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Mettler quilting thread giveaway || Sugaridoo BERNINA QAL fabric requirements

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages on the announcement of the Sugaridoo BERNINA quilt along. (If you missed it, hop over to THIS POST first) I’m soo excited that you all are going to join.

In this blog post you will find all the details to enter the very first giveaway of this quilt along, sponsored by Mettler threads. And I’ll also share all the information on the materials and fabrics you need to make the quilt.


Let’s start with the tools and materials. Here is the list of all the things I used to make this quilt, besides my Bernina 770QE:

  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Inch ruler. I used a 6 x 24″ and a 6 x 12″. It is no problem if you have just one ruler or have a slightly different size.
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread (in the color of your background fabric)
  • For foundation paper piecing I used an add-a-quarter-ruler, tea bag paper and freezer paper. Tea bag paper is my favorite kind of paper for paper piecing paper.

Fabrics and Fabric kits

So now for the fabrics. I selected three different Kona Cotton fabric bundles to make this quilt. The background fabric stays the same throughout the whole quilt. And every row will have a different main color. In each row there will be snippets of an accent color.

I came up with three options. This row along quilt is perfect for a rainbow bundle. So if you’re a rainbow fan like me you can either go for a rainbow on a white background, or a rainbow on a light grey background. 

The third option is a blue fabric kit with a yellow accent. The background in this kit color is this light blue and the main colors in the rows will be other shades of blue, light grey and dark grey.

With the rainbow kit there are some grey accents in every row, and with the blue kit those accents are yellow.

The accent fabric will be used as a little snippet of contrasting fabric in each row. Using contrasting pieces in the quilt will create a little playfulness and make the overall look of the quilt more fun and interesting.

Order your fabric kit at Sugaridoo

You can order a fabric kit at, the kits cost €125 EUR. Outside the EU that would be around 115$ or 149CAD. The kits will start shipping at the 15th of October. Until then, there will be a 10% early bird discount when you use the code BERNINA10 on checkout.

Using your own fabrics

Using all solid fabrics will accentuate the modern feel of the quilt. Want to select your own fabrics? That’s also great!  This quilt will work perfect with all kinds of fabric. The colors in the different rows won’t touch each other. So you could for example use bold prints in the rows and keep the background fabric a solid or a low volume fabric.

Also making a two colored quilt would be a great option in this quilt. You can make it two colors completely, or do two colors with an accent fabric that will show up as a little piece in each row.

You don’t have to use just two fabrics (and an accent fabric) in each row. You can definitely use scraps to make this quilt. Especially when you keep the background fabrics simple you can use any fabrics you want as main fabric in the rows. 

Fabric requirements

Below you’ll find a list of what is in the kits. You can use that as a guideline to select your own fabrics. All the mentioned fabrics are Kona Cotton with a width of fabric of 110 cm / 44 inch. Can’t wait to see what fabric selections you come up with!

Rainbow quilt

These fabrics are used in the rainbow version of the quilt.

  • Row 1: Medium pink, 20 cm / 8 inch
  • Row 2: Camellia 42.5 cm / 17 inch
  • Row 3: Pomgranate 30 cm / 12 inch
  • Row 4: Kumquat 30 cm / 12 inch
  • Row 5: Papaya 30 cm / 12 inch
  • Row 6: Canary 37.5 cm / 15 inch
  • Row 7: Cactus 37.5 cm / 15 inch
  • Row 8: Sour apple 32.5 cm / 13 inch
  • Row 9: Fern 35 cm / 14 inch
  • Row 10: Jade 27.5 cm / 11 inch
  • Row 11: Breakers 30 cm / 12 inch
  • Row 12: Capri 30 cm / 12 inch
  • Background fabric: Silver or White 5.25 meter / 5.75 yard
  • Accent fabric: Titanium or Silver 37.5 cm / 15 inch

This is the amount of background fabric you’ll need for each row:

  • Row 1: 25 cm / 10 inch
  • Row 2: 50 cm / 20 inch
  • Row 3: 47.5 cm / 19 inch
  • Row 4: 17.5 cm / 7 inch
  • Row 5: 35 cm / 14 inch
  • Row 6: 45 cm / 18 inch
  • Row 7: 50 cm / 20 inch
  • Row 8: 20 cm / 8 inch
  • Row 9: 37.5 cm / 15 inch
  • Row 10: 37.5 cm / 15 inch
  • Row 11: 50 cm / 20 inch
  • Row 12: 20 cm / 8 inch

You will also need some extra background fabric for a few strips between some of the rows, so the total amount of background fabric that you need is 5.25m / 5.75 yard

Blue tones quilt

For the quilt in blue fabrics you will make two rows with each fabric.

  • Row 1+6: Capri 57.5 cm / 23 inch
  • Row 3+11: Breakers 60 cm / 24 inch
  • Row 7+12: Jade 67.5 cm / 27 inch
  • Row 2+9: Emerald 77.5 cm / 31 inch
  • Row 4 +8: Silver 62.5 cm / 25 inch
  • Row 5+10: Titanium 57.5 cm / 23 inch
  • Background fabric: Aqua 5.25 meter / 5.75 yard
  • Accent fabric: Canary 37.5 cm / 15 inch

I am going for the rainbow on a grey background option for my quilt. Mainly because I have made a lot of quilts with a white background. I do love that and I know it would turn out awesome, but I just want to try something else this time.

How to enter the Mettler thread giveaway

And now on to the fun part, the very first giveaway in this quilt along. Before we even start sewing you can already win this awesome Summer thread set by Mettler. It’s a set with eight different spools of 150m silk finish cotton thread. They are a great match with rainbow fabric kit. Mettler is giving away 12 thread sets! So 12 lucky quilters who start this quilt along can win one.

Here how you can enter the giveaway:

  • Post a picture of your fabric pull or of the fabric kit that you’ve ordered to Instagram
  • Use #SugaridooBerninaQAL and #Mettlerthread

Don’t use Instagram? No problem. You can also enter by uploading a picture to the community section on the BERNINA blog: Sugaridoo Quilt-Along on the BERNINA Blog. When uploading to the BERNINA community section make sure to select “Sugaridoo Quilt-Along” from the dropdown list.

Post your picture before the 30th of November 24.00h. We will draw a random winner from all the posted pictures. The 12 winners will be announced the 1st of December on the BERNINA blog and contacted via their Social Media channels or by email where the email address is known.

So, hop over to to order your kit, or dive in to your fabric stash to select some beautiful fabrics. Post your picture to Insgatram or to the BERNINA blog and you might be one of the lucky 12 to win this super pretty set of thread.

See you on the 28th of November for the very first pattern of the quilt along.

Ps. If you want to see some sneak peeks, make sure follow me on Instagram @Sugaridoo


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  • coulombeema

    Mix of solid, Lily & Loom design and Boundless Blenders Botanical Fabric and using light grey as background! 


  • amrihanek

    I have purchased the Kona Cotton Rainbow with Silver background.

  • Ginny Davis

    If I’m only going to use 2 colors plus an accent how much yardage of the 2 colors will I need?

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Hi Ginny,

      You can add up the amounts of the rainbow fabrics. Then you know how many you need. That will probably be a little bit to much, but haven’t calculated the exact amounts for a two color quilt..


  • Gunny Davis

    If I’m only going to use 2 volts plus an accent how much of the 2 colors will I need?

  • casianna

    I will be using fabrics purchased from Sugaridoo. Can’t wait to start.


  • Jean McKinstry

    How would bright batiks, in a variety of shades, from blues, purples and greens,  suit for the colours,  and a darker blue  almost into a black for the background, and a lighter pale mauve  or pale blue for accent?

  • sivannika

    I didn’t get my stash picture in my first comment. Very new at technology. .  but I am learning!

  • sivannika

    I am super excited to make this modern quilt with my “:old” batik fabric stash! I think I should have enough. . .

  • Pam Grossman

    I’m having trouble registering for the blog so I can post pictures. Any ideas out there?

    • Darija Grgic

      Hi Pam,

      could you please specify the troubles when registering, so we can find a solution ;-)? Do you get some sort of error message? Which step are we talking about?

  • pilkcindy

    These colors are from a fat quarter bundle in my stash and I’ll use a combination of two background colors since I didn’t have enough of a single one. I’ll use either green or purple as an accent color.

  • Lora

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="4032"] I’m going with rainbow with white for background and gray accent And maybe also rainbow with black background and light gray as accent[/caption]

  • Pam Grossman

    How much fabric of each color is in the bundle? It doesn’t seem like we need to buy too much of any one color. Can this be done with fat quarters or does it need to be the 44 inches in width?

    • Cheryl Brasher

      Pam, I think you need the 44 inch width. If you have enough fabric, you might be able to join pieces…?

  • tamilee

    Here are my fabrics for the Sugaridoo QAL. This will be my first QAL and I’m very excited! Can’t wait to get started! 😊

  • jaynerook45

    This is my fabric selection….it’s the first time I’ve been able to order the fabric before a sew-a-long. I’m sew excited as I’ve never done modern quilts in solids, or foundation pieced before

  • linda Harvey

    Hi. Cani purchase a rainbow quilt kit anywhere in the uk?


  • Suzanne

    Since this is my first attempt at modern quilt making, I decided to use the fabrics directly from Sugaridoo. I selected the rainbow on grey/silver. Hmm the site keeps telling me it is a duplicate comment, but as this is the only one, I don’t know what it is talking about! If it is a duplicate, my apologies

  • Suzanne

    Since this is my first attempt at modern quilt making, I decided to use the fabrics directly from Sugaridoo. I selected the rainbow on grey/silver.

  • Cheryl Libby Libby



    It would be nice to have a pdf to print out so we did not have to print the fabric pictures.


    Thank you,



  • Margaret Vachon

    For foundation paper piecing I cut my medium weight tearaway stabilizer into 8.5” x 11” pieces run it thru my printer and print directly on it from my pc. 🥰

  • Cherie Lund

    Super excited to join my first ever QAL, can’t wait to start learning new techniques & see the amazing results. Thanks Irene for taking us on this beautiful journey with you. Kind Regards Cherie (Australia)

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Yay! I’m also so excited. Can’t wait to get started. ~Irene

  • cherichristina

    I wonder what tea bag paper is in the States? Where do you get it? Anyone know?

    • Marcia H Baker Baker

      Marathon has a foundation paper that’s great for foundation piecing you can order it in 8.5X11 to run through your printer

    • glen Parks

      carol Doak had a great foundation piecing tablet that I think would be what she is calling tea bag paper.  Joann’s should have it locally in the US. I love old phone books for paper piecing. Just something that easily tears away without putting pressure on your stitches.

  • Denise Sefton Sefton

    I’m confused. Those fabric amounts listed 8 inch, 10 inch is that by wof?

  • Rebecca Wolf Wolf

    I can’t decide which color path to go. I may have to one of each color way. I have fat quarter bundles of each and plenty of background grey or white to go with either. I can’t wait to get started!

  • Joan Elkins Elkins

    I would like to print this information, is there a listing for this in an email?

  • Marilyn Crawford


    i just love this. Can’t wait to start.

    I’m having trouble posting my picture of my material

    any help would be appreciated

    marilyn Crawford from Lyndhurst Ontario Canada

  • Betty Meyskens

    Would it be possible to get the Kona colour numbers that you used for the Rainbow one?

  • Justine Dowell

    I can’t wait to start QAL be lovely to see everyones different fabric choices enjoy the journey everyone xx

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      I’m also so curious how all the different quilts are going to turn out.

  • Penny A Siemen Siemen

    I am so excited to be doing this QAL, this is the first one I will be doing and Love watching Irene on the sugaridoo you tube, she always has a smile on her face, and the bonus is the Bernina sewing machine seeing how it works… thank you for this, also the fabric is beautiful just have to decide or make a couple at the same time……

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      Thank you so much Penny! So exciting that you are going to join the quilt along!

  • Debbie Smith

    Does this list include fabric for the back or is it just the quilt top?

    • Irene - Sugaridoo

      This is just for the quilt top. The backing is not included

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