beautiful Mettler threads have something today with the first giveaway in the quilt along. Check back in next week for more information!

Let’s do this together

Sharing your progress and questions is what makes a quilt along so special. So to have that sense of community I created a Facebook group. I’m not often hanging out on Facebook anymore, but this quilt along definitely needed a place online where you can share and where I can answer all your questions.

Go to our Sugaridoo BERNINA QAL Facebook group 

I can’t wait to hang out over there with you guys and see what you’re making. 

Please also upload images of your quilt to your Instagram feed and don’t forget to use the hashtag #SugaridooBerninaQAL!

For those that are not on Facebook or Instagram, BERNINA has established a community section specifically for the quilt-along: Sugaridoo Quilt-Along on the BERNINA Blog. This way you will be able to show us your quilt and take part in the raffle even without Social Media profiles.


And then. Prizes. There will be three giveaways during this quilt along. Let me start with the entry prize. Thread producer Mettler is sponsoring the very first giveaway at the beginning of the quilt along. You will find all the details about how to enter in next weeks post together with the fabric requirements for the quilt along.

Then we will have a halfway giveaway. I will be giving away three fat quarter bundles with 8 different fabrics from the Sugaridoo shelves that you always see behind me in the videos to three lucky quilters when you finished the first six rows.

But then. You guys, it’s absolutely crazy. At the end of this quilt along for everyone who finishes the whole quilt top, BERNINA will be giving away 3 BERNINA 570QE sewing machines and three BERNINA ruler sets. You have to finish all 12 rows and assemble them in to a quilt top, the quilt doesn’t have to be quilted yet. Not one, not two, but three quilters can win a BERNINA 570 QE after finishing all twelve rows of the quilt. And three quilters can win a BERNINA ruler set. I’m a bit speechless. I mean, that is a whole new level of excitement about this quilt along. Three sewing machines. 

Entering all the giveaways is going to be through posting a picture of your progress either on Instagram or through the community section on the BERNINA Blog when you don’t have Instagram. Again, don’t forget to use the hashtag #SugaridooBerninaQAL on Instagram. When uploading to the BERNINA community section make sure to select “Sugaridoo Quilt-Along” from the dropdown list:

The winners will be selected at random. For the halfway giveaway you will need to post a picture of the first six rows of the quilt to enter the raffle.

For the final giveaway you need to post a picture of your finished quilt top to enter the raffle. 


Wow that was a lot of information. Let me do a quick recap for you

  • Quilt along starts 28th of November 2019
  • All patterns and instructions will stay permanently available on the blog. Here is an overview of all articles.  
  • Sign up via to get updates in your inbox
  • Share the QAL button to let everyone know you’re joining the QAL
  • Join the Facebook group to be part of the community
  • Show us pictures of your quilt on Instagram using the #SugaridooBerninaQAL hashtag or in the BERNINA community section
  • Fabric kits are now available at

I’m so super excited for this very first Sugaridoo Quilt along that I’m organizing together with BERNINA. Thanks for all your awesome messages of excitement over the last weeks when I shared sneak peaks. It’s going to be so much fun to work on this together!


Conditions of participation raffle

As with the Medallion and Triangle Quilt Along, the same applies to this Quilt Along:

  • The acceptance of the conditions mentioned in the article above is a necessary precondition for participation in the raffle.
  • The competition is open to all persons who have uploaded pictures of their finished quilt top (sewn according to the instructions of the Sugaridoo Quilt Along) to the community section of the BERNINA blog or to Instagram by using the #SugaridooBerninaQAL hashtag by 30 November 2020.
  • All readers of the German, English and Dutch BERNINA blogs are allowed to participate. BERNINA employees and their relatives are not permitted to participate.
  • The prizes will be randomly raffled under the participants. The raffle will take place in December 2020. The exact date will be announced in the blog.
  • The winners will then be notified within seven days. The notification will be made via their social media profile (if they participate via Instagram) or by e-mail (if the e-mail address is known). We are not responsible for failure to receive or late delivery of the notification.
  • If for any reason the winner is unable or otherwise not entitled to accept the prize, we do not guarantee that an alternative prize or replacement can be offered. The prize may not be paid out in cash and the right to the prize may not be assigned.
  • If there is no response to the prize notification within 7 days, the prize will be forfeited. If no response is received within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn immediately.
  • The main prize, the BERNINA 570 QE, must be collected by the winner from a nearby BERNINA dealer. Sugaridoo and Mettler prizes and Rulersets will be sent to the winner. In order to ensure the delivery of the prizes, winners must provide their name and address details correctly upon notification. They also agree that their address details may be passed on to their local BERNINA dealer and to the cooperation partners Sugaridoo and Mettler for further processing of the prize. If this is not done, the prize cannot be delivered and a new winner will be drawn immediately.
  • We reserve the right to interrupt this competition at any time, terminate it or vary the procedure and rules. Legal recourse is excluded.

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  • Brooke

    Part 8 – Mowed Lawn

    Maine Coast, USA


    I greatly appreciated the ease of this row. I hope you all enjoy this summertime shot of the harbor. 🙂Part 8 - Mowed Lawn, Sugaridoo Bernina QAL

  • ippy

    Not sure where I am supposed to add my comments.  I did post where it said Delta 4 and then found this!  Enjoying all the different rows.  Very interesting.

  • eramos536

    Could not find Tea Bag paper near me (Hollywood, Florida). Tried freezer paper without success. Used Foundation Sheets meant for paper piecing and embroidery (they jammed the printer).  Finished Part 4 – Row 9 this morning.

  • reneebg

    Here’s my Tetris Row. I had a problem keeping the pattern in order and ended up ripping out a few strips but it was not too difficult.

  • cherielund

    This is so much fun, my 1st QAL & I’m loving learning new techniques. Exciting seeing everyone’s colour choices & being part of the global quilting community. 

  • tammy Rushton

    I am so excited this is my first quilt along and I just can’t wait!!

  • lindacincinnatiusa

    In what city/country do you live? What sewing machine will you use during this Bernina QAL? I live in Cincinnati, USA. I will use my Elna Excellence 740; I’m planning to replace my Elna with that new Bernina 570 which I hope to win! Blessings to all. Linda

  • semperfigirl

    I’m In!  Absolutely can’t wait to get started!  I decided on two colors with a splash of Kona Watermelon throughout!
    #SugaridooBerninaQAL # #Mettlerthread

  • ibesewkool

    I am so in!  Have signed up for Bernis Blog newsletter and have tried to sign up on but keep getting the message that the site is experiencing technical troubles. Will try there again tomorrow!

  • Pamela Klowak

    I was too late to order fabric from Irene, so I came up with my own rainbow of Kona fabrics. I am super excited for my first quilt along!

  • Jorinda Dutton

    Good day. I cannot sign in as I cannot remember my user name. Please help.

    • Philipp Köstner

      Dear Jorinda,

      thank you for reaching out. It seems that there’s no account registered for your email address on the BERNINA blog. So, please feel free to set up a new account under If you need any assistance, please reply to this comment and give your consent to contact you directly via email.

      Kind regards

  • Mª Jesús Sanabria

    Si no compro  el  kit de telas no puedo hacer la colcha?

    Tengo muchas telas y quiero hacerlo con las mias

    Muchas gracias

  • Karen Greenhill

    Hello there

    I am really keen to join this QAL as I’ve never done anything like this before but I have questions …

    can I buy my own fabric or do I need to get it directly from you;

    do I have to join Facebook or Instagram – I don’t use Social media platforms and don’t want to start.

    Thanks xxx

    • Darija Grgic

      Hi Linda,
      A tag, for example, is an element which is used to create a link to another location within the same webpage. That is, your post will then be related to everything that has to to with the Sugaridoo Quilt-Along. I hope that helps.

      Best wishes,

  • Jean Ridley

    I have tried to register for the blog Bernina Sugaridoo QAL. It says it sent me an email with my credentials but I never get an Email and have checked my spam folder too


    • Darija Grgic

      Dear Jean,

      this has probably something to do with your email provider or your settings. If you want, we can activate the account for you.

      Best wishes,

  • eramos536

    I’m just a beginner and looking forward to the challenges and learning experiences this Sugardoo QAL will bring.

  • Cindy Oldenkamp

    Here is a good resource when selecting Kona fabrics. Lee has two articles on selecting Kona neutrals that includes discussion about picking colors and neutrals.  It also includes a nice cheat sheet of specific Kona neutral fabric #s.

  • Cindy Oldenkamp

    Is it possible to know the maximum size of fabric pieces we will be cutting? It would be helpful to know if we are using out stash.

  • Ginny Davis

    My email is

    i wanted to know the yardage requirements when I’m going to use 2 colors, and accent color and of course my background.    I’m not sure how much of my 2 main colors to get

  • Pam Kartak

    I’m IN!  Looking forward to the QAL!  This will be my first modern quilt.  I’m loving the bright rainbow colors with white.

    • beths0802

      Woo Hoo.  Can’t wait to start this quilt a long!

      Great prizes!!!!

  • linda Harvey

    I’m really keen to complete this QAL but live in UK. Can I purchase fabric kits from supplier in UK?

  • Ellen Rider

    I’m excited to do this!! My first QAL also. You are so inspiring AND I’ve been wanting to do a geometric quilt for months now so Thank You Irene & Bernina.

  • Ingrid Elston

    I am in!! Sounds like a fun year ahead. Cant wait to be part of a world wide quilting group


  • Joann Westfield

    I’m in! Can’t wait to get started! I just hope I have all my T’s crossed, so I didn’t miss doing something, so I can win a machine!!! LOL So excited about that possibility!!

  • Coriene Rowe

    Super excited for this great quilt along! It’ll be my first one. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques! And winning a new Bernina wouldn’t hurt either.

      • ippy

        This is also my first quilt along and I’m so pleased I found your site Irene.  ? Found you a couple of months ago and have now finished my 4th row and thoroughly enjoying it.  Only been learning this new skill for a year now so this is a big challenge for me.
        What is the easiest way to log on and then see where all posts I have added?  I log on then go to the recent one that is listed, row4 to see posts from others too.  So would I then just click on all the listed rows to find others I have posted?
        I just found this link and wondering how I see my old posts. Sorry, bit muddled up here.  could you possibly send me the correct link and I’ll bookmark it – or am I doing it the right way!

  • Elisa Galery

    I’m in and excited to start! Already thinking about what fabrics to use… the rainbow Sugaridoo solids or other colourful patterns. This will be great! 😀

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Always hard to pick fabrics! I’m sure it will look perfect what ever fabric you will go with. Patterns on a solid background would also be great for this quilt 🙂


    I can’t decide if I want to try this in batiks or Kaffe Fassett material! Ah well, at least I have a LITTLE time to decide. ?

  • Ilse Rojas

    It’s open world wide? because I always read the english blog, but I don’t know if I can participate because I’m form south america?

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Hi Ilse, thanks for asking. Yes it’s open world wide, it doesn’t matter where you live. Everyone who joins the quilt along and follows the instructions for the giveaways will have a change to win the giveaways! 🙂 Irene

  • Judith Sala

    I am looking forward to a fun  challenge and a terrific experience.

  • Deb witkowski witkowski

    Do you have to have special rulers or stencils?  I do not have the ones shown☹️

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Hi Deb, great question. I’m going to give all the information on the this Thursday here on the Bernina blog. But you don’t need the rulers in the image or any stencils. We will only use some normal inch rulers. 🙂 Irene

  • Laila Nash

    Yes !!! Awaiting further instructions and looking forward to a fantastic time ahead

  • Gina Stout

    I’m excited to join this QAL.  Irene’s enthusiasm is contagious!  Should be a lot of fun.  Thank you!

  • Tamara Wilbanks

    Your excitement is contagious. Love watching. You make me believe I can do anything . I am a new quilter and thank you .

  • Barbara Shert

    Love watching Irene making her quilts. Looking forward to this QAL, doing in the future at this time. Thank you.

  • Annie McConnell

    I’ve been following Irene and Sugarido for some time. I don’t  use Instagram,  but I submitted a request to join the Facebook group.  I have a large stash and hope to use it in this mystery qal.

  • Gail Wiltse

    I am excited to go on this journey with you! I have never participated in an online quilt project. I like having some deadlines! Excited to see the projects of others


  • Sharon Cleary

    I’m all in!!  I want to purchase one of the kits. I found the right spot but could not sign up for a USA purchase. How do I do that?

    Thank you


    • Debra White

      This sounds like so much fun!  I haven’t done a quilt along but I’m in for this one!  Irene makes me nostalgic for Holland, lived in Barneveld for a couple of years.

  • Teri Cooper

    I’m excited about the quilt along. I’m a beginner & I love watching Sugaridoo.  Irene you make it look so easy. I’m Excited to learn! Thank you to Bernina also.

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Aww thanks Teri! It’s so exciting to do this with all of you. Makes me so happy to see a lot of familiar faces (well names actually) sign up 🙂 Can’t wait! xo Irene

  • Zoanne Ingram

    Yes! I’m in. I love Sugaridoo and Irene. I’ve never done curved quilting or paper piecing so I’m really looking forward to completing this quilt with her. I’m also very excited about the prizes Bernina is offering. VERY generous gifts!

  • Cindy Donaldson

    looking forward to this QAL

    looking forward to the chance to win a new machine especially one geared towards quilting as I’d love to give back with donation quilts as my daughter has been the recipient of a couple through the children’s hospitals with her stays. I love the Linus project one of my favorite quilts of hers came from them.  I just can’t sew as fast with my old machine that was a hand me down from my mom. I love her Bernina. I’ve been sewing since mid 70’s and love it. I’ve learned from watching my moms amazing skills over the years. Recently my mom moved from oregon to Mesa it too far for me to go to do my sewing with her and share with her my projects or get pointers from her.  My mom can sew anything and has so many amazing skills she was a certified teacher for free motion machine embroidery and appliqué.  There’s nothing she can’t do on a machine she has so many skills and is always making samples and testing that I don’t know if she’ll ever get a whole project done. Mom has made so much but I’ll be 52 soon and I still haven’t ever had one of her quilts made for me. I’m one of 6 kids and mom had a dozen grandkids and three great grandkids. I’ve requested a UFO quilt made from all of her samples and many of the never finished stuff even if it a half done portrait, I have hopes of her old fashioned bum-clown portrait that isn’t complete added into my 50th Birthday quilt along with some hand towels turned bibs from the 80s kitty faces that were free motion embroidered.  My mom has binders of pages with sample stitching and settings and such. Especially for her serger. I have requested her needles binder collection it has every needle ever needed and on their own felt pages labeled with what they’re used for.  And their number size on some.

    Best of all I inherited her love and sewing abilities.   Sadly I have chronic fatigue and cams do long sewing sessions or go all day or night to get a procrastination project done in time.

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